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    Looking for clubs to publish full coaches slates too. Tryouts hinge on who is coaching where.
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  3. singh

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    Too bad ASA doesnt step in and make clubs hold tryouts on different

    Obviously if im a club I want to prevent my players from going to other clubs. Also a lot of the tryout stuff is bogus, from what I hear (and see) many kids are offered well before the formality
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  4. Sweeper

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    Most teams already have spots filled with existing players unless the team needs to grow (moving from 9v9 to 11v11 age group). Coaches are looking for specific positions the team needs or replace weaker players. Some coaches offer spots before tryouts to their core players on the team. At the older ages, more players are added to the rosters. It is not uncommon to have U19 and U17 teams with 17+ players on a team.
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  5. GK Mom 06

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    100% agree with the above. I know in my daughters club, they have already offered spots to players within the club for certain teams. Also agree with the comments re: coaching. I *think* only Arsenal has fully released their coaching slate.
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  6. Rabona Goals

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    Well this is probably the LAST thing I would say to my kids. "Hey no matter how good you are or how hard you work, it will probably all be for nothing." I get it that you're trying to put realism into parents' minds as tryouts are starting but honestly part of the great things about youth sports for a parent is having that "what could be" dream about their kid. Everyone understands the difficulty of getting to a place where they are getting paid to play a sport. But it sure is a fun thing where your kid is excelling to dream about what could be, right? Also if we as parents had the mindset you're presenting and the kids were told they probably will never make it no matter what, then why would they get excited to go to practice? What would keep them motivated to be better? So yes, the stats bear out what you're saying but I would never suggest anyone live their life in that way.
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    What is your point in regards to tryouts that you are trying to make? Making it to the premier league and trying out for your local club are two very different things. None of these tryouts are for a pro contract .

    A little misogynistic to assume that everyone is here to make the premier league . For half the parents here their daughter is playing soccer knowing a pro contract worth millions is not part of the plan.

    Last, kids go to science camp knowing that their chance of being an astronaut is basically zero. There is nothing wrong with pursuing a dream and failing , the only thing kids should really worry about are the people who will try to stop you along the way.
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  8. tjinaz

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    Clubs dragging their feet on the Coaches slates. Seems like they are unsure of how many teams they are projected to field this year.
  9. singh

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    A lot of you have much more experience with club soccer. In your experiences how many seasons does a particular coach start with a team? Is there an accepted limit/time frame, or is it variable?
  10. GKeeper

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    It is variable per club and team. Most clubs say 2-3 years/ team, but there are a lot of exceptions to that rule. I personally like 2 years (3 max) as it provides a different experience for the players. I also believe (and have experienced) coaches that may be perfect for one age year, but the next year they are no longer a "fit" due to the ages of the kids. Especially between that elementary to middle school and middle school to high school transition. Side note, my comments are for the girls side.
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  11. GK Mom 06

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    Totally agree with @GKeeper.

    Also, we personally never had a coach longer than 3 seasons.
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  12. UpperV

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    Phx Rising ECNL Girls Coaches for 2021-2022
    U13 Meggan Eckert
    U14 Paul Taylor
    U15 Kelly Cagle
    U16 Meggan Eckert
    U 17 Paul Taylor
    U 19 Kelly Cagle
    U 19C Meggan/Paul Taylor
  13. Funyuns

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    Do you have any info for the boys?
  14. soccerfamily

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    Playmaker Futbol Academy (smaller club but still very competitive in North Scottsdale area. SBSC Playmaker Futbol Academy in gotsoccer)
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  15. singh

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    Where do they practice?
  16. soccerfamily

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    They train off of Thunderbird and Scottsdale Rd.
  17. Sweeper

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    Phx Rising ECNL Boys Coaches for 2021-2022
    U13 Ross Alexander
    U14 Ross Alexander
    U15 Ross Alexander
    U16 Tim Jones
    U 17 Tim Jones
    U 19 Tim Jones
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    Wish Ross would go up to MLS.
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  19. SoccerDadAZ

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    It's certainly important to encourage kids to dream of what is possible. It's also as important for parents to communicate the work and commitment needed to attain those goals. Sometimes what truly keeps kids motivated and excited are the intangible aspects: friendships, fitness, participating in a team.
  20. tjinaz

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    Bet there is a ton of player movement this year. First real tryouts in nearly 2 years. Let the musical chairs begin.

    Big news in the East is the Arsenal ECRL teams... that is at least 15 players per team.

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