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    FYI - PR02/03 played Arsenal Composite with an 06 goalie that day. Starting Goalie was out of town.
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    I did. The 04 age group. The reason? Someone above highlighted how del Sol went undefeated and Royals at that age didn't.

    My DD isn't on either of those teams either.
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    Got it, fair enough.

    The DS 04s have certainly been in rebuild mode. Good for them for playing well.
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    When a college coach comes to a match in a showcase tournament, their agenda is not to see a team or their strength of schedule but a particular player to fill a need in their roster. They are certainly not analyzing a team's opponents, their W-L record, and place in the table. Only after they have evaluated a player in the match will they take into account the level of competition. They are not using W-L record or placement in the table as evidence of competitive strength.
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    I never argued against what you are saying right now.

    I will try again. My comments about the showcase were in response to someone pointing out a win loss record for 2 teams in a specific age group.


    My 2 Cents..... I think you have to take this whole year with a grain of salt and not compare it to anything. There are players who do not travel, their are players who opted out this year, etc.
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