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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Desert Hound, Nov 9, 2020.

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    Ha, can't wait!
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    USSSA-Soccer is a member organization of US Soccer, akin to the state associations, AYSO, etc.. Although they are 2 different entities, USSSA-Soccer required approval of US Soccer for the launch of the DPL.
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    The original intent of the DPL was to expand the player pool of the original GDA clubs. It allowed the DPL players to participate in DA trainings and matches while allowing them to play HS soccer. It worked a lot better in more player-dense areas like SoCal where there were enough quality players to play in DPL without diluting the quality in the other leagues. IMHO, the DPL worked well enough in AZ and allowed the GDA clubs to develop and in some instances promote players full-time to GDA but it could be better. The issue was players not yet ready for GDA/ECNL decided to stay put in APL rather than moving over to DPL.
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    Why would USSSA require the approval of US Soccer when USSSA is the sanctioning body? The very first season of DPL it was sanctioned through Cal South right? So did Cal South have to get approval from US Soccer then as well? Or is this a case of US Soccer being like the mafia, it needs to be kicked up to the top since USSSA is a member. Serious questions, you seem to know some of the organizational details.
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    USSSA-Soccer was selected as the sanctioning body for the DPL, as governed by US Soccer. The initial season was with the Southwest Division of the GDA (SoCal and AZ clubs). Those clubs wanted a national platform to support their GDA program, worked through US Soccer with program proposal/approval and then USSSA-Soccer as sanctioning organization to administer the program.
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    I don't really buy much of this.

    The original GDA teams had come from ECNL but with the ECNL/GDA expansion the number of teams doubled so their "strong" second teams were moving to ECNL, so they needed something to sell them and voila - DPL was born. High school play was defense vs ECNL.

    Some players do some DA training and even fewer play DA games.

    Obviously a region with year round soccer and a population of 26M (or so) has more depth.

    So how many of the GDA or GAL clubs are consistently promoting DPL players into their top teams. This board suggests that very few get promoted. They do move to other clubs/programs, but the whole promotion to the first team "path" is really not true. There are probably 2 or 3 girls on each DPL team that may have a shot in that club, but all the clubs will look outside first. If there was 2/3 DPL girls moving up each year as they become ready, then DPL would have merit. It just isn't happening. It would appear that the "better" coaching, "better" competition and "better" clubs/platform isn't actually working .. or maybe just isn't that true.

    The APL teams are as good or (mostly) better. That's not an issue, i.e. playing with kids and on teams as good or better is a good thing. APL is a lot cheaper, so parents made that choice. Neither is an issue. Both are sound and smart decisions from a soccer and financial perspective.
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    I think the consensus is DPL has worked for some players but not for most. If you asked the parents that have seen their player progress through DPL to the top GA/GDA team, they would tout it as a success. For those parents that see outside players come in and take spots, they would say it's a waste of time and money.

    Better coaching, better competition, and better club is subjective. If you don't make a certain clubss top team, move clubs/leagues and make theirs. Clubs are going to pitch, parents are going to catch. Always depends on what your end game is.

    And I agree, APL/ASL/ASL2 is a great option for most, especially under the current environment.

    As some others have asked, lets see what happens with ECRL .
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    The thing that strikes me with respect to GDA/GAL/DPL is that for both Royals & DelSol, the players on those teams have been majority recruited/scouted from APL/ASLx teams, not their own teams. So that would seem to suggest to me (subjective or objective?) that those other teams, coaches & clubs are turning out better players.

    Anyway, to each their own, if DPL works for people, then more power them, good to have the option.
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    I think a lot of it is that players a coach doesn't already have appear more enticing. The surest way to move up is to jump clubs. Kind of like jobs - I've always been offered more by other companies than the one I already work for.
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    If a 2nd team promotes even one player to the first team, it would be a positive result for any academy model. However, player promotion is not the primary goal for clubs. Player development is the primary goal.

    Whether APL teams are better/worse is debatable. The more relevant questions are which team provides the more appropriate development environment, coaching, competition, cost, etc. for my specific player/situation. For some parents/players, DPL is a better option and for others, it's not.
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    That doesn't make sense to your earlier point about "not being ready" and flies in the face of the early/late maturers at the younger ages. "Player development is the primary goal" deserves a chuckle, at a minimum. When there are more kids on the DPL teams than the DA teams, it's not player development, its $.

    DPL teams played in state leagues and were shown to be generally worse. The clubs pulled them from those leagues. It was covered on another thread, so its not debatable; its proven. Playing with clubs/coaches/teams that provided the players for the DA teams versus the DPL team seems a good development environment, esp. when your team/players are better, & more so when your club/coaches are producing more DA players than the DA clubs are themselves.

    Let me put it another way. If the DPL teams are about development and the coaches and clubs are "top notch", then you would expect to see kids moving up to the top team, i.e. those that "are not ready" or those that mature later etc. That doesn't appear to be happening, so maybe they are not good enough or the top teams are just so much better or the top coaches prefer to look elsewhere or the top team coaches don't "believe" in the DPL players/coaches (because they obviously don't believe in the talent being produced in their own club) or the talent being attracted isn't the "next level" etc.

    If DPL works for a family, go for it. It's not what's being "sold" by the clubs though.
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    [QUOTE="whatithink, post: 12151, member: 583" When there are more kids on the DPL teams than the DA teams, it's not player development, its $.

    If it was about $$ wouldn't the opposite be true? Typically the top team is more expensive to play on, so wouldn't we stack the deck on a top team if it was about the $$? And don't give me the DPL costs more than the DA/GA.

    I don't know where you get your info but I know of several players who have moved from a DPL team to the DA/GA over the past couple years, players who have gotten guest time, and this goes for both clubs. I am also not sure where you get your roster size comment from, just not the case this year. You are making a lot of assumptions. I am not defending DPL, it doesn't bother me but what is being sold by the clubs? Does the word Pathway they use bother you, (because all clubs use that buzzword), are the two clubs telling their players they will be given a clear shot to the GA? Help me out here, trying to understand what is being sold, or do you just have an axe to grind?

    It's Ironic with ECNL/ecRL/GA/MLS we spend more time discussing the DPL. Let the kids have fun(we all know right now they need it) as I am sure most of them who play DPL actually enjoy it and don't care about it as much as the parents do.

    We have a big ECNL showcase this weekend and it has gotten very little discussion. Just saying
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    Let the kids have fun(we all know right now they need it) as I am sure most of them who play DPL actually enjoy it and don't care about it as much as the parents do.


    Great point. I mentioned this idea to a few parents weeks ago, DPL teams seem to be happier - at practice and during games. Not as much pressure I suppose, on coaches and players. And that's not taking anything away from their level of intensity on the pitch. They compete just as hard, just seem to walk away happier at the end of the game. Just an unscientific observation.

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