PL leaving del sol for Rising

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    Guess it would depend on the age bracket and the quality of players on the team. From what I saw, the coaches wants to teach kids “how to play” not necessarily how to take a touch. It’s hard for the higher skilled players to wait for a player to take 10 touches to make a pass vs 1st time pinging it. Or dealing with a player that is single footed, slows the game down too much which can affect development of the team.
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    Just because a coach has an A or B license doesn't necessarily translate into them being good coaches. It just means they took the required classes to get an A or B license.
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    As a whole, A and B licensed coaches are more knowledgeable than E and D. If they have more knowledge, there is a better chance to impart that knowledge onto the kids. Not all do and I get that but half the battle is having the knowledge.
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    Licensing should be taken into consideration and a requirement when leagues are reviewing club applications. They are not the end all be all at the local grass roots level. There are many clubs in the valley that are good at developing young talent. Tuzos on the boys side and CCV on the girls side come to mind. CCV also does very well on they boys side. Take a peek at some ECNL/GA rosters and you will see plenty of CCV players.

    There is talent all over the valley spread across many clubs. Don't think that the letter league clubs are just focused on poaching from each other. They scout across the valley whenever possible. Players develop at their own pace. This year's DPL/ECRL player could be next year's breakout player on the top team with another club. Letter league clubs don't need to bring in 10 new players, they may just need 3-4 players that fit.

    More practice is always a good thing. 4 times a week with two of those sessions including gym time is ideal, especially for injury prone U15G-U19G
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    The competitive youngers may be a concern. To be fair, at that age DS is more worried about style of play/skill development VS wins. Having such a young age group that's playing in a national platform can be detrimental to that mentality. Def keep an eye on how that age group develops next season.

    I suppose if more PLs leave, then their may be a crack.
  6. Desert Hound

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    It would need to be a lot of the main guys to be worried.

    As we all know, coaches are always jumping around, until they run out of clubs to go to ;)
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    Saw Del Sol announced Les Armstrong will be 09 and 08 GA coach for next season. That should attract some movement.
  8. Funyuns

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    Does he have a reputation as a good coach?
  9. Sweeper

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    Les is not a good coach for youngers. He is well known to be verbally abusive to the older girls.
  10. Digital5

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    Do you think he'd act that way towards youngers? Coaching youngers is more customer facing. Less stress when coaching youngers. YNT scouts and college coaches are not hanging on every play. I suppose we will see.
  11. calmdown

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    I have no personal knowledge of LA as a coach, other than what I have gleaned over the years from this forum. My takeaways - his harshest critics (which if I recall were all centered on his verbal interactions with players) ALL said he made their kid a better player; the others made positive comments on seeing tangible improvements in their kids soccer growth whilst under his tutelage.

    I would expect he would adjust his manner to 5th-8th graders, versus Juniors/Seniors.

    If you are not aware, whilst at Sereno he had a role in the development of Ertz, Leroux and McDonald. Is that coincidental, or a partial attribution to his coaching to have had a hand in 3 USWNT players (not rhetorical question).

    Here’s a link to McDonalds comments on him.

    There are similar articles if you google him and the other players.

    For the record, am not a Del Sol parent, nor do I have an 08/09 - but if I did I would certainly be looking at him and Del Sol.
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    Les Armstrong is a good coach.........I have never heard a negative comment about him from a parent that has actually had him coaching their daughter and these are families with 05/06/07/08 girls and my daughter. He is a good fit for the opening when Paul left. Del Sol has good coaching overall, with three kids at different clubs, running all over the valley, I/We have seen our fair share of crappy coaching.
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  13. tjinaz

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    I just wonder what is left at SCDS this year especially for DPL. Rising, RSL and to some extent Arsenal can replace top players lost to other clubs from lower level teams. Being the only GA/DPL club in the valley and NOT having the lower level teams to bolster the ranks when needed I wonder how well SCDS will do next year. They ran extremely short benches last year. I have seen a bunch of their girls at tryouts and know some have left. Where are they getting the replacements and how good is that talent is yet to be seen.
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    I don't think lower level teams are bolstering any top teams. DPL/ECRL teams will not be used to bolster anything except for the coffers. There has been movement between clubs but just a trickle. Net gain of zero for most teams. All clubs have lost and gained.

    There is plenty of talent throughout the valley. You have to know where to look, how to approach, and how to close the deal. DS will continue to run short benches, guaranteeing playing time to the players they offer. To your point, their tryouts have been well attended (could likely be said about all clubs). It's unfortunate that we won't see another rival game between the top girls clubs - it's bad for AZ soccer.

    As Desert Hound continues to point out, keep an eye on the upcoming year groups. Will the 05 and 06 success at YNTs and college commits influence the youngers parents in the years to come?
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  15. tjinaz

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    Not really sure that is true. I know personally of at least 6 former DPL and State League 1 players that moved to Arsenal and Rising ECNL this year and that is in just one age group. When top team players under perform, get injured or leave soccer their replacements have to come from somewhere. Granted it is mostly the big clubs poaching from each other but there is a constant flow of DPL/ECRL players moving to ECNL.
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  16. Desert Hound

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    You are making the point I have been making.

    They are not deep. They do not have their own reserves any more so to speak.

    Very little to pull up from.

    In the past it didn't matter. They were THE club to go to in the Valley on the girls side. They had the pick of the litter year after year.

    They don't any more.

    That is why it is important to watch their younger ages in GA/DPL. That will tell you if they are pulling in talent any more. My personal feeling is they are now all things being equal the 4th choice in the Valley for youngers aging in.
  17. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Well at least this coming year, 3 of the top clubs will play each other in ECNL/ECRL
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  18. tjinaz

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    I agree. Not sure the short benches are a "feature" but more a lack of spares. A couple of injuries to critical players and that team's season is effectively over. Other clubs can insert a warm body maybe not of the same caliber but good enough to play at that level and learn. Not sure SCDS can do that. I also know personally that the SCDS DPL teams got poached by Rising and RSL so now even fewer quality replacements if something happens to the GA team. First Cagle, then Lester.. not a good trend.
  19. Just4Kix

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    This brings up an interesting point as there's a lot of chatter on SoCal about YNT call ups being opaque (to put it mildly).

    04s: This year there were 4 (2 Rising, 2 RSL)

    05s: This year there were 4 (1 DS, 1 RSL, 2 Rising)

    06s: This year there were 5 (all DS)

    Back when call ups started for the 05s (1st year DA, iirc) DS sent like 9 or 10. Today, they have 1. So those players have either left (04s at Rising came from DS, 05 at RSL as well), haven't developed, or DS is just really good at getting their players in from of USYNT scouts the first year.
  20. Digital5

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    YNT callups are always going to be controversial amongst parents. They will never be pleased based on their perception of the process.

    DS had an 02/03 called up this year as well.

    I don't recall 9 or 10 05 callups first year of DA. Maybe most of those played on the 04 team? The 05 core team has remained intact for the most part, losing a few players to RSL and Rising but gaining players from Arsenal and Rising.

    The YNT thing is interesting. DS appears to have close relationships across the YNT network. I'm sure RSL/Rising have good standing relationships as well. YNT scouts rely on their trusted coaches to provide them talent to evaluate. Leagues do not drive the train on YNT selection. It helps of course but recommendations from trusted coaches is important.

    The 05s are an interesting group - Very talented but not differentiated enough to get many YNT callups. As a team they will do very well in terms of going to respected college programs across the country.

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