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    FYI - PR02/03 played Arsenal Composite with an 06 goalie that day. Starting Goalie was out of town.
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    I did. The 04 age group. The reason? Someone above highlighted how del Sol went undefeated and Royals at that age didn't.

    My DD isn't on either of those teams either.
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    Got it, fair enough.

    The DS 04s have certainly been in rebuild mode. Good for them for playing well.
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    When a college coach comes to a match in a showcase tournament, their agenda is not to see a team or their strength of schedule but a particular player to fill a need in their roster. They are certainly not analyzing a team's opponents, their W-L record, and place in the table. Only after they have evaluated a player in the match will they take into account the level of competition. They are not using W-L record or placement in the table as evidence of competitive strength.
  5. Desert Hound

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    I never argued against what you are saying right now.

    I will try again. My comments about the showcase were in response to someone pointing out a win loss record for 2 teams in a specific age group.

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    My 2 Cents..... I think you have to take this whole year with a grain of salt and not compare it to anything. There are players who do not travel, their are players who opted out this year, etc.
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    ECRL is nothing more than a less competitive league for those who are either not big, strong, or good enough to make an ECNL team. While there are clearly monetary motives for creating such a league bracket and there is the market for doing so, I am thankful that the ECRL league provides opportunities for those who love to play the game of soccer but yearn to participate in more of a regionally based completion as opposed to the state league. And, for some of the ecrl teams, there is a quite a jump in the ability of players who play for the ECRL versus the APL (most of the time but not always).

    In order for the ECRL platform to truly to be perceived as a value, however, clubs need to invest the same degree of rigor in the training opportunities as being done for the ECNL. And, ECRL clubs need to find ways to recruit more talented State players which truly just creates a monopoly of talent and further deplete the state league.

    Otherwise, let’s not get too crazy about the value of ECRL. It is what it is. And while the process is far from perfect; coaches truly know how to identify and place while parents can decide whether or not they are willing to commit to financing the wonderfully world of youth soccer which truly is a privileged endeavor with many pros and cons.
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    Honestly I think this falls onto the clubs. This is DPL to GA as well. If they dedicate good coaches and treat the program as elite most of these things will take care of themselves.

    My Suggestions:
    1. Ensure the ECRL team regularly trains with the ECNL. ECRL Players need to be reminded of what top team looks like and be able to raise their game to that standard if they want to move up. ECNL players need to see that there are hungry players just below them that WILL take their spot if they don't play/train hard.
    2. Make sure the first players sent up when the ECNL team needs replacements come from the same birth year ECRL and NOT under age ECNL. ECRL is designed to be reserves for ECNL, the under agers have time the same birth year does not.
    3. Give them the same uniforms and gear as the ECNL team. Are they elite or just competitive?
    4. Give the ECRL players an honest chance to make the ECNL roster within their own club rather than just swapping players with other ECNL or GA clubs. They have quality on the second team but clubs seemingly would rather grab castoffs from other clubs rather than promote their own. If they never move anyone up why would players stay?
    5. Lastly play the ECRL/DPL teams in local tournaments against the top APL talent. If they are doing things right the quality will show and those state league players will want to join.

    Do those things and ECRL will take off.
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  9. calmdown

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    It would be more beneficial to those at ECRL/DPL level, for 2 of the 4 clubs to drop the program, and get a higher concentration of talent on the remaining 2 teams.
  10. Sweeper

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    This is based on my experience:

    1. The ECRL team has never practiced with the ECNL team. Doubt this will ever happen in the future.
    2. The ECNL teams always pull/borrow players from the younger ECNL team. I haven’t seen it happen where an ECRL player is pulled up to the ECNL team.
    3. At Phoenix Rising and Arizona Arsenal the ECNL and ECRL teams have the same uniform.
    4. Again, haven’t seen ECRL players make the ECNL roster within their own club. Coaches would rather grab talent from other clubs.
    5. I think some of the ECRL teams played APL teams last year and even lost to APL teams.
  11. tjinaz

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    Why would that happen? The clubs have some sharing agreement? Honestly I think only RSL and Rising have the depth to field good second teams at all age levels. SCDS and Arsenal could and likely will field decent teams at some age levels but others will not be even ASL1 level in quality
  12. tjinaz

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    This is what I am talking about. If the clubs simply took care of the ECRL/DPL teams they would have reserves and infusions of talent when their regulars get hurt or drop. Not treating the second teams well makes them fertile recruitment for other clubs. The ECRL/DPL teams are the most likely areas where cross club recruitment happens. Oh well talent will rise to the top but not in a straight line.
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    Your initial response to ‘soccer nomad’ was ways to make DPL more ‘elite’. I don’t disagree with your suggestions. However, IMV, AZ does not have 4 elite girls teams, nevermind 4 ‘elite’ teams on 2nd squads. Many of the top players on the top teams would be better served if 1 of the 4 dropped out, and then on the lower tier (ECRL/DPL) 2 dropped out. This would not benefit the Clubs, but it would benefit certain players on both tiers (ECNL/GA, ECRL/DPL).
    IMV the ECNL/GA tier is split into 3 groups. Those that could switch clubs at will, those at ECNL level, and those interchangeable with ECRL/DPL/APL/SL. The ECRL/DPL tier is similar - those capable of playing ECNL/GA, those at ECRL/DPL level, those interchangeable with APL/SL level. The question you need to ask is, is US pay to play soccer trying to please everybody, or should it be attempting to funnel and produce the best. If the latter, IMV, AZ girls soccer has way too much talent dilution across its top teams ...and second teams.
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    I agree with your thoughts. And for next season/year, travel will be back to normal. AZ should only have 3 elite teams at each age group to have competitive teams. Playing on a ECRL/DPL team is a waste of money unless you have have an endless amount of money to throw away and you enjoy traveling multiple times out of state.
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  15. tjinaz

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    I don't know that it is a issue with number of players as clubs. I think Phoenix metro has the population to support 4 Elite and 4 second but in a pay to play environment not all the players have access to top leagues. If ECNL/MLS/GA had relegation this would solve itself. The clubs that were not capable of fielding a competitive team at that age level would relegate to the league below under the same umbrella league. Clubs would never agree but if the goal is to create the largest number of competitve teams that would do it. It will never happen though. Once the club is awarded the membership in the league they will never let it go and never accept relegation.

    I think ECRL/DPL has its place especially for older players. As players get older and more drop or pick other sports the quality of what is left gets more sporatic. If you are lucky enough to be on one of the top APL teams from a smaller club where no one leaves you are good but if you are a good player not in one of those areas it can be frustrating. How do you get good enough to get on a top team when they have top coaches and quality players to practice against and you don't? Its a zero sum game, they have a full roster so you have to bump someone to make the team. There has to be a bridge. DPL/ECRL gets you elite level coaching and other players trying hard to make the jump. Honestly getting on one of those top APL teams with rosters that have been together for 4 or 5 years is almost as hard as Elite due to chemistry concerns from the coaches and them possibly having to bump a very familiar player and loyal family.
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    Good competition is very limited supply in Arizona, playing ECRL allows you to play a level of competition that just may motivate, provide opportunities to play at the ECNL level. Not a waste of time if the player is motivated, if your player is not motived, that fine. Fyi, 70% of all players in the Final Four (D1) were ECNL Alum players. I personally have one kiddo who starter in DII who is a ECNL Alumni and another going to be a Freshman, who is also ECNL Alumni. Look, this level of play and exposure is not for everyone and that's ok, if you are just looking for wins, then APL, STATE and Open League will fit your wallet too, and that's fine too. You can find your favorite coach, find your favorite club, but ECRL / ECNL is completion that is a league of its own.
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    I have a kid on an ECNL team (also played DA) so I understand the level of play and exposure. In my opinion the level of play for ECRL is not there. ECRL teams do not participate in the ECNL college showcases. The ECRL teams will be traveling to CA and NV to play teams comparable to APL and state league teams. Instead of playing ECRL, save your money for college tuition or invest in a private trainer to make an ECNL team.
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