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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by yadayada, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Desert Hound

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    There is a clear difference in talent between those 2 squads.

    Lets look at the season so far. Head to head 4-0 for starters. They have played the same clubs as well.

    Record wise Royals 5-0, SCDS 3-2

    Royals 25/2
    SCDS 8/11
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  2. Digital5

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    Without a doubt.
  3. SoccerDadAZ

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    I only addressed the question on how the match played out, not which team overall has the better talent. Both GA clubs' teams and their players, from my casual evaluation, are all very good to excellent players and will no doubt represent their clubs and AZ very well in the college ranks in the very near future.
  4. Digital5

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    The SCDS 04 team is quite interesting. They've lost quite a few players over the last few years, to include losing players for this season. They are still quite competitive. At this stage for DS, the 04s are what they are - a scrappy team that plays good soccer but isn't very deep. I don't think any GA/ECNL team can be considered deep, the talent is spread between 5 clubs. That talent is unlikely to consolidate at any particular club for any length of time. If I were to pick a club that has a chance to consolidate talent, if at least momentarily, it would be the Royals.

    And to your point, most of the players will be able to continue playing beyond club - if they want to.
  5. yadayada

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    5 clubs? I know SCDS, Royals, Rising and Arsenal. Who is the 5th that is taking top level talent??!!
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  6. Digital5

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    Bad math - 4 clubs..
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  7. SoccerDadAZ

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    I think the bigger issue in consolidating the most talented girls in AZ is the lesser draw of ECNL/GA compared to MLS Next on the boys side. There are still a large number of talented girls playing in APL that can probably make a GA/ECNL roster but have decided not to, for one reason or another. There is no question for the boys in AZ with MLS Next.
  8. overtime

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  9. Digital5

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    I think the whole premise is subjective. I would say the opposite is true, the draw of ECNL/GA is higher than the MLS due to scholarship dollars available for college. Not as many dollars available for the boys side. There are parents out there that are naive but most know their child is not going to play in the MLS just because their club says MLS. The MLS is shiny and new for now. I hope they are successful in their stated quest to make high level soccer available to anyone, regardless of socio-economic status. If your daughter plays on an ECNL/GA team, it's likely they will move on to the next level. That's your return on investment.

    I'm sure there are a handful of boys who could play and aren't playing. There is always a revolving door on the girls side who guest practice at ECNL/GA practices but are never offered a spot. There is a big difference between playing APL/ASL 1/2 and stepping on to the field with an ECNL/GA team, even for a practice. There are always unicorns to be found but most have already been found.
  10. tjinaz

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    So lets break down the numbers... each ECNL/GA team has about 16-18 players. Arizona has 4 teams not including DPL so that is about 64-72 players. If you look for the college commits on the girls side for the state their aren't nearly that many. Additionally there are a bunch of non letter league players playing at the community college level (who their old club coaches work for) that will further subtract from the total. I think that is the fallacy, if you think just being on a GA or ECNL team guarantees a scholarship you are mistaken. I would say the number is closer to half. And of that half the majority of schools offering the scholarships are ones that will cost you more to travel to and attend than the value of the scholarship given. The chances of making your money back on time/training and travel costs are closer to lottery than any sort of ROI. If you are thinking soccer is a good way to get a scholarship to a good school and save yourself money... shake your head. You would be better off quitting now and having your DD go to cross country or track.

    On the opposite side of the coin... if an MLS Next player doesn't make MLS or a minor league team or changes their mind and decides to go to college instead and they are acknowledged to be a very talented player why wouldn't they get a scholarship? I would think there are just as many men's college soccer programs as women's that offer scholarships. I would think college coaches would be scouting that league looking for just those players and would snap them up in a heartbeat.
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  11. If you have your player in ENCL/GA/MLS for ROI or because you think it entitles your kid to college scholarships or professional contracts, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes the level of skill, desire and passion for the game dictates a certain standard of competition. I look at the ROI more as the growth in my kids game, leadership and maturity. This process is one of the many pathways to making my kid into an adult and teaching life lessons along the way. My kid is going to college regardless of soccer, but having a few more options to choose from because of soccer would be an outstanding outcome.
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  12. whatithink

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    https://scholarshipstats.com/ - not cross country or track apparently.


    Not comparing to letter leagues, but gives a good indication of the types of scholarships kids get and the % chance.

    For the boys, the over whelming majority will not make MLS or minor league. When it comes to college, scholarships are competing with football, basketball, baseball etc, so there's less for boys soccer. In addition, they are competing with international players (as do the girls) which is a lot harder. Someone put a link to some FL college's team and it had plenty of international players. Those international players are likely coming out of professional club DA programs vs non-profit club X in AZ ...
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  13. SoccerDadAZ

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    Recruiting of male international players is real and continuing to grow. According to college coaches that I've spoken to, the international players are typically older, more mature, and ready to play football. Oftentimes, those players value the U.S. educational system more than U.S. players and are very willing to leave their country for the education.
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  14. Digital5

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    In 2020 there were 77 girls in AZ who committed to schools. There were 40 boys who committed. In both cases, playing on a letter league team made it easier to play at the next level. With that said, not every commit was to a D1 power conference and not every commit was from a letter league.

    I'm not saying (nor did I say) that playing on a GA/ECNL team ensures scholarships. I'm saying the idea of it is the draw. Parents drive the train. For many, the ROI is the driving force for their kids to play on a letter league team. Title IX is an important factor that enables girls to play soccer at top tier D1 schools, not just here, but across the country.

    Take a look at a D1 men's soccer roster, the euro presence and others are eating up boys roster slots. Just the way it goes. It's free money for schools and a pipeline for talent.
  15. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    And good on you for having this philosophy, I can't agree more. Many parents do not share this ideology. High level club sports leverage the emotions of the parent to drive revenue. Everyone knows that emotional parent that thinks their child is the next messi, ertz, etc, regardless of the eye test on the field.
  16. Sweeper

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    Now that the first half of the season is done, how do the GA parents feel the competition this year is compared to DA competition from last year?
  17. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Trick question right?
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  18. Sweeper

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    LOL. What is your take, Desert Hound? Your opinion is well respected on this forum.
  19. I think it is clear, that this year at least, GA is not as competitive as DA was. Now, will they convince some of the Clubs to come back next year, or will people who left (CA Teams) for ECNL return to GA? Entirely possible. I think you need to give GA 2 years before you have a complete picture.
  20. Digital5

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    I think the jury is still out for the GA SW conference. CA teams (ECNL and GA) haven't played many games and their practices have been hamstrung.

    According to Beach parents this weekend, the teams that made the trip were the first teams. I can't confirm but it's what they were saying on the sideline. The teams certainly passed the eye test. The Beach and SCDS U18/19 game was a draw, the Royals game was a 2-1 Royals win. The SCDS and Royals teams score in bunches and they didn't. The SCDS and Beach scores were similar across the board VS last seasons games. The SCDS coaches weren't as animated as they were when Legends was in town. It was obvious that Legends sent their 2nd teams to most games.

    I think 2 years is a good mark on the wall. Parents in both leagues should enjoy the slight advantage held over some CA teams, it won't last long. End of the day, your DD will be playing against the best youth girls talent in the country and college coaches like that. Win, lose, draw not an issue for colleges. Playing time on the pitch is what matters. Nice to get in the Ws while you can, makes it a bit more fun.
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