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  1. 02dad

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    reading through some of the other posts.. it seems that some or most of the Cali clubs may not be sending their best players or some are staying home due to travel... but if the top tier leagues are a little watered down because of this... where does that leave DPL? I guess may question is DPL a viable option to state league in terms of value... travel costs etc vs. quality of opponent? Is this year just a one off because of everything going on?? or is it ECNL/GA or bust?? curious what parents in it now are thinking?
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  2. SoccerDadAZ

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    DPL is still a good route for players looking to play at the next level but not there just yet. There's always an opportunity for a DPL player to play and train with GA teams especially in age groups with a short bench and injuries.
  3. Digital5

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    The intent of DPL is to expand the pool of players and give opportunity to players who develop later than others to play on the top team. The problem is AZ doesn't really have the depth to do that. I know of a few players and families that have stuck it out on the DPL teams and have managed to train their way onto the top GA teams. The system worked for them. What also happens is that players that don't make it on the top team leave the club and tryout/make the top team in other clubs/league. There are plenty of examples of that. CA has the depth to roster a DPL team.

    There are also plenty of good players on the DPL team who are happy playing DPL and who will go on to play at the next level.
  4. tjinaz

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    Yup. What i hear as well but the key is the depth of the pool. RSL has a much deeper pool than SCDS so the DPL experience may be much different between the clubs.
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  5. Digital5

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    RSL is definitely deeper. It's also been common to have players from the SCDS DPL teams move to and play on Royals and Rising first teams. Parents wanted nothing to do with DPL. For DS, that's where the breakdown occurs and where it hurts them. They can't get the enough DPL buy in to truly make those teams developmental. They also haven't helped themselves by not "promoting" many deserving DPL players. Some have, most haven't
  6. bugmonster

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    Don't forget that DPL has access to coaching at or near the club's GA level. While DPL ain't GA, it's also probably better than APL from a coaching standpoint. If you're going to have a season like 2020 where tournaments and leagues aren't running like normal, better to keep pace with the top (GA & ECNL) players from a training standpoint with a good coach than spend a year with a lower team/coach.
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  7. SoccerDadAZ

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    If the RSL DPL pool is deeper, then why would it be more common for the Rising and Royals first teams to draw from the SCDS DPL pool? Wouldn’t they draw from the deeper Royals DPL pool?

    If the Del Sol first teams are “less talented” and have smaller rosters than both Rising or Royals first teams, wouldn’t a DPL-level player have a greater opportunity to make the first team at Del Sol?
  8. Digital5

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    Great question and one I'm sure Royals parents are asking themselves.

    The Royals 06 team has 3 former SCDS DPL players from last year who are starters this year - all three good players. In my opinion, SCDS should have done more to keep them, plenty of room on the roster, but they weren't offered spots. The Rising 06 team also has former DS DPL players who are starters - Also 2 players that probably should have been offered a spot last year, plenty of room on the roster.

    I don't think I said the DS squads are less talented. What I'm saying is that parents of the DPL players at SCDS don't want to play on the DPL teams because they think they deserve to play on a top team, that's why they leave. Coaches obviously feel they have the right players in place and aren't offering the roster spots that are available. I think this is why DPL fails in AZ, especially for DS.

    Based on this past weekends head to head matchup between Royals and DS, the teams are more evenly matched, which is a good thing.
  9. Digital5

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    Good point. There is plenty of player movements for practices - select DPL girls practice with the top teams from week to week.
  10. SoccerDadAZ

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    Roster size strategy differs from club to club. It's pretty evident that some clubs keep their rosters very lean. It's an advantage for those players, with more focused attention from the coaching staff and more playing time and improvement. Disadvantages include players getting hurt more often and not fielding stronger teams.

    Sometimes parents are either impatient or unrealistic with their player's capabilities and moving kids from club to club to chase a spot on the top team at another club is not necessarily the right move. It's hard for a parent to accept sometimes that their kid may not be ready to play at a higher level. DPL doesn't fulfill its objective because parents think there's something better at another club. And there's always a club ready to offer that available "spot".
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  11. whatithink

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    Do you really think the coaches are that good - "at or near the club's GA level"? A quick perusal of the DPL coaches and the oldest ones are also GA coaches, as is the youngest at RSL, but none of the rest.

    Would either of the DPL clubs permanently replace their current GA coach with the current DPL coach if the former left, or would they look to recruit? That should answer your "at or near the club's GA level" question.
  12. bugmonster

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    For the club / ages I'm familiar with, the DPL teams sometimes cross train with the GA teams & coaches. The next level team (below DPL, a club's 3rd team) don't get that access and there is a noticeable drop off in coaching. If the GA team has access to a 10* coaching staff, the DPL team has access to a 9* coaching staff. The 3rd team is at about a 6* coach (no staff).

    That's an average though. There are some 3rd teams (and lower) that have incredible coaches. But on average they aren't near the GA / DPL level.

    The DPL coaches I know would certainly get consideration for a GA spot. The 3rd level coaches (generally) wouldn't even get a courtesy call for a DPL spot. That's how I perceive the "at or near the club's GA level" question.
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