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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Desert Hound, Nov 9, 2020.

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    Del Sol has a very small youth league, so they have always had a recruitment model for letter league teams. That worked great when they were 1 of 2. They would aggressively recruit from all clubs, and form large young teams. Use that 1st year to find out which kids could play their style, and which didn't fit. Many players would move on/down or quit soccer. Then reload year 2 with kids who developed or wanted to make the jump. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Not sure how that model is going to work now... Honestly I'm not sure how coaches with the my way/highway method are going to fare with so many options for players to choose from.
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  2. Desert Hound

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    And remember when it was 1 of 2 clubs, they were easily the #1 option.

    Sereno at some point got lazy and del Sol surpassed them. Remember in years (many now) past Sereno was the big kid on the block. del Sol saw their complacency, was aggressive and made the right moves. The best went to del Sol, the others went to Sereno by and large.

    I think del Sol got comfortable with the status quo. Erwin upset the cart and took Sereno on a path nobody saw. Joined up with Legacy to make the biggest club in AZ, and then added other clubs. That move didn't immediately end the del Sol advantage. But you can see with the vast player pool, in a few years RSL would be the force in the Valley just based on sheer size.

    That alone wouldn't totally upset what del Sol had been doing. The game changer was ECNL giving Rising and Arsenal membership. del Sol used to bank on many of the best Blackhawk/Rising players moving over. Today? Most are happy to stay with Rising. Whatever Arsenal was losing now look to first stay there vs going to del Sol, etc.

    It is going to be interesting to see if they adapt and what they do. They key is to watch their younger GA teams and how they compete. Right now their U13 is not competitive. Lets see next years U13 and see what happens. And any club you can have an extremely weak team...and that does not reflect on the club as a whole. If they get a few consecutive years of weak teams coming in, then that is another story. And will they have enough to field DPL teams at that age. DPL is in theory the development team. It also potentially helps with marketing the club.
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    The bigger impact to Sereno was when LA and staff left for Del Sol and management miscues prior to Erwin. But the transformation of Sereno/Legacy into RSL-AZ won't impact the girls' top teams at Del Sol, Rising, and Arsenal unless RSL-AZ parlays their size advantage into either a vastly superior coaching staff, much lower cost to the player, or a better pathway to the next level (college/pro).

    The coaching staff at Del Sol has been the draw for Girls U15-19. Whether or not the other clubs' coaching staff is/isn't better is irrelevant. There are only so many roster spots at each age group at the GA/ECNL level and the majority of top players would rather have a starting spot/more playing time at one club team than riding the pine at another club. As long as Del Sol's coaching staff remains intact and they maintain membership in their top league, top players will continue to consider them as a viable option.
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    DPL teams are APL standard at best. Its a red herring to focus on them or call them "development teams", even in theory.

    As long as DelSol keep placing kids in college, and colleges as good or better than the competition, then there will be no shortage of players for their top teams. U13-14 are 6th to 8th grade. Their path is long. They need to stay competitive from U15 on.

    Just looking at DelSol U13 - they basically had no team last year - they took some early beatings and now seem to have stabilized. That seems to be a trend I've seen with DelSol teams in the past; they do seem to be able to make them hard to beat at a minimum, and also make them better. That's coaching.

    Last 3 games is 1-1-1, GF 5 GA 2. The loss was to Royals who top the table, 1-0.
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    The Del Sol staff will manage to alienate plenty of parents, but will also manage to retain enough top talent to keep going. Their relationships with programs, YNT scouts, etc will keep them afloat for now. Many parents like their style of play as do many college programs that recruit Del Sol players.

    We will debate the demise of Del Sol and other programs for months and years to come. I suspect we will have this same conversation next year.
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    In what way, please explain?
  7. Digital5

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    No doubt that it's a stretch to correlate DPL with development in AZ, our population is too small. CA can get away with it.

    Obviously Del Sol is a polarizing club. Like them or not, they have a particular style of play that they stick to, especially on the girls side. For many players, it's a hard transition from U13-U14. Those teams will lose more games than they win. It's hard for older players from other clubs to transition, it's why it also takes a half season or so for those players (and teams) to adjust to how DS likes to play.

    The merging of clubs, expansion of teams across the valley, and the presence of two top leagues is changing (or has changed) the girls soccer landscape. DS will have to make adjustments to their business model, or maybe they don't.
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    I think del Sol is/was only polarizing to other clubs, not so much to parents. Clubs hated/hate when their players get scouted by del Sol. Obviously RSL, Rising and Arsenal do the same thing. That hate it even more when they lose those players. Blackhawks/Rising used to lose most of their best players once they reached ECNL age.
  9. Brother Maynard

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    I have to agree this is a club vs club thing and polarization is probably the wrong word to use. No club likes to lose players, be it Rising/DS/RSL/Arsenal/ and let's add CCV.... Shall we go back to the Spring of 2017, does that ring a bell?
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    Maybe you are right, polarizing may be the wrong word. I'm going off of comments in this forum (as a whole, boys and girls side) directed at Del Sol. I'm assuming they are parents, maybe they are not.

    I don't personally have anything against the club, I rather enjoy watching their teams play. I'm not familiar with what happened in 2017 so I can't comment on what occurred then
  11. Not entirely sure on 2017, but I believe that is when the 2007 girls team left CCV for DelSol.


    So true. I asked many parents over the years why they left, and they all said that if they had ECNL or DA (at the time), they never would have left where they were. Also it did not help the other clubs that DS sold DPL as DA II and parents and player both tough they were playing in the DA then. Which we all know was not the case.
  13. Digital5

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    I don't think DS and RSL (for that matter) lied to anyone. It's how US Soccer presented the relationship. Unfortunately in AZ there isn't enough depth for a theoretical developmental league to really take shape. There just aren't enough players to go around. Might as well play those teams in APL and save your sales pitch for the DA/GA teams.
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    Not aware of how DS presented it, but back when DS had DA and DPL, and Sereno had ECNL, BE described DPL has ‘DA Lite’ - as a marketing gimmick, just to attract players to Club, nothing developmental about the platform.
    Fast forward a year, and Sereno/RSL are granted DA/DPL - the spin changes.
  15. Brother Maynard

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    I'm glad you brought that up, it's correct and BE spun that story and changed tunes it's well documented on here. It puzzles me as to why people cant seem to grasp the spin. These clubs are business's and they are in the business of providing soccer, and in this business numbers matter. Of course they promote their offerings I expect them to, and how many of these clubs promote themselves as being the best club in AZ, and #1 developer. All of them..... This is no different than any other line of business, where you need to market yourself. I don't fault the clubs one bit for any of it. Where I lay fault on is the parents who don't educate themselves, and complain about it later. That's why the best advice ever given on soccer is find the coach, and only the coach for your player.
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    I also don't know how DS presented it to parents/players on their DPL teams They really didn't need to spin anything. Describing it as DA lite is certainly gimmicky. Parents can do their own research and see the intent of the league. The DPL was sanctioned by US Soccer as a logical pathway. Sounds great in theory. AZ population doesn't support something like this, especially with 2 leagues and 4 teams to choose from. AZ DPL teams routinely traveled to CA to play in non competitive games. It's one thing to be competitive and lose, it's another to play one sided games without any value to players.

    I suppose the only good thing that has come out of the DPL for the AZ clubs is the GA, for now.
  17. Brother Maynard

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    I would love for someone to shed some light on how the ECRL regional league is going. AZ has teams in it, so have they even played, any scores, updates? Kind of the same thing as DPL right? Rising and Arsenal have teams in it, what spin have they been told. I see they have a patch also...
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    The DPL was never sanctioned by US Soccer. uSSSa is not US Soccer, they are 2 different entities.

    Also, the Late winter/Spring of 2017 (Jan/Feb time frame maybe) was the launch of the DA, and the ID selection time for the upcoming DA season. It was quite an interesting time watching the clubs do everything they could to keep players from jumping to Del Sol... We had a few very angry coaches around here. A little surprised you didn't know that.
  19. Digital5

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    I'm just not that smart I guess. Wasn't paying attention in 2017.
  20. Brother Maynard

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    LOL come on now, I enjoy your posts and I am glad your active. Just shedding some history, and don't worry by the time you get to U19 you will have a Doctorate in youth soccer.
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