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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. Sweeper

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  2. Sweeper

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    Anyone with insight?
  3. put me in coach

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    I just read about this in the socal blog. Should make for some great reading the next few days
  4. tjinaz

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    ehhh.. not so sure about this. Too much money involved. May be phased out but will likely continue for a couple of years. But then again the COVID crisis and change of leadership at US Soccer may decide it is better to do it now.. never say never. RSL and SCDS would likely immediately go to ECNL for both genders. This would completely boost Arsenal. They would instantly become the club of choice in the East Valley.

    Willing to bet they are simply cancelling the rest of the year though. Bloggers just not being clear on what "terminated" means and gathering the traffic.
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  5. Sweeper

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  6. tjinaz

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  7. azsoccermom

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    Some coaches at the in state ECNL clubs were told by ECNL they are building a model for a much larger Southwest division next season. Hmmmmm
  8. tjinaz

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    I wonder if SCDS and RSL top teams would simply be added to ECNL? Might have been negotiations going on for awhile if they were already modeling it.

    That really is the idea .. have the best teams play each other regularly in league play. Plus makes the travel better for everyone.
  9. Sweeper

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    I am sure ECNL would add some DA clubs like LA Galaxy, Beach and Surf for the Southwest conference. But will ECNL take all the DA clubs for the next year?

    Currently Boys ECNL has 13 clubs in the Southwest conference. Girls ECNL has 12 clubs in the Southwest conference.
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  10. tjinaz

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    Socal site already predicting this...

    "But how nice would it be to have two ECNL SW brackets, a South bracket with Phoenix, San Diego and Southern OC, and a North bracket with the South Bay, LA, SF Valley/Camarillo, IE and Las Vegas."
  11. azsoccermom

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    The number I was told is they are doing a model for 28 boys teams. No feedback was given beyond that.
  12. Sweeper

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    That sounds like all the DA clubs will join ECNL. At this point, I think only players on DPL teams need to be worried about finding a team for next year if their team did not have a APL or ASL spot.
  13. azsoccermom

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    I was told Barca in casa grande has already put in calls to ECNL. Who knows but it seems to make sense. People on cal south board are saying they were told by coaches it's a done deal
  14. Sweeper

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    From the SoCal forum:

    There is no way Arizona gets two more teams in ECNL. That would be 4 clubs with ECNL there. Too watered down, and why reward the two former ECNL clubs (Del Sol and Sereno (now Royals) for jumping ship to DA?

    Should be an interesting week or two...
  15. put me in coach

    put me in coach Active Member

    I agree .no way we have 4 ecnl clubs...if da truly absolves .. however...if you look at the stats and game reports from both ecnl clubs for the last season... Lots of room for improvement and potentially a few powerhouse teams at a few age groups if players came back together under one roof. .....time will tell. Should make for a fun week of rumors and what ifs...
  16. GKeeper

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    MLS teams are notifying their investors and board members that US Soccer is removing funding for DA. Press release this week. Word is they may start a small European model for just boys.

    ECNL clubs are looking to recruit hard as soon as this announcement hits. Look for PRFC and Arsenal to begin social media campaigns and reaching out to those top players in SC Del Sol and RSL immediately.
  17. Robert

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    Just curious but how did you come by this inside info?
  18. mbappe

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    There has been speculation since Thursday that US Soccer is getting rid of DA, and the covid situation ramped up the decision to give Clubs around the USA additional time to make arrangements. I believe GKeeper is spot on with his assessment.
  19. polly

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    I don't know if they are referring to boys or girls... but as an example in boys AZ at the 07 age group, plotted for the next year don't they have 3 DA (PRFC, SCDS, RSL) & 4 ECNL teams ?... that's 7 "premier" teams... that seems like over-saturation or would be a fine state league group? What grade are 07s? 6th - 7th grade.
  20. tjinaz

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    Right now I believe RSL, Arsenal, FC Tuscon, PRFC all have Boys ECNL. Only Arsenal and PRFC have girls ECNL. I think RSL would get ECNL for the girls in this scenario. They already have boys and have the teams and resources already in place. If this is true and DA does go down SCDS is in real trouble. If they are having financial troubles already.. this would be a dagger.

    Other rumor is the MLS teams would start their own Boys Elite league and Barca Academy would join that.

    This is a great rumor. Could be nothing .. could be massive change in youth soccer.

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