Is DPL worth it?

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  1. Also, don't let the 07 results fool you. Both RSL North and DelSol played much better than their outcomes. DelSol had a 0-0, 2-2, and 0-1 loss. RSL was 1-1, 3-2 and 1-2. Both teams controlled possession in their games and were notably better than their opponents. Unlucky mistakes, bad calls, and some failure to capitalize on opportunities all around.
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    Our kid as a high-school teammate on the team. I only watched Sunday and Monday - I didn't see the earlier games (which most of the high-school kids missed). Sunday they beat a top-flight Colorado team, Monday an ECNL team - despite the lack of offense neither result was ever in doubt.

    Did you see the 05 top-bracket scores? You didn't mention how the (non-RSL/non-DS) APL teams did there....
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    For the high school ages (05 and up) , lots of players were not able to play because they still have or were in HS soccer. They were missing a lot of players from what I heard.
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    Now why Del Sol have their DPL team play in a flight lower than the APL teams?
  5. Sweeper

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    Most of the Del Sol DPL players were back playing by Saturday afternoon if not sooner.
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    Bringing it back to the original post:
    It may depend on what you quantify worth it as... if it's college scholarships, I'd pay attention to how many DPL players the clubs are announcing with commitments to college (& colleges your child may want to attend) as one measure of worth.
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    Yea this is the dilemma. Spend an additional 4-5k a year for 5 years to be on a DPL team or put the 20k I would have spent on the additional travel in a college fund and play on an APL team. One way guarantees me 20k for college the other may or may not.

    Actually.. got curious and wanted to see how many DPL team members actually got scholarships. Found this link and correct me if i am wrong but each DA and ECNL team has about 17-20 members. I am only showing about 6 from Utah Royals actually showing committed for 2020 grad year. If the DA team is not all getting scholarships I don't imagine the DPL is. Is there a better site? Is there a complete list of all soccer scholarships given to AZ players?
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    IMO, Top Drawer is the best and most comprehensive site for college commitments. Soccer Wire only provides a fraction of them.

    I am not aware of a site that provides the stats on what specific players did/ did not receive a scholarship as I would imagine that info is not for public consumption. This site, however, has some good stats on what was provided overall and provides individual school stats for 2019:
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    Top Drawer is good, the only issue is that its driven by input from the player/parent. I can flat out tell you there are players who have commits/signed that are not on top drawer. Or players who are on but have not updated a commit or college. The link provided I hope is an eye opener to the realities of College Soccer, never forgo college savings for club soccer.
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    Yea those stats are pretty eye opening. I was laboring under the assumption that everyone that made DA or an ECNL team was pretty much going to get a scholarship offer. Does not seem the case.
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    you realize how many DA and ECNL teams there are, right? If you're interested primarily in a scholarship your best bet is to quit soccer altogether and focus on the kids finishing in the top 10% of their class. Top 10% Academics and Open-league are your best options, based on cost.
  12. Brother Maynard

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    This is accurate, do not rely on soccer for scholarships might just not work out.

    For TJinaz-There is a reason during the process they want to know your GPA or why most players post it during the process. Academic money! There is way more academic money available, plus that helps a coach split money. There are College players playing soccer solely on academic money, which quite frankly they would have gotten regardless of soccer. Keep in mind average college rosters can have up to 30 players, with only 14 scholarships to divvy up. The Studs will get the most athletic money, the rest may or may not get any so the grades come into play. A lot of this will also vary between D1-2-3 schools.
  13. Brother Maynard

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    It's not always the case, your odds do increase but there is no guarantee. The thing with DA and ECNL is they go to where the coaches are, showcases. You don't have to be DA/ECNL to play in college you just have to work at it more. But as a parent and player you still have to put in a lot of work don't rely on the clubs. Write letters of interest, go to ID camps etc. Id camps get expensive but a lot of kids do get picked up and noticed at them. And as Chap said, grades!
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    it's a really good point about ID camps. And to help keep cost down, there are ID camps now in Cali and elsewhere that encompass several schools within a single camp. That seems to me to be a way to maximize your options, rather than focusing on single-school ID camps.
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    After a number of conversations with college coaches about players, here's the input I've received:

    1) College coaches don't care about a particular club team's results or their win/loss record. They are recruiting players for their roster, not a team.

    2) Competition does matter. They generally feel that DA is a more competitive environment than ECNL, which is more competitive than DPL, and so on. This matters regarding their assessment of players and whether their ability translates to the college environment. Yes, a superstar in the APL may get noticed but coaches may also question if their quality is due to opponent's competitive level. And they may question why said playet isn't playing in a more competitive environment.

    3) A player's club coach and their reputation does matter to college coaches. College coaches will trust a recommendation of a player from certain club coaches, based on their track record of previous recruits.
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    Yea I guess I have been listening to too much club propaganda. Grades always come first and I scouted schools more than club teams. I have had the 529c set up for awhile but there is always the ongoing expenses and looking at the cost and time commitment of the hardcore traveling teams I am starting to question their utility. Everyone wants their kid to play on the best team possible and enjoy these years but their is a clear line at U13/14 where those with the talent are forced to decide to go all in and pay the extra money for the travel or stay mostly in valley on a less competitive teams and use that money for other things. Some parents clearly have the money to do both judging by the amount of top of the line Teslas and Suburbans I see at practice but my family does not. Looking like a bad bet at this point.
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    I'm sure you know this but there is scholarship $ offered by a number of clubs that help defray the cost of club. And there are creative ways to provide player development, exposure to college coaches while keeping costs down.

    With regards to scholarship $ for college, there are so many variables in how much scholarship is given, with financial situation being the most important. As a previous poster mentioned, a player's strong academic record will help a college coach stretch their athletic scholarship budget to more players by granting more academic scholarship $.

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