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    Phoenix Rising just announced they have been accepted on the boys side for DA at U13 and U14...
  2. Sweeper

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  3. GKeeper

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    Is this only for boys? I see U13 and U14 boys are immediate.

    What about girls? Are they leaving ECNL?
  4. Sweeper

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    From what I heard, Rising will keep Girls ECNL. For the Boys side, they will have DA at u13 and u14 plus have Boys ECNL u13-u19.
  5. put me in coach

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    Good for Rising. And well deserved. As a parent of an 08 boy...having options is always a good thing. The 08 boys have some serious depth throughout the state. Good times ahead ⚽
  6. Sweeper

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    Phoenix Rising Boy's DA Identification clinics start Sunday, March 15th.

    The identification clinics will be held at Casino Arizona Field (751 N McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281), the home of Phoenix Rising FC on the following dates and times.

    Sunday March 15th
    2009 & 2008 2.45pm (Registration at 2.15pm)
    2007 4.30pm (Registration at 4pm)

    Sunday March 29th
    2009 & 2008 2.45pm (Registration at 2.15pm)
    2007 4.30pm (Registration at 4pm)

    Monday April 27th
    2009 & 2008 6pm (Registration at 5.30pm)
    2007 7.30pm (Registration at 7pm)

    Sunday May 31st
    2009 & 2008 2.45pm (Registration at 2.15pm)
    2007 4.30pm (Registration at 4pm)

    Players should wear a white/light-colored jersey and arrive 30 minutes prior to start time to register. Players interested in participating in the program must register.
  7. polly

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    So at these age groups AZ will have 3 DA & 4 ECNL?
    Some of the Current ECNL 07 Teams are not doing so well from a Win/loss perspective.
  8. Aspen1369

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    Looks like U13 and U14 boys DA will be added and they will keep U13 and U14 ECNL. So next season 2008 boys will be u13 and 2007 boys will be u14.

    The 2009 players could potentially make the u13 DA or ECNL team or be scouted as a player the club should keep an eye out for the following year. Also, Rising could make a 2009 Pre-DA team. There are no official U12 DA or ECNL teams.

    Each following season Phoenix Rising will most likely be awarded DA for the next highest age group . So at the end of next season the U14 team will almost certainly become the first U15 DA team.
  9. SoccerDadAZ

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    The awarding of the U15 DA team is not a guarantee for any club with this year as an example. Both Del Sol and RSL AZ had U14 DA teams for the 19-20 season but only RSL AZ was awarded a U15 DA team for the upcoming 20-21 season. Based on US Soccer's decisions this year, the awarding of new DA teams will most likely be determined by the club team's performance and the quality of the player pool in AZ market.
  10. Aspen1369

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    Nothing is a guarantee . However , I don’t believe Del Sol is a fully funded DA . Rising is moving their DA to the pro facilities at Casino Arizona field . They will have a fully funded DA program (although this term “fully funded” that rising is using will need to be better defined) .

    I don’t think DA makes their decision to add U15 based solely on the results of a dozen and a half 13 and 14 year olds over one season. Sure if a team puts together a winning season that helps but it is only part of the equation. Also, why do you think Del Sol did not get u15? Maybe because DA already assumes they will give that spot to Rising next year?
  11. Cali

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    Good news, in two seasons RSL should be out of ECNL, the girls will follow there after. That leaves only one club in AZ
    DA girls took a big hit today, Real Colorado and Dallas Texans girls officially moved over to ECNL. Real Colorado is a huge loss for the DA. And it's looking like SC Blues should be next to pull out of DA and go only with ECNL
  12. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    Please re-read my post. I never stated that addition of DA teams is based SOLELY on team performance. U.S. Soccer will also take into account the size and quality of the player pool for a particular age group in the market. For the 2006 boys age group in AZ going into 2020-2021 there was only 1 U15 DA team (Barca Academy) that served AZ. 1.5 if you count RSL in Utah potentially receiving a few AZ players for their U15 team. RSL AZ 2006 DA team is currently tied for 1st in the DA League U14 San Diego Division. Del Sol's 2006 DA team is currently 3rd from the bottom. U.S. Soccer probably determined that only 1 more DA team in the AZ market would best serve the 2006 age group. Too many DA teams in a particular market doesn't serve U.S. Soccer's goal of the best players training and playing against one another. The 2007 age group in AZ is probably a much larger pool of quality players hence the addition of another 2007 DA team. Both Del Sol's and RSL AZ' s 2007 DA teams are doing well.

    Fully funded, in U.S. Soccer's definition, is no out-of-pocket costs to the player. Everything (travel expenses, uniforms, cleats, club fees, training, etc.) is provided by the club.
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  13. al66

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    From my understanding RSL, Del Sol and PHX Rising DA teams have already signed a majority of their rosters for next season. Any thoughts?
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  14. Aspen1369

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    I see Phoenix rising posting information about their professional academy every few days. I doubt they have made any decisions.

    I’m sure Del sol and RSL are trying to lock down their rosters now before all the best players switch over to Phoenix rising .
  15. UpperV

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    RSL girls doesn’t have an ECNL team in AZ. Only Rising and Arsenal on the ECNL side

    RSL has DA and DPL on the girls side.
  16. Carlito

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    This is good news for north valley and Scottsdale but still leaves Arsenal as the only real elite option on the East side. The problem is that the DA program is still club selected. Rising boys/Del Sol girls might as well be a million miles away from me and my kids.

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