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    Now if ECNL would post scores for the SW...
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    Great rundown.

    It's great to lay it out like this. A few things come to mind:

    DS does not develop young teams as well as the Royals do, they never have. It's their primary weakness as a club (some will argue strength). They depend on recruiting and retention to develop their teams.

    The DS U13s have been an afterthought. They would have been too young for the DA. DS looks to their ID camps and recruiting to roster a team entering the first year of a league. The Royals will walk away with this one.

    The DS U14s are homegrown for the most part but will be challenged to compete with a deep Royals team.

    The DS U15s will walk away with this game IF everyone is healthy. They've been playing short and with injuries to their back line. The Royals are much improved and have a chip on their shoulder. Rumor has it that they will bring in Vegas players. I'm sure DS will counter with a NM player or two.

    The U16 game is the marquee game (I think). The DS team has had injuries to key players the last few week. Looks like they will all be back. They are a physically fit team. The last two matches has seen the Royals score early but DS comes roaring back, especially in the 2nd half, due to their fitness and attacking style of play. Fitness will be key in this game. The Royals are much, much improved and better coached this year. Toss up I think - I give slight edge to DS if everyone is healthy.

    U17s - Royals, no discussion

    U19 - Based on DA history, SCDS walks away with this one. The DS team had a better DA season than the Royals. They beat LA Galaxy, Top Hat, Albion, Real SoCal, FC Dallas. They tied Beach and lost to Legends twice 0 1. The Royals finished 2nd to last with a GD of -38. They did not score a lot of goals. SCDS GD was +8. They score in bunches but allowed 29 goals. I haven't heard of any DS girls not coming back this year to this team.
  3. DS U14's are not homegrown! A good portion of the roster came from CCV, they have players from RSL, Sandsharks, Rising, and GYSA on their roster as well.
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    There ya go, stand corrected. I thought all of those players were on the DS team last season?

    To clarify, what I mean as homegrown is to have a team's first year of eligibility in a given league (this would have been the DSU14 first year of playing in the DA) come mostly from the home club.. I thought that team, minus the CCV striker that they recruited, all played DS last season. They also have a few girls who played up last year with the 06s who are now playing with the 07s.

    So maybe they recruited them for last season and carried them team through to this year.
  5. 4 of the girls played on the team last year (RSL, GYSA, Sandsharks). Adds from Rising and RSL this year, in addition the the girls who played up last year.
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    Sounds like a DS first year letter league team. Now lets see if they can keep the team intact. Except for the 04s, the older teams have had good retention and have had success.

    If past track records are to be believed, DS teams take about half of a season to get acclimated to the older coaches playing styles. It will be a fun game to watch (07 DS vs 07 Royals).
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    This is an interesting development and halfway down the article it also mentions GA's partnership with the USYS where the "USYS will serve as the GA's home for league sanctioning and player registration with the GA operating autonomously as an affiliate member at the top of the USYS youth development pyramid. " It sounds all positive for the girls' side and will look forward to see how it all unfolds.
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    Sounds like they are going to try to do what they did with the MLS league on the girls side. As MLS/NWSL are usually matched, it makes sense.
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    So no high school?
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    Does MLS do high school? I don't know. I would think they would change it up a little bit as the demographic is different. Most Girls just want college as the Pro leagues are so very few and don't pay. Hopefully they have a plan that incorporates the differences or it will fall flat on its face.
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    At this stage it looks like marketing.

    Read what they are doing with MLS. Standards regarding training (I believe they already have that), some showcases, and in theory coaches training. So not much changes right?

    On the USYS side they will get their cards from USYS. Outside of that they are top of the pyramid. However unlike the rest of the pyramid for USYS you cannot earn your way up like going State-Regional-National. GA will be as they say the top, but only affiliated and nobody can work their way into GA through USYS. So really outside of getting the stamp of approval, nothing has changed either on the USYS side.

    They state they are autonomous from both USYS and MLS.

    So what has actually changed in terms of the league and the clubs?
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    MLS does not allow HS.

    I would hope, based on past DA experience, that the GA doesn't go back on their HS policy. It's already an issue this year with the Norco showcase being moved to JAN 2021 and then an event over President's Day Weekend in Texas. Many girls will be forced to make a decision whether to play HS or go to the showcase in JAN. It's a decision many did not want to make and thought they didn't have to make. Hopefully the AIA grants the exception for JAN.
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    The next AIA Executive Board Meeting is scheduled for November 16. If the exception was not granted in the last board meeting on 10/19, then it's looking highly doubtful that it will happen. But you never know...
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    Let's hope.
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    Great games. I only got to see a few.
    I was surprised the U19 and U16 games weren't higher scores from Del Sol. Those were great games. Props to the keepers on both sides.

    Feel Free to fill in the blanks

    U 13 (08)
    Royals 1-0 Del Sol

    U 14 (07)
    Royals 4-0 Del Sol

    U 15 (06)
    Del Sol 3-2 Royals

    U 16 (05)
    Del Sol 1-1 Royals

    U 17 (04)
    Royals 4-0 Del Sol

    U 19 (03/02)
    Del Sol 4-2 Royals
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    08 royals 1- del sol 0
    06 del sol 3- royals 2...I think, can anyone confirm?
  18. yadayada

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    The score looks like Those were some close games.
    The big surprise to me was the U19 game. It wasn’t even as close as I thought it would be. Del Sol missed a PK so it could have been 5-2.
  19. Digital5

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    Royals are improved across most age groups - good on them. Also surprised at the 02/03 score. Not surprised at the others.
  20. SoccerDadAZ

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    The U17 match was more competitive than the result indicates. The Starting XI played even until the reserves were put in the match. The Royals bench were deeper and higher quality.
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