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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by 02dad, Apr 20, 2021.

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    You really can't compare Cagle to Lester - very different. I suspect one was an insider, one was an outsider.

    DS has never pulled from their lower teams. Many wish they would. Take a look at the makeup of their original DA teams. Most of those players were not DS originals, very few. Continues to this day.

    But to your point, logic says that not having "talented" 2nd teams makes it difficult for top teams to play effectively when injuries and other things come into play. I suppose we will see over time.

    This past Friday night's matchup between the RSL and DS 05s was a good case study. DS's small bench VS RSLs not small bench. DS's 05s are not very deep but have added 3 players. At the end of the night, skill and fitness was the deciding factor. The players coming off of the small bench made an immediate impact on the field when asked to. Thankfully no serious injuries - it was quite the chippy game.

    We will continue to pontificate on the demise and rise of clubs. Girls will continue to play and hopefully clubs do right by them.
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    The 05s across the board in AZ are deep. In fact, I think that they will have the most P5 commitments in AZ history - but that doesn't translate to USYNT success. They have been seen by the scouts already, but been whittled down (just as it will be with the 06s).

    There is only 1 05 who is truly special, just as there is only 1 04. Other than that, it's just advertising for clubs on social media.
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    Did those players move directly to the ECNL teams or are they playing ECRL with hopes of moving to the ECNL team?

    There certainly have been DPL players who did not make the GA/DA teams who have moved on and are playing on GA/ECNL teams. This is where DS is most criticized the most. DPL players not being offered top team positions but go on to play in other club's top teams. It's a common occurrence. Why? who knows.

    I'm sure they read these forums. It's obvious that they don't take advice from keyboard warriors/parents/part time consultants.
  4. Digital5

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    Ok. last post of the day!

    I think you are spot on. We have 3 very good 05 teams in AZ in letter leagues and many more good players in State League that could play in letter leagues.

    Staying in the YNT pool is hard, and it should be. Being a P5 commit is also a great accomplishment.
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    I thought Cagle coached at Rush before going to Rising. Her kid was at DelSol and then moved to Rising (and then there was a flood of 04s to Rising from DelSol). So are you referring to that "exodus" of the 04s to be coached by Cagle? I'm not sure how Cagle & Lester are comparable.

    Are you saying DelSol lost 5 players in one age group from their DPL team - I don't think they have a third team in state league in a single age group? I thought ECRL has only been running for one year, so hard to say a constant flow given no real tryouts last year.
  6. Desert Hound

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    To be fair Arsenal, Royals, Rising and del Sol do not typically elevate players from their 2nd teams to their first teams. It happens, but it isn't nearly as common as the clubs advertise.
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    Just my personal experience with him; he was highly recommended to me by a friend and so I called him and actually got ahold of him on the phone. I discussed my daughter with him as well as the person who had recommended him to me as a good coach for her. They were having tryouts that night and he asked me to bring her to the tryout and he would take a look at her; and give me his opinion at the end of the tryout. She and I were both excited however at the tryout; he never even showed up! Never heard a word from him. I just thought that was very unprofessional and rude of him. So she doesn't play for del Sol.
  8. tjinaz

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    They are going straight to ECNL rosters that is why they are going no point in going from DPL to ECRL as its the same level. Some are finishing out the season for their existing team others have already jumped. Being DPL/ECRL doesn't seem to do much for advancing in your own club but does wonders in going to others top teams. Seems like the clubs tried to hoard talent and if you are already there you don't seem as valuable as a player from another club.
  9. Desert Hound

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    This is correct.

    Now there are players that do get pulled up. But being on ecRl is an area where other clubs look to pick up players for their top teams.
  10. SteveNV73

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    Have you met the people that run these clubs? Pretty sure they don't know how to read or use a device that would allow you to access these forums.
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    As a matter of fact, I heard Rising sent their tryout offers via Pony Express.
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    No Lester and Cagle are not comparable but when parents look at who coaches where and the quality of coaching, losing big names like that is not good. There are not that many big name coaches in the valley and those that are sought after and give parents a reason to go to specific teams/clubs. Losing coaches like that hurts recruitment for one club and makes the new club more sought after.

    Not all SCDS DPL. Rising APL/ASL and RSL DPL
  13. Brother Maynard

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    So what you are saying is the ECNL clubs are raiding the DPL squads for players? Well then, apparently the DPL clubs are doing quite well in developing players. Since you are into big names wouldn't you say they replaced a big name with an even BIGGER name? People are reading to much into someone leaving, coaches move around as much as kids its not a surprise.
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    When did Cagle coach at Del Sol? Not understanding how Del Sol lost something that they never had.

    Heard great things about Lester, but replacing him with Armstrong is hardly a step down - could argue it’s a step up. Parents may be less likely to look at Del Sol because of their platform (for 21/22 season), but we have all debated to death the relative merits of ‘coach vs platform’, and certainly at the younger ages the coach should win out.

    In terms of consecutive years experience and performance in AZ youth soccer - placing girls on YNT and in college, winning ECNL and other national titles - to my mind, only Paul Taylor and Les Armstrong are actually proven. Given, some of their successes were back in the days when only 2 elite girls teams in the Valley, but I believe PT recently steered his Rising girls to a national title of some sort.
  15. Sweeper

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    From what I have seen this year is the ECNL teams are trying to make their rosters close to 17-18 players at U15-U17 and bigger than 18 players at U19. There is only so much talent to go around, to supplement you have to pull from DPL or ECRL teams from other clubs.
  16. Desert Hound

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    They have always been around 17-18.

    For the final age group it has also been common to see 18+.

    One of the reasons seems to be that seniors tend to drop out their final year. Senioritis comes on strong after Xmas.
  17. whatithink

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    Del Sol didn't lose Kelly Cagle - she never coached there. I'm not sure why you think she did.

    Kelly Cagle (
  18. Sweeper

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    Correct, but many of the ECNL teams are ending the season with less than 17 players (most are around 15) which is why more players are being added to teams.

    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    I was told first hand from a ECNL coach - that U18 teams try to carry more that 18 in normal times, as players miss more often for College Visits, injuries, and other senior related things. Other years start at 18 and do end up with less due to injuries, quitting, moving down, etc. But this was true in the DA, etc. I saw one player just decided they did not want to play soccer any more and quit mid year.
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  20. Digital5

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    Got it, so they are going from DPL to ECNL after not being offered a spot on the GA team? There is certainly a track record of DPL players from DS finding homes on ECNL teams. Don't blame them at all, especially if they can garner playing time on the top team VS playing DPL/ECRL.

    From what you are saying, we should see even more players from DS GA teams show up on ECNL rosters for next season? I know of one 05 who already made the jump - very good player. DS has since brought in a few players - and to your point, not from the ranks of DPL. Those players have had immediate impact on the field and played well against RSL.

    Rosters seem to be pretty full at RSL/Rising.

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