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    I would contend that the fallacy is that youth soccer is a business and/or that you need to be in a big club with letter leagues to be developed.

    Tuzos develop more talent, from what I see, than any other club in the valley. Their players pay $35 or so a month (from what I heard), and the coaches are Dads, not FT "professional" coaches with badge after badge. They regularly have entire teams "poached" and majority teams decimated and what do they do, they build another team and within a year or so, they are a top team again ... ready to be plucked by the big clubs. I would hazard a guess that, if Tuzos had all their best players back and you stuck an MLS Next label on those teams, it would be as good or better than any other MLS Next team in the valley. Their tournaments are also dirt cheap, with some being free and including a full kit for every team through sponsorships. That's how soccer should work, and does in soccer cultures.

    You also have small niche clubs that have started, like Playmaker Futbol Academy and Amore Soccer – Soccer Club, quietly going about their business and developing players based on fundamentals, technique and style.
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    Good post. I would also add Excel Academy to this. They are a smaller club that puts together good state league teams and develop players pretty well where they get interest from Colleges. Many of the kids at Excel are on club scholarship and surprisingly the club doesn't have many sponsors (check out their barren jerseys outside the strips and their Logo/Crest) but they always seem to make it work.
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    I agree that the smaller clubs can provide excellent player development, especially at the younger ages.

    Where the smaller clubs have a challenging time is in the U15-19 age groups and not because of their ability to develop individual players but because the needs of parents/players are now a combination of player development and attainment of goals after high school. When a player reaches their high school years, their development as a player is more focused on their team play. Smaller clubs, with Dad coaches, may not have the larger facilities to train full 11-a-side teams. Sure, with 1-2 teams they may be able to do it but the more teams you have, it becomes challenging to train all of them due to the facilities and lack of coaches. Helping players achieve their goals after high school (play college soccer or professional) also requires a much different skillset. This requires the organization of teams to play in front of college coaches/scouts in various showcase tournaments typically outside the state. It also requires the coaches to spend a lot of time developing relationships with college coaches. It's difficult to expect a bunch of Dad (and Mom) coaches to spend a lot of their own time on this. It is, unfortunately, a full-time business. Top players from clubs like Tuzos leave because the smaller clubs typically are not setup to help achieve their goals.
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    Smaller clubs and their families are creative in raising the funds needed to run the club. A lot of the smaller clubs charge much lower training and club fees but to make ends meet, the club members and families will spend a lot of time in organizing and running fundraising events. Families and players in smaller clubs have a much closer experience with less politics.
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    If you are older on an MLS Next (non MLS academy) team, then you might have a shot at college, but there are not alot of college scholarship $ for soccer for boys. Anything below that is an even remoter change, and EA is definitely in that category. This "sell" of college from clubs is as close to BS as the EA is, but EA is a much purer form of BS to be fair. How many boys do the big clubs put in college each year, versus how many players they sold on it? I'm sure their websites have a full list to support their college recruitment program ...

    RSL's switch from ECNL to EA with no explanation, after just having ID dates for ECNL shows a complete lack of integrity at that org, and splitting the teams demonstrates how much BS they spout with respects to platform and development.

    Tuzos isn't a small club. Players leave them because they have professional aspirations primarily, so they want to be on the MLS Next platform. Tuzos send (deserving) teams to tournaments out of state regularly, not every team they can irrespective of merit as, say, RSL do.

    The smaller clubs have the same, similar or as good facilities as most of the big clubs. Paloma, for example, looks good as a facility, but the fields are meh. It's great RSL have it, for them, and if you live down there, but Arsenal seem fine without - there are plenty of fields clubs have or find to practice on.
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    And? The discussion over the last day is centered around whether EA, specifically in the SW Desert Region is actually an elite league, is it better than ECNL SW Conf, and whether parents are being sold a bill of goods that is actually less than. You seem to ignore any points raised actually pertaining to this - where parents are concerned about dilution of teams, playing lower ranked teams than their current situation (on ECNL) and I would add, potentially increased costs (EA mentions national showcases).

    What point are you trying to make now, other than straight up diverting the conversation...again. You needlessly comment that smaller clubs “spend a lot of time organizing and running fundraising events’??? But then throw in a nice comment, that they are closer and have less politics. You are coming across as RSL’s very own spin doctor.

    My kid is at a ‘smaller club’. They have zero fundraising. RSL, on the other hand, over recent years have brought in a $100 dollar bond repayable after volunteer hours have been worked, and a $50 bond repayable after raffle tickets have been sold. What are RSL’s membership numbers? Am thinking somewhere in the 2000’s. That’s a nice chunk of change to collect, and it sure saves those families ‘running around and organizing’ events and such.
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    Erwin is slick.

    When he took over Sereno the club had girls ECNL.

    In the spring DA for girls was formed and Sereno announced a partnership with Legacy and together they accepted DA.

    He called a meeting of parents/kids in ECNL. He stated RSL is one of the few clubs in the US that has BOTH DA and ECNL. If DA is not for your kid, we have ECNL. Lots of rah rah stuff. One person asked him about DPL. He said DPL isn't anything. A newly made up league. We have ECNL and why on earth would the club go DPL?

    The following week the club lost ECNL. He also had another meeting. A parent asked about what happened with ECNL, etc. He said ECNL isn't any good. DPL is the place to be and RSL is proud to be a part of that fantastic league.

    Just a few months ago the club was a PROUD member of GA. They couldn't get out of there fast enough and now they are proud to be a part of ECNL.

    So yeah...lots of BS. Marketing the dream.

    If they lost boys ECNL, they will no doubt tell you EA is where they really really really wanted to be all along. And that EA will be the pathway to their MLS Next teams which is then the pathway to the pros baby!!
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    The fields at Paloma are as you say MEH. They work I guess for the younger age kids/teams. Their ECNL teams prior to the loss mainly practiced at Santos anyway.

    Next year Arsenal rolls into the new Legacy complex. Those fields should be Reach, Scottsdale Sports Complex quality at a min.

    So losing Paloma didn't hurt them. In fact with the new location next Nov they may be better off.
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    Incredible insight. Thanks for sharing. Wonder if Rising has a reputation of such BS as well?

    Has anyone ever thought about what happens to RSL around the Valley should Rising be awarded an MLS franchise? RSL would immediately lose AZ homegrown rights I believe. You would think that would shift where many of the top talent heads. With Sacramento likely out it’s a battle between Phoenix, San Diego and Vegas.
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    My reply was to add to the other poster's compliments about another smaller club. Some smaller clubs and their teams do fundraise to ensure their teams have enough money for out-of-state travel. Great to hear that your club doesn't have to fundraise. You should be grateful.

    Sorry that you don't like my comments. Perhaps my comments should be more negative like yours so that you can enjoy them.
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    A player's desire to play college soccer doesn't necessarily mean just receiving college scholarship $. A good soccer resume can be the difference in being accepted at a good D3 school or an Ivy-League school.

    To clarify my comment about smaller clubs and facilities, it was about having more fields rather than nicer facilities. Smaller clubs just don't have the numbers or budget to rent out more fields for their teams.
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    All the clubs have provided a fair amount of BS over the years. People should always be careful.
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    Yea I remember how awesome Paloma was to Arsenal parents with the futsal and "world class weight training" until they lost it then it was crap. All clubs are businesses and they all spin. Small club, big club it doesn't matter. People on here seem to think only the big clubs lie and deceive they all do. How many small clubs promise to have more and better teams next year then make a composite multi age team just to collect the dues and registration from people willing to pay because they don't have enough kids from one age group? Or promise the same coach to 7 different teams as they are the best coach in the club and then switch it AFTER you sign up? All their camps are "world class" all their coaches are great and "really connect" to the kids. They are all great until you play for them and see the dirt for yourself. Best you can hope for is a coach that actually is fair, teaches fundamentals, develops skills and creates excitement for their players oh and tolerable soccer parents on your team. The rest is gravy. GA, ECNL, DA, DPL, ECRL, EA, SCNL, are all pretty much the same. All are collections of kids and parents trying to be more and train hard to get there is that so bad? SCDS is the only GA left but I would bet the coaches are still pretty awesome and players better the the vast majority of the APL and State league. Can they still say they are in the best most elite league? No but I bet they still produce very good talent. I get that Rising, Arsenal, SCDS and RSL, especially RSL as they are the biggest are the villains to all the small clubs and that is how they sell it. You are part of something special here, we are the plucky underdog and we are going to show those big clubs we are just as good... rah rah... same sale different pitch.
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