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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by singh, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. The Fluorescent yellow pair arrived ...matches her club keeper jersey! Lol
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    I second Kali, she is good. But she no longer coaches at Arsenal. She left the club late last year. I think Arsenal picked up a new GK coach this year in a addition to the coach that is already there.

    Kali only does clinics/ privates and is also the GK Coach for the ASU Women's soccer team
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    06 (u15) he played in seattle
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    Option A (not willing to drive outside East Valley for training sessions)
    Arsenal (ECNL)
    RSL-AZ (MLS, EA South)

    Option B (willing to travel outside East Valley for training sessions)
    In addition to the 2 options above
    Del Sol (MLS)
    Rising (MLS, ECNL)

    ALL clubs are always looking for excellent, committed keepers willing to improve. Most of the top teams have only 1 keeper on the roster and will add another keeper from other teams to the match day roster to backup/play a half.

    I think a previous poster has already mentioned it but the top clubs have dedicated keeper training sessions (at least 2x/week) in addition to the field training sessions (3-4x/week) and they want keepers attending both.
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    FWIW, I believe that Phoenix Rising MLS will be training at their new facility at Wild Horse Pass, so easy access from the East Valley. Their ECNL train at Casino Arizona Field I believe, also pretty close.

    So, in the East valley I'd look at MLS (RSL-AZ / Rising) and ECNL (Arsenal / Rising) first.

    EA South, mentioned above depends on how the RSL-AZ ECNL splits. That's a very good team, and if they all go North, then South will be weak, and the reverse. If they split, then its an unknown quantity, like the league IMO.

    You may also want to check out FC Arizona. Their 06 team just lost the state cup final (their 05 team won state cup). The local APL league will apparently have teams from NV & NM next year and may be comparable to EA (or not, nobody knows ...).
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