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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by yadayada, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Just4Kix

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    You should be asking how many AZ clubs keep ECNL after this year? Odds for this are much more likely.
  2. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    From a SOCAL view, this is the more serious question.

    I doubt GA players jump to ECNL in AZ, unless coaches start to go, for whatever reason. I don't think the platform is as important in AZ as it is in CA. The quality of play in AZ is currently on the GAs side. Unless there is a mass exodus, that will be the state of affairs for the next few years. If an exodus occurs at an age group, it will be interesting to see if it's league driven or player content/discontent with coaching.

    But, we'll eat popcorn and watch this play out.
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  3. Digital5

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  4. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Get your head out of the sand Digital5. Why would parents/players spend the next 8-9 months playing sub par GA teams if the player is good enough to get an ECNL spot now?
  5. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    Depends on your view of life. Are you in it for the coaches or are you in it for the "prestige". GA parents who did their research knew going in that certain GA clubs were not going to play their top teams in the GA and that certain teams left for ECNL. Plenty of talent remains in SOCAL. Most parents/players stayed because of coaches and teammates.

    Now, if the GA is just horribly run, administratively it's a nightmare to deal with, and college coaches and YNT scouts sit out the showcases, then I believe people will leave. I don't think coaches and scouts are going to ghost GA showcases and clubs.

    GA players in AZ will still sign with schools of their choice. For 06s and up, unless there is a personality issue with team mates and coaches, makes no sense to move. With that said, it can be argued that the incoming GA/ECNL year group players and parents will make a decision based on what you describe. Clubs and coaches better have their game day sales pitch ready.

    It's also possible that Rising and Arsenal could lose ECNL status. If Beach, Legends, Pats, WC FC make their way into ECNL, why have any team in AZ? Pats and WC FC appear on the surface to be committed to the GA, Beach and Legends are not.

    I think everything stays put for a season. The more important issue for players is going to be HS play. The GA showcase move conflicts. The allure of ECNL for many is the HS choice. While I think HS play is not a good thing, players want to play for their schools. It's something that cannot be brushed under the table.

    A lot of ifs, and, or buts to - correlates well to what is happening in life around us. We'll have this discussion again next week.
  6. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Because there is no reason to move to a lesser team just for some alphabet kool-aid.
    Except for maybe the rising 04 there is not a single AZ ECNL team that is better than the AZ GA teams.
  7. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    And that was put to bed after the Rising/Royals game. Royals have the best 04 team in the state.

    Some parents and players will be lured by the alphabet soup. Just the way it goes. It all comes down to how the GA manages the SW conference season this year.. HS is a huge factor.

    It's been said before, the AZ ECNL teams may be left holding the bag. The size of that conference lends itself to playing local. SOCAL parents were complaining this weekend about the possibility of increased travel to AZ. I know that in the grand scheme of traveling, their travel to AZ doesn't compare to how much the AZ teams travel to SOCAL.
  8. Uber

    Uber New Member

    The Rising 05 team dominated the RSL 05 team, just didn’t get it in the net enough to walk away with a win and had to settle for a tie. Game wasn’t that close and if it hadn’t been cut short I believe it would have been a Rising win. Rising SCDS would be fun to watch. GA is the dominant league
  9. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Arenal just tied that team a week or so ago. Had it not been for a brain fart on the part of their goalie who passed the ball directly to a Rising girl in front of her it would have been 2-1 Arsenal.

    Watching the 2 teams play, they are very evenly matched. Each had periods of time when one looked better vs the other. Nobody took over the game. They could play 10 more times and it would just go back and forth.

    The Royals 04 is the best team in the state and easily beat Rising at that age group. And if they easily beat Rising and I think Arsenal has about the same skill level...Royals handle them too.

    Now that Rising 05 team may be better than Royals. Probably not del Sol. Arsenal is likely last in this ranking.

    At the very younger ages it is too early to say.

    At the oldest age? Should be del Sol. Then Arsenal, then Royals. Rising 02/03s are terrible.
    Royals had a good 18/19 team last year. Almost all graduated. The others that would fill in from the former U17 team to make the combined were very weak overall last year. That is why I go del Sol, Arsenal, Royals and then Rising at that 02/03 age group this year.

    Not close. The best clubs moved to ECNL last year from DA in the SW. The majority of the clubs GA has now in the SW consist of the weaker teams.

    I went through a couple of months ago and looked at overall records of what clubs left GA to be full time ECNL and those that remained to form GA.
    ECNL got the far better clubs moving over. Factor in other movement in So Cal of players in the off season to ECNL and the argument is over for now.

    If you want to currently argue who is best around Phx that is another thing. However if GA fails to put good teams on the ground, over time in the Phx area the talent will flow to what the best league is. That is simply what parents do.
  10. Uber

    Uber New Member

    Sorry GA is NOT the dominate league. They are pretty equal with a slight nod to RSL right now.
  11. Uber

    Uber New Member

    Since SCDS wouldn’t scrimmage Rising we will probably never know. It would be a close game but Rising would probably take them.
  12. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    which age group? If I were to pick:

    07 - Rising
    06- SCDS
    05 - SCDS
    04 - Rising
    02/03 - SCDS.

    We will never know but it's fun to speculate.
  13. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    At least we'll know soon enough between Royals and SCDS. Historically SCDS has dominated. A few age groups may change this year.
  14. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I think you meant Royals at 04
  15. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    I was referring to a Rising and SCDS head to head (that never happened).
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  16. put me in coach

    put me in coach Active Member

    No one is jumping ship in mid October to defect to ecnl. Unless you want to pay two sets of registration fees, training fees, team fees..and uniforms.....might as well save the money..you would get a better return on it...this season is more about treading water and hoping for greener pastures, than anything else. Ga has a major issue if they dont get better competition in the league and they are stuck with whatever socal feels like sending. . If my kid was younger...i would care..A LOT... But..we have 7 months to ride out till she goes to preseason training.....then..only one left in the system..lol..but on the boys side...complete different monster with the boys
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  17. Uber

    Uber New Member

    07 08 I haven’t seen enough of.
    06 SCDS
    04 Rising
    02/03 SCDS

    state wide
    07/08 ?
    02/03 Rsl
  18. Brother Maynard

    Brother Maynard Active Member

    Finally, some logic. Many clubs wised up and have already collected those Fees.. This season is probably hanging on by a thread as it is, and I certainly wouldn't want to pay double club fees as well. Not directed at you but seriously Two games in and the sky is falling.... By the way it's nice to see the end, with the goal reached... Good luck
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  19. put me in coach

    put me in coach Active Member

    Years of experience in this crazy club scene. This season is hardly ideal for anyone. Everyone wants the best for their kid. Understandable. However..In the end, .it goes too fast. Enjoy the ride! And thank you..we are excited about what the next chapter may bring .Good luck to your player!
  20. Just4Kix

    Just4Kix Member

    I will give you Rising dominated the 1st half, but they could only muster shots from outside the box.

    2nd half RSL played them much more even. Rising was down to 10 after a red, and I don't think they really wanted the game to be longer.

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