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  1. What’s the attraction for him to move there from RSL?
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    Maybe a leadership role? RObbie is the main coach there, and they started with just the youngers, now are getting older kids?
    when did this happen?
  3. Announced today.
  4. Guess this is why:

    “Being entrusted to lead a newly formed club into the next generation of youth club play is an honor and a challenge I welcome,” said Shank. “I look forward to being able to utilize my former experiences to help the players, coaches and the entire organization.”
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    Who is Shank? What was his role?
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    Doug Shank has been a coach in the area for at least 10 years. Started at Sereno (now RSL), went to Scottsdale Blackhawks (now Phoenix Rising) and then went to RSL. He had director positions at Sereno and Blackhawks but never at RSL. He was going to coach the ECRL teams at RSL for the next year.
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    Yea I think he was looking for a role where he didn't have to travel so much and could spend more time with his family. Great coach wish him the best.
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    One correction.

    He left Blackhawks to go back to Sereno. For that year he was head of ECNL. Later in the year, the club got DA and became RSL. Towards the end of that year Erwin brought in Tiff and another coach whose name escapes me, and between those 2 they became the 2 top people in charge of the DA program.
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  10. Lisa Ljubicic was the name that escaped you :)
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    Does anyone know what age groups Legends has in AZ? I heard if a player is good enough they can play with the Legends So Cal teams when they come to play in AZ.

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