Is DPL worth it?

Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by tjinaz, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. tjinaz

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    Same with pretty much all the RSL Girls DPL teams. This is what I am saying. Trips to Dallas and Cali 8 times even if the parents don't travel and the player shares a room will easily add up to 4 or 5k with plane fare, gas, room and food. Is it worth this to be on a second team? Will playing on this team make my player that much better vs APL? This seems like a big decision many will have to make. It very well may be, maybe being on a travel team like this makes them better, creates those lifetime memories and self reliance or maybe the travel schedule coupled with academics makes soccer seem like work and forces them to miss out on the social life of high school. IDK guess like everything.. depends on the kid. Just wanted to see what other parents thought.
  2. It definitely depends on the team. The 04 RSL team mentioned also rolled through DPL play, so for a second team they are very good. It is probably worth it for them to travel out of state so much. Definitely not enough competition in Arizona for them.
  3. Desert Hound

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    Go look at how that team did in APL. All wins.
    Scored 28 goals and gave up 2.

    There are 6 teams in that APL age group.
    The bottom 3 teams combined 27 goals and gave up 52 goals.
    The 2 teams underneath the DPL team scored 35 and gave up 34.

    There was no competition for that DPL team in APL at all. They took 3rd in DPL with just 1 loss.

    I think for many DPL is worthwhile. A higher level of play vs what you see in AZ.

    It is more costly for sure. So it depends on what a parent thinks is good/worthwhile for their kid. kid is not in DPL. But I do prefer that league over APL for the quality of play.

    A big part of the experience is exactly that, the experience. Traveling, hanging out with friends on the road, etc. My kid loves being on a travel team and has had great memories over the years.
  4. whatithink

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    I think highlighting an anomaly (04 RSL group) to "justify" DPL is a stretch. DPL is a club run league, it's not a US Soccer league, although it piggy backs on the GDA banner. Its a money spinner for the DA clubs to subsidize the DA programs or just put $ in their pockets, IMO.

    If you are on a DPL team in AZ, then best case you are on the 5th or 6th best team in the state - and you may not even be that high, e.g. 06s. You will also be paying more for you DDs soccer than the DA team, i.e. you are subsidizing the top team.

    So really it depends on what you want, i.e. if its college ball, then you need to move to one of the top 4 teams - if you can't get on them, then likely your kid isn't good enough; you might make it, but you'll pay a lot on the gamble.

    If you want top level soccer, travel & memories, then its better than you will get locally, although the "top level" is subjective; you won't be playing the top SoCal teams - their top players are on DA & ECNL teams too, they also prob have better teams/players playing in their local leagues because they don't need the expense to get competition. So "top level" is just better than AZ ...
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  5. Desert Hound

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    I am not so sure DPL is subsidizing DA. DPL costs (not counting travel) are not that much higher vs the other teams in RSL. I think a fairer assessment would be to say all the teams under DA at RSL and del Sol help to subsidize DA. RSL currently has a ton of teams and that income I am sure is used to help DA. It certainly is not subsidized solely by DPL.

    And you are right. In general a DPL team would be 5th or 6th best at that age group. The top 4 being DA/ECNL.

    But as you say and this is my point...the competition in DPL is better vs what you are seeing in the AZ leagues.

    Now as a parent/kid you have to make the call and determine what you want to do and where you want to play.
  6. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    Agreed, they are all subsidizing the top teams.

    "not counting travel" $$$$ for a hard core travel team going to SoCal for league games and showcases in TX or FL or …. wherever, (smh)
  7. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    That is interesting. Seems like if you make the team in the first year you are in for life. If not its a tough road to try to break in.
  8. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    So better hope your kid is an early developer (physical) too, because that's a huge advantage in getting on the teams early - apparently size/athletic trumps technique/IQ.
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  9. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    I don not agree that early developer (physical) necessarily gets you on the teams early on. But the girls that get onto a DA or ECNL team early definitely have the advantage over the girls that try to get in at U15 or U16, etc.
  10. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    Look at the Roster's - graduation dates = age profile. Its pretty obvious that the early birthdays (older kids / earlier developers) far outweigh the younger. By the time that balances out, the physical adv has been reinforced by the higher level training/competition etc

    Its a "known", not restricted to soccer - just life if you have a younger kid.
  11. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say in for life.

    But as the teams get older, the spots are much harder to come by.

    You have to be either noticeably better than someone on the team OR someone on the team gets injured or quits.
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  12. Soccermomcx2

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    So, I'm not saying if DPL is good or bad, but I am about to see my 2nd daughter graduate from high school, and both of my girls played in the Arizona soccer system for years. My younger daughter (the senior right now), was always on the top team for the club she played for. When the age change came around, she really struggled, as she is a December birthday, and she is pretty small. She's always been technically good, but so many coaches go for size (like many of you have noted above). She played with Sereno on their APL team for about 4 years. When her age group merged with the older age group, and right when DPL was formed, she was told that she was not good enough for the DPL team, and that she could play on their #3 team if she wanted to stay. This devastated her, but she decided to try out for a different team. She played with a very good APL team last year, and worked her way into a starting position by the time they got to state cup. In one game, the coach took her out and never put her back in. When she asked him why, he told her that "they needed size, not skill," and that "they needed someone who could run the defender over." Before this, she had no desire to leave this club, but because of that comment, she tried out for ECNL on a whim. It was her last go round, and she thought, why not? Well, apparently some coaches do favor skill over size, because she did make the team. My point here is, that while it is rare for kids to get onto the ECNL/DA teams once they're older, there is a chance, and what you need to do is find a club where your kid is getting good instruction, good feedback, and has a chance to develop. Whether that's DPL or APL, I don't think it really matters. Do your research on the club, the coach, the cost, and ultimately, try to find a team where your kid can have fun and grow. These years go by super fast, and there is an avenue to college in various programs. My youngest, who plays ECNL is going to a D3 school. My oldest, whose highest level of play was the #2 team for her club, is playing D1 soccer now. You just never know.

    Best of luck to you in your search!
  13. Chap Bartholomew

    Chap Bartholomew New Member

    agree with SoccerMom, every kid has to find the correct path. DPL, and ECNL2 if it makes it to Arizona, are not for everyone. They require lots of travel to California and however you approach it that it does cost money. I am not sure that they "subsidize" DA, but if anyone has proof of that - direct or circumstantial - I think everyone would be interested in that. My understanding is that the expenses are expressly limited to travel - and since the travel between DA and DPL rarely align, I am interested to see how DPL is subsidizing DA - since DPL is something we are considering in the future. The folks we know in DPL have received a list of travel costs the past couple of years.

    The State Leagues including APL are great and nothing says you can't be recruited out of it or HS soccer, but having played in SoCal previously we know at least a few kids that have signed with colleges directly out of DPL . Not so sure that's as common in Arizona HS or state-leagues.
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  14. FutbolFan

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    The RSL 2004s are an anomaly.

    RSL's 3 other DPL girls' teams (2003,2005 & 2006) are currently in 4th place in their respective APL groups.
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  15. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    So true! I have witnessed this as well.
  16. Tiki-Taka-Freak

    Tiki-Taka-Freak Active Member

    You are so right about that! It sucks because a player with smarts, technique, awareness, and skill could quit the sport all together because coaches might feel that the player lacks size, speed, and strength. Players that go through puberty at a later age are indeed at a disadvantage unfortuntely. The only remedy is to just not give up. Eventually the physical development will catch up to everyone else. Like Jurgen Klopp says, "Hang around like a bad smell" and eventually opportunities will come.
  17. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    SC Del Sol had their DPL teams playing in the President's Day Tournament this past weekend. That was a good opportunity to watch the DPL teams in case you are interesting in trying out for a DPL team. I saw a couple of games and was not impressed by any of the SC Del Sol DPL teams.

    07 SC Del Sol DPL team - last place in their bracket
    06 SC Del Sol DPL team - 3rd place in their bracket - not playing in the top flight
    05 SC Del Sol DPL team - last place in their bracket - not playing in the top flight
    04 SC Del Sol DPL team - last place in their bracket - not playing in the top flight
    03 SC Del Sol DPL team - last place in their bracket - not playing in the top flight
    02/01 SC Del Sol DPL team - 2nd place in their bracket - came in 4th place overall
  18. Chap Bartholomew

    Chap Bartholomew New Member

    you didn't watch enough - 04 DPL beat a Massachusetts state-champion ECNL team. I guess that means conclusively, once and for all, that DPL is better than ECNL. Sample-sizes be damned... lol
  19. Chap Bartholomew

    Chap Bartholomew New Member

    so, under your data above, I'd say quality of teams goes (1) Arizona state-league teams, (2) Arizona DPL teams, (3) ECNL/state-champs from the northeast.
  20. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Chap - the 04 DPL played in the 2nd flight and still came in last place in their bracket! I didn't watch the 04 team play so maybe I am missing something here.

    If your daughter plays on the 04 DPL, has your daughter had a chance to play up on the 04 DA team? That team is hurting for players and none of the DA players from the lower DA teams want to play for them.

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