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    Your are correct - my kid’s ECNL experience was invaluable to get her ready for D1 schedule. I have to give SERENO credit with their team travel and the schedule they set during weekend trips on the team bus for six plus hours as well as time management she learned is pretty close to her D1 schedule now, except for weeknight games .
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  2. LA Galaxy and The San Jose Earthquakes have folded their entire girls academies. Lot's of players and coaches looking for a place to play.
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    Director Kevin Hartman on Closing LA Galaxy Girls Program

    Southern California has always been recognized as a hotbed of elite youth soccer and it is always unfortunate when a youth soccer program closes but somehow the sadness is deeper when the announcement of a prestigious program shuts during the already uncertainty of the pandemic.

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    So the bulk of them formed their own league. 44 out of 60. Still a pretty formidable league. With all the other clubs going ECNL it appears to be a cut above ECRL as these are still top teams vs second teams, So ECNL>> GAL>>ECRL in that order for the next year.. then see what happens.
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    I'm not sure I agree in the SW region. ECRL will have the second teams from Surf, Blues, Slammers and the top teams from Beach & Legends. That makes it better than GA in my book. We also don't know until the respective seasons start what type of movement there will be in Socal. If the top players go to ECNL and push existing players into ECRL, then that makes ECRL stronger. If those players go to GA, then maybe its second, but even then its weakened because it lost its top teams (from GDA) and top players for the rest ...

    Other regions may differ, but who cares about them. So I see SW region as ECNL > ECRL > GAL > DPL.
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    I am not sure I would go that far. Those super clubs are going to crush everything in ECRL but you are talking about 2 teams (Beach and Legends) that played in the exact same league as the GA last year. That is the only change. The rest of the GA teams will be first teams from well respected clubs not second teams. You throw those teams out and ECRL=DPL second team vs second team. All the clubs you mentioned their second teams were DPL last year. But you are right about the movement. If the former DA players migrate to ECNL/ECRL it will tip the scale. Actually hearing good things about the organization of the DPL this year where they are doing full 18 game season with half the games being at home. The trips out of state will be bus and 4 players to a room so cost is not bad at all. Cost wise its like an APL team doing 4 out of state tournaments.
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    I don't see it that way. GDA (GAL) has lost 4 of 14 teams and 3 of the remainder will apparently play their top teams in ECRL. The remaining 7 clubs made up 7 of the bottom 8 spots in the GDA club (PPG) aggregate standings. I don't see that league being better than ECRL in the SW.
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    My understanding is Beach and Legends will have their top teams play in both GAL and ECRL.

    The rest of ECRL will be 2nd teams (maybe Pats does the same as Beach/Legends).

    Based on that I would have to assume GAL would be a tougher league in comparison to ECRL.
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    Schedule allowing, maybe they do play the same team in each, but the leagues will be playing the same weekends, maybe not even in the same city or state, so I don't see how that's always going to be possible. The leagues won't be coordinating either. So beach & legends and maybe pats will have to choose. I see ECRL winning if there's a shot at ECNL. I also see them wanting to have a consistent (& winning) team in ECRL (to show they are committed) versus GAL.

    ECRL also has Blues (who had 2 top teams this season), and the second team from the likes of Surf, Slammers etc vs what, Albion LV, OC Surf, Royals, LA Surf ... those 4, are the bottom clubs in GDA.

    Its all opinions, so we'll have to disagree I guess.
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    I would tend to agree with that. Certainly seems these and other clubs joining the ECRL are doing so with the hope of getting full ECNL.
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    PRFC West Valley just announced they will compete in the ECRL from U13-U15
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