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Discussion in '2002' started by AZ Soccer, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Arizona Girls 01 results from last weekend.

    Arsenal 01- 3 Celtic 01- 4 BH 01-0 Celtic 01-3 Thunder-2 Celtic-6
    Arsenal 01- 0 Sparta 01-5 BH 01-2 Sparta 01-9 Thunder-0 Sparta-5
    Arsenal 01- 2 Wasatch-0 BH 01-3 Wasatch-1 Thunder-0 Wasatch-2

    Arizona did not represent very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Looks like Arsenal and Blackhawks miss all the players they lost to Sereno's ECNL 01 team.
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    I just realized I need to change my screen name....
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    Boys teams held their own- 1st weekend in UT
  7. Blackhawks 01's -2 Arsenal 01's -0

    Arsenal not the team it used to be, with all of the players it lost!

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