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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by yadayada, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    Arizona ECNL teams will be fine. We host 2 ECNL tournaments and ECNL likes being in Arizona.
  2. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    College coaches could care less about the ECNL/GA debate. The college coaches are looking for specific players to fit their recruiting need and they know, based on the clubs in each league, what type of talent they are getting from specific clubs. The college coaches will look at the matches to validate/verify what a club coach is saying to them. It's the club coach that will hold more influence on the college coaches rather than the league. From a parent's perspective, if more parents believe that their player is better suited to play in one league or another, I can only say that playing time will make a big difference on the recruiting process. Players 12-18 on a roster for one league may not have as much looks as the starting players in another. The "better" league may not be a good fit for those players who don't see much playing time.
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  3. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    They do care about the level of competition however.
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  4. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    No disagreement here but they care less about which league has the better competition. If a player is not in the starting rotation, only playing a few minutes, and then not playing well against the "top" competition, then that's just a disservice to that player. The coaches care more that a potential recruit is playing against a good level of competition that is commensurate with their needs. A Division I coach will recruit equally from both GA and ECNL. Which league the player plays in is a lower priority than other factors like positional need, team fit, and academics.
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  5. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    You can’t say a team dominated when they didn’t get the win. The goals put points on the board, not possession and missed shots.
  6. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    This will be debated for eternity. The difference between the GA and ECNL will be minimal at best. Top teams will rise to the top in both leagues and the argument for ECNL having the top 3-4 teams due to the DA collapse is valid. Beyond that, teams are likely interchangeable between leagues.

    As has been mentioned before, coaches/scouts will not care about the letters. If the GA fails to deliver on substance/experience and goes away after 1 season, then ECNL becomes the platform by default - Separate issue.

    For our purposes in AZ, for this year, the GA has the measurable top talent across most age groups. Will that be true next year? Who knows.

    Parents are fickle creatures. Will they switch allegiance from Royals/SCDS to Rising/Arsenal because they are having success against GA SOCAL teams and want better competition? Time will tell.
  7. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    This comes down to how GA is perceived vs ECNL in the SW over time.

    If GA is perceived as being weaker, most will want to go ECNL.

    We know this will happen because we see it yearly in AZ. Parents prefer APL teams vs State 1. Prefer State 1 vs State 2. And down the line.
  8. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    GA vs ECNL compared to APL v ASL1 v ASL2 is not quite apples and oranges. APL/ASL1/ASL2 all belong to the State Organization and the delineation for competitive structure for teams and clubs is clearly defined. Comparing GA and ECNL is more akin to PAC-12 and ACC college soccer teams.
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  9. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Yes but I am referring to what is perceived over time.

    Lets take last weekend. IF we find many of the top clubs are putting their best players into ecRl with the idea of moving over, and based on that Royals and del Sol roll through the league. At that point GA will be perceived as the lesser league. I am not saying that will happen. Just using that as an example for this discussion.

    If at the same time they see great Surf, Blues, LAFC and other clubs in ECNL, the perception/reality will be that if you want your kid to play the best competition in order to be ready for college, the movement will be towards ECNL of the best/better players.

    That is what I am referring to. And that is what will happen if the above happens.

    IF it turns out on the other hand that Beach, etc don't get into ECNL and as such put their best players into GA, then in AZ you are left with a Ford vs Chevy argument. At that point movement will be dependent on how parents rank the clubs/coaches in AZ. If both are about the same, but Royals for instance are perceived as the best in terms of coaches, etc., then they capture a lot of the best.
  10. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    That perception will require a huge majority or all of talent moving from one league to another. We can look at history to validate this. When the GDA first formed, a majority of top teams/clubs moved from ECNL to GDA. But that did not diminish the college coaches' perception of ECNL and continued to recruit from ECNL teams. They realized that talent still exists in both leagues and will continue to recruit from both. Parents of ECNL players stayed the course.

    At U15 and older, on the girls' side, the majority of parents are less concerned about playing the best competition in order to be ready for college and more concerned about visibility of their player to college coaches to get into college. It will take a lot more for the parent of a U15 and above player to move just because of a subjective matter such as competition. That parent/player will need to build and develop a new relationship with a new team/club and the coach. Parents/players will weigh the risk of moving from one team to another with the primary reward of getting into college and potentially receiving scholarship and the secondary reward of "better" competition.
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  11. Driveandpay

    Driveandpay Member

    If you don't think that parents care about the competition level of games, you're crazy. The players themselves care about the competition level. That is how players grow. No good player or parent of a good player would be ok with playing club level teams when they should be playing top-level teams.
  12. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    Perhaps you should re-read my post. "Care less" doesn't mean "not care at all". Players playing at a high level care a lot about the competition. They definitely don't obsess about which league has the better competition like some parents.
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  13. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    When any team is beating their competition by 10-0, 9-0, 7-0, etc like what happened this weekend, players and parents will start looking elsewhere IF this continues for the rest of the season. They won't care about the letter league at that point.
  14. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    I guess I don't understand all of the knee jerk reaction. The blow outs that occurred were by teams that could blow out many teams in either league (ECNL/GA), especially those in the middle of the pack. Everyone knows that Legends and Beach, and maybe West Coast FC are putting their top teams in ECRL. Who cares, let them. People aren't jumping ship to chase CA teams, not yet. There is an entire season to play.

    Putting the Legends games aside (SCDS and Royals did not mind running up the scores in order to prove a point), the LA Surf Games were competitive. A quick example below from the 05 matchups.
    SCDS 2 LA Surf 2
    Royals 3 LA Surf 0

    The SCDS 05 team is intact from last year and was 3rd in the DA SW conference. They played shorthanded due to injuries. The Royals team is much improved (have lost to SCDS 3 years in a row) and are looking to make a statement, against SCDS and in the league this year

    Could you argue that LA Surf isn't San Diego Surf, Beach, Legends? Sure but the same goes for every other team in CA. These 3 teams, along with the Blues, Real SoCal are the best team in SOCAL and maybe the country. The SCDS 05 team beat all of them last year, except for SD Surf (match didn't happen) and also beat LA Galaxy.

    I think the GA will be fine, as will ECNL.
  15. Driveandpay

    Driveandpay Member

    Looking forward to watching the 05 SCDS vs the 05 Royals next weekend. Should be a good game.
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  16. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    I think the entire line up will be fun to watch, except for the 04 game. Royals should have that one well in hand.

    The Royals are fielding teams that are much improved since last year. My eyes will be on the 05 and 06 games. They should be played back to back. Even more exciting is the fact that they are NOT being played in Casa Grande.
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  17. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    The 05 and 06 matches will be played at the same time.
  18. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    I saw that. The DS 05/06 team is coached by the same person. Will be interesting to see where he lands for the day - OR, they'll move kickoff to allow him to coach both teams.
  19. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    They won't move the kickoff times but the 2 matches will probably be played right next to each other. Les and the other DS GA coaches will all be there.
  20. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    This may help. Games they have played so far. Still early...but

    Royals 1-0 Legends
    del Sol 0-3 Legends

    Royals 2-2 LA Surf
    del Sol 0-4 LA Surf

    Royals 3-1 Albion
    del Sol 0-3 Albion

    Royals 2-1 City SC
    del Sol 0-7 City SC

    At this age so far Royals looks to easily be the better squad.

    Royals 5-0 Legends
    del Sol 0-2 Legends

    Royals 1-1 LA Surf
    del Sol 2-0 LA Surf

    Royals 3-2 Albion
    del Sol 1-2 Albion

    Royals 3-1 City SC
    del Sol 3-1 City SC

    So far Royals have performed better. Nod to them.

    Royals 2-0 Legends
    del Sol 6-0 Legends

    Royals 2-1 LA Surf
    del Sol 4-1 LA Surf

    Royals 0-1 Albion
    del Sol 1-1 Albion

    Royals 5-1 City SC
    del Sol 5-1 City SC

    del Sol has performed better. Nod to them.

    Royals 7-0 Legends
    del Sol 10-0 Legends

    Royals 3-0 LA Surf
    del Sol 2-2 LA Surf

    Royals 2-1 Albion
    del Sol 4-1 Albion

    Royals 3-2 City SC
    del Sol 2-0 City SC

    This could go either way. Probably pretty evenly matched based on scores. Royals hasn't lost. Neither has del Sol, but they did give up a tie. So maybe slight edge to Royals.

    Royals 9-0 Legends
    del Sol 2-1 Legends

    Royals 9-1 LA Surf
    del Sol 4-2 LA Surf

    Royals 2-1 Albion
    del Sol 2-1 Albion

    Royals 1-0 City SC
    del Sol 0-3 City SC

    Royals is better.

    Royals 4-0 Legends
    del Sol 2-0 Legends

    Royals 3-0 LA Surf
    del Sol 4-0 LA Surf

    Royals 2-1 Albion
    del Sol 1-0 Albion

    Royals 1-2 City SC
    del Sol 5-3 City SC

    This could go either way. Slight edge to del Sol.

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