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  1. Desert Hound

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    Working with LIMITED info. It seems that slowly teams are adding scores. Still very incomplete. Rising is starting to update the scores faster.

    Arsenal 1-1-0
    Rising 2-4-0

    Not a lot to go on. 2 games vs the same teams. Arsenal lost 0-2 vs Surf and Rising lost 0-3 vs Surf. Both beat Rebels 1-0

    Arsenal 0-1-0
    Rising 3-1-0

    No posted games vs the same opponent. On a side note that Arsenal FC team from So Cal must be terrible. Rising dropped 12 on them.

    At U15
    Asenal 2-4-0
    Rising 1-5-0

    At the above age group they have posted results against the same teams.

    Arsenal 2-4-0
    Rising 5-1-0

    Same opponents. I think someone here or on So Cal side Arsenal was way up on Sun v Rebels, but gave up 3 in the last 15-20 minutes.

    Arsenal 2-4-3
    Rising 3-3-3

    Not all of the above are posted online. However I do have the scores

    Arsenal 1-0-1
    Rising 2-2-2

    Both won vs Rebs. Arsenal 5-1. Rising 3-2.
    Vs Surf. Arsenal tied 0-0 Rising lost 2-1

    U18/19 composite
    Arsenal 2-0-0
    Rising 2-1-3

    Both won vs Surf and Rebels. Arsenal 2-0 vs Surf and 2-0 vs Rebels.
    Rising 1-0 vs Surf and 4-1 vs Rebels.
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  2. Brother Maynard

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    Maybe this is a better spot for this question. It wasn't gaining much traction in the original thread.

    I would love for someone to shed some light on how the ECRL regional league is going. AZ has teams in it, so have they even played, any scores, updates? Kind of the same thing as DPL right? Rising and Arsenal have teams in it, what spin have they been told. I see they have a patch also...

    Is the ECRL in AZ even a real thing?
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  3. calmdown

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    Rising have an 07 ECRL team. They are the old Sereno West -> Rising West team. Looks like they went with the moniker RLG, rather than ECRL.
    I think they may be the only team from either club that was designated as ECRL - though I have a vague memory of seeing tryout advertisements looking for 08/09 players for Rising West back in Spring. Just checked and there is an 08 Rising West RLG team.
    Both teams are in AS1 of their respective age groups.
    Not sure if ECRL=RLG
  4. Arsenal has an 05 and an 04 ECRL team. I believe Rising also has an 06 RLG team.
  5. singh

    singh Active Member

    I believe rising 06g Johnston is now known as rlg and is the ecrlteam. No idea how they are doing
  6. singh

    singh Active Member

    whoops. Sorry @soccerallthetime
  7. GKeeper

    GKeeper Active Member

    It is a real thing for the girls side. Arsenal and PRFC have a few teams in it.

    Looks like their schedules and results will probably take some time to get posted just like ECNL did. I know 100% sure they have had games (my DD is friends with a few of the players), but no idea of the results.
  8. bugmonster

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    Arsenal's 05 ECRL side played a SD Surf team (assume it was their ECRL team) two weeks ago, lost only 0-1. Not sure if Surf was at 100%, but not a bad result against a good club.

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