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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by singh, Oct 20, 2021.

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    Well look at it this way.. they now have openings. Although I heard it was the ECRL team not the ECNL. Those girls if they still want to play will find a team.
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    It’s the ECNL team that has all the open spots. Thus my previous comment about them having to rebuild. The team is pulling from 06 APL, 06 ECRL, and 07 APL to fill rosters for the next few games.
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    One thing I would recommend to those with a unicorn is to AVOID the EXACT Sports "Showcase" camp, now that they're advertising a camp here in November. We had the misfortunate of attending one of their camps in California during the summer, all the same promises about limiting attendance - but they "limited" it to such a number that they had 3 GKs per team, and so many field players that several played no more than a few minutes a game... and that was when they could keep organized enough to stay with the schedule.

    Their business-model is to sell as many "spots" as they can - which limits any real, meaningful time you might otherwise get with any of the coaches who attend in person. The vast majority don't. We knew some of this going in but it is much worse than you would expect. Save your money and hit the specific university/college camps that your dd is considering.
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    Thank you for putting this info out there. Is your DD a GK? My daughter is and one of the parents of her teammate actually recommended the camp to me as a good source for GK coaching due to the staff, stating that many college coaches are utilized. The parent is a college coach and I believe is involved with the company as well.

    Would be interested to hear from anyone with a GK that has been to one of these camps and what their experience was like.
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    Agree about the dilution at the team level. But as long as the teams are good enough to compete in the league they are playing in and enough college coaches are there to watch said teams, parents will continue to find the right fit for their player.

    It would be nice to see the state's best players all playing on a reduced number of teams and display the state's talent attaining excellent results vs. elite out-of-state tournaments. Logistics, politics, coaching/club philosophy, and limited starting spots available per team have more weight in the decision of a parent/player.

    As it stands, the talent pool in AZ continues to grow, even as the number of elite teams continues to grow as well. And more are getting noticed which is a great thing.
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    If you want your kid to develop and get better. Get them on an ECNL team.

    Go watch them play and then go watch APL. There is a rather large difference in talent.

    I know someone will say well sometimes an APL team will win. That may be the case it is soccer. Stick that same APL team in an ECNL division and watch them get smoked all season long. It isn't close.

    You get better by practicing with and playing better players.

    That said, for many the kids just like playing soccer and are not as serious. APL or ASL is fine in those circumstances.
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  8. Desert Hound

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    And here is the K State.

    Arsenal is inconsistent on when, where and how they post commits.

    Royals may be the best at updating commits and doing that on all platforms

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    100% agree. Sometimes teams play down to the level of the team they are playing and will lose to a low level team. Then the next day they play a top team and tie or even win.

    As for players, new ECNL players that come from a non-ECNL team or club usually struggle playing in ECNL. It can take them sometimes a whole half season to adjust to the speed of the game and talent, especially from Cali. I have experienced on my DDs teams multiple times.
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    I agree and I will add that the two Tucson teams in the 06g division. Fc Tucson black and rsl desrosiers are excellent. I do think they would be extremely competitive against any GA or ECNL in their age groups
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    I meant to post those commits above in the ECNL forum. Someone was asking.
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    She is a GK. Historically we've attended these types of camps because you can cover more schools within a single event. And most of the companies that sponsor them are more organized, and not as profit-driven. But very bad experience with EXACT - 3 GKs per team, and 5-10 minutes play for field-players (even in a shortened tournament approach to games) isn't appropriate. And when parents questioned it their sole response was 50 towards a future camp. Lots of options out there - choose wisely and avoid "bad" Business.
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