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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Apr 10, 2020.

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    Great to see Northern California soccer parents having multiple club options in both the Earthquakes and Thorn. Good luck with your daughter wherever she is playing.
  2. SoccerDadAZ

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    Tophat will be playing in the Girls Academy League.
  3. Brother Maynard

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    You may have missed my point, By shutout I mean shutout by ECNL. Do you think Tophat chose the GA over ECNL?
  4. SoccerDadAZ

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    Tophat was one of the original clubs in forming the DPL and made sense that they transitioned their top teams into the Girls Academy League. They've had plenty of time to consider ECNL over the years prior to the DPL. They are the premier club in the Atlanta area and one of the premier clubs in the U.S. Their relationship with college coaches is very solid, regardless of league affiliation.
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    Collectively, the 65 college football programs in the Power 5 bring about $4 billion in revenue -- money that makes up nearly half of all athletic department budgets.
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  8. Stopthebs

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    Exactly my point! He pushes girls that he knew and trained when they were young and who come to his Soccer Resource training in the summer. He’s washed up and most current girls he didn’t help!
  9. Soccerfan

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    I don’t understand you point. How can any coach push for a kid he or she doesn’t know? When a coach calls for a player he or she is also placing his/her reputation online. I’m just sharing my personal experience with PT and grateful for his assistance for kids that wasn’t even on his team and made a difference in recruiting process.
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  10. Stopthebs

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    Player IS on his team, but didn’t coach said player when they were little only now as a older player. just stating my experience with him.
  11. Soccerfan

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    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are trying state on your post????
  12. luther perkins

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    A parent is stating that their player is a top D1 prospect, but the coach that has put many players in D1 programs and won a national championship saw very little talent.
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    A lot of parents state their player is a top D1 prospect. Many are wrong. It's been my experience that many (not all) parents have rose colored glasses when it comes to their own child. I have however met a few that are very realistic about their player.
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  14. Soccerfan

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    So, you are stating that PT is washed up from a conversation you had with a parent with a top D1 prospect and not from your personal experience??? This seems pathetic that you would post a statement by someone you talk to and not from your personal experience. I’ve personally seen PT coach for many years during our days with Sereno and have witnessed the effort he gives to his players. I might be biased since he has helped my kid and was the main reason we selected SERENO over SC Del Sol to play in the ECNL. Honestly, from your last statement, PT has really good credentials being the coach to win a National Championship - (Go 97 Sereno)and placing many players into D1 programs.
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  15. Sweeper

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    I think Luther Perkins is being sarcastic. It is StoptheBS that feels his player was slighted by PT.
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  16. Soccerfan

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    OR Something - wish he would learn to type - hard to understand some of his posts
  17. Soccer Dad

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    My daughter went and played for PT her last 2 years. She was a top player on her club team but was not outstanding on PT’s team. She had her moments but never showed her skills because she was afraid of making a mistake with so many players on the team with her same skill if not more in some cases... she’s stubborn blamed others but once she left she realized it was her, not the coach not the other players. She didn’t get the D1 schools she wanted and she’s lucky for that because she wasn’t ready. It took the smaller school to humble her and work her a** off to try to get to a D1 program. She may never get to a D1 program and honestly she probably won’t. PT would not have done my kid any favors by selling her D1 when she was clearly not ready for D1. Nothing looks better for a coach then placing as many kids as possible D1... if a coach is not pushing your kid to D1 schools it’s not the coach who doesn’t see the talent level it’s the parent.
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    Being ready for D1 is really key. I know countless young ladies that have gone to D1 schools, who end up quitting after a year or two. Most common reasons: Was not what I expected, Never got to play. Now many of these that I've met who stated "not what I expected", were so focused on the notion of D1 they never really saw the school, or program for what it really was. Women's soccer has the highest transfer rate for a reason. But then again many of these young ladies that I know have never played competitive travel soccer either. They did not practice 3-4 nights a week, have something most weekends, and travel all over the country to play games.

    As for not playing, it's hard when your a player who plays all the time and you are now someone who is sitting on the bench.

    Published Fact: only 2.2% of Female High School Players compete at NCAA D1 Schools
    Published Fact: 46:1 Odds of a US High School Female player of make an NCAA D1 Roster
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  19. Cali

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    If DA is is gone, DPL organization starts the Girls Academy League what happens to all the US Soccer Technical Advisors
    ? are they unemployed? Going tor each out to the local Sacramento, CA US Soccer TA, this very question
  20. Soccerfan

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    Agree with you 100%. My daughter did consider couple of D3 programs as well at very good Universities, which PT was happy to contact these coaches, because he felt it would be a good fit for her. She has teammates went to D3 programs which they are very happy with getting good playing time and awesome education. She also has teammates that earned All-State honors and went onto some prestigious Soccer programs that they hated and stop playing and gave up their scholarships and came home. I truly feel that the most important aspect in choosing a program is where your kid will be happy both on and off the field and get a great education. In reality, very few girls/women will be making a professional career from this sport. So, hopefully your daughter is happy with her selection.
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