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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by yadayada, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. yadayada

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    Cali doesn’t want to play in GA or ECNL and parents are paying for training and no games.
    I propose we push for an all AZ scrimmage/ league. Rising, Arsenal, Royals and Del Sol.
    Each team can play their age group and one year above.
    That’s 7 games of some decent quality players.

    Some may be mismatches but at least they will get some higher level play.

    I really hope that all these clubs come together for their tournaments and stand in solidarity after being ostracized by the Cali clubs.
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  2. frankfarmer

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    I have posted similar a few months ago but not going to happen most likely. Using 04 Rising as an example they could play a year older and younger. That would be 11 games and all would be competitive. Might beat an older team and might get beat by a younger team. I threw in that the older 18/19s could scrimmage the College players/schools for a few more games. The top club coaches know all of the college coaches in AZ let alone the parents. Great opportunity to get scouted. NAU,GCU, ASU, UA. Throw in the local snaller colleges as well.
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  3. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Me too.. But .. egos at the club and fear of possibly losing top players to other local teams gets in the way.
  4. Brother Maynard

    Brother Maynard Active Member

    The only problem with this is, we are in the middle of a dead period for D1. It was just extended to Sept 30th, and will most likely be extended again into October. Sucks overall for the current senior class who are still searching.

    During a dead period, a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high schools. Coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period.
  5. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    I saw that release. I wouldn’t be surprised if they extend it to 2021.
    It’s time to start live streaming games of you want coaches to see your kids.


    There are 02/03 who are getting offers from coaches. Players are still committing, during this dead period.
  7. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Well if they don’t figure something out I wouldn’t be surprised to see some parents of high school age kids pulling them from team training and paying for individual training. Depending on who you go with it could be better training and less money.
  8. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Correct. The dead period just means they can’t physically see a player or their parents.
  9. Brother Maynard

    Brother Maynard Active Member

    I know players are committing or getting offers, and those are generally the ones who have already been identified. Like the rule says one can still communicate, just no in person. My response was to a post about having coaches come to watch games, and what the Dead rule is on that.
  10. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    Although that approach may seem appealing due to the reasons you mention, in the long-run the approach would be dicey for HS juniors/seniors (on the boys side) very interested in playing college soccer. It would be even worse for HS girls. College coaches will be very hard pressed to determine which players are best for their team (due to travel and budget restrictions) and they will rely heavily on game video of the player (in formal matches) and/or recommendation from the club coach.
  11. Digital5

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    Certainly one of the most important points. Most of you probably know or can make the assumption, but it's worth repeating that coaches rely on the game film, as boring as it may seem to you. The highlight reel with the cool music (or not) just gets their attention. They want context.
  12. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    It not only gets their attention, it's quite possibly the only way (this year) a player will get an evaluation. All players, HS age, interested in playing college soccer, would be best served playing at a club using video technology.
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