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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by LatinFC, Jul 30, 2021.

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    Was just wondering if ECNL is worth the price they charge. Was talking to a parent whose 07 son plays for a APL team. He was telling me it's not worth it and it's a money grab. I heard from a couple people that the ECNL teams would finish in the bottom of the APL standings, for 07s. I find this hard to believe. I thought I heard Rising 07s were a decent team, but they said they don't have one kid that can score against good competition and just have a solid defense. I've seen alot of people on here that seem to be in the know for all this. Is ECNL just a money grab and no better than state and APL teams?
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    The cost is considerably more than playing local league because of the travel to CA but then you are playing some of the best teams from SoCal. So yes, if your kid wants to play stronger competition, it is worth it.
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  3. singh

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    Plus if a kid has potential to play in college, the scouts are at ECNL and MLS next tournaments, not presidents cup——or at least many more are at the former
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    I can tell you that ECNL is a lot harder vs APL.

    We usually get stuck once a year playing in our club tournament and have to play APL teams. We end up playing a year up and still smoke those teams. Nobody wants to play vs the APL teams in the tournaments because it is boring. We get stuck doing it because it is a club tournament.

    When I go watch a game here and there (APL) there is a noticeable difference vs ECNL.
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    Don't believe what is written here. Go look at the tournament schedules for the last year. Look at top bracket for boys 07 and see how the ECNL or MLS did against APL. It becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly. Also look at Youth Soccer Rankings. Granted there are a couple of teams that can compete but by and large the ECNL/MLS/EA teams are a level above APL.
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    If your kid wants to play in college, ECNL will give them the exposure and competition they need to play at the next level. The ECNL showcases have lots of college coaches attending. But remember that there are rarely full rides for soccer (with a few exceptions). If you need a full ride it needs to be a combination of athletic and academic scholarships and/or playing at a college in a lesser know area (i.e. rural TN, ND). You will also see wealthier families playing ECNL to get their kids in more selective colleges (i.e. SMU) but not necessarily to play college soccer.

    APL has kids that play college soccer too but not the same number as ECNL teams. Playing APL is probably half the cost of playing for an ECNL. All depends what your end goal is. In the meantime, let your kid have fun and keep their love of the game. And save any extra money you have in their 529 college fund o_O
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    My son plays on 07 prfc ecnl. I can tell you that they would definitely not finish in the bottom of APL. The fact that that person said they don't have one good kid that can score against good competition is laughable. I might be a little bias, but I think they have one of the best goal scorers in the state at that age group. As far as being worth it....I would say yes. I wouldn't say it's a money grab, but it's definitely not cheap with all the travel.
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    I'm familiar with the Rising 07 ECNL team and they have several kids up front that can definitely score. I can attest that the one mentioned above it one of the best finishers in the state (could have played MLS but liked ECNL competition & coaching better). They had a few of their best players injured for stretches last season so perhaps that might explain them being lethargic for goals in a few games. They have a couple new players up front for the upcoming season that should improve them further.
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  9. Aspen1369

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    When ECNL teams play tournaments and games vs APL teams they are providing playing time to players who are typically not their starters. The focus of ECNL teams are on winning ECNL league games.

    There is no APL bracket where the quality is anywhere near what AZ ECNL teams face in california. San Diego Surf ECNL would play with an APL team from Arizona the same way a cat would play with a mouse.

    Yes ECNL is worth it. Steel sharpens steel
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    Agree ECNL/MLS is worth it and the SoCal ECNL/MLS teams will make the AZ teams better. However, I don't agree that ECNL teams give their non-starters more time when going up against APL/ASL teams in games. I'm most familiar with 2008 boys and know the three ECNL 2008 teams from last year well, they always brought their A-game and starters. Arsenal ECNL 08 boys finished 4th in APL last year behind Rising Meadows, CCV, and Excel and they definitely played their best squad. Maybe it's different at other age groups but I doubt it.
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  11. Aspen1369

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    08 Arsenal is one team. A team who had key injuries last season.

    Speaking on the ECNL league as a whole, teams do not put the same emphasis on winning non ECNL games. Kids generally play up or down to their competition. The quality that ECNL teams bring is at a higher level when playing other ECNL teams . This is similar to when a premier league team plays the MLS all star team. The premier league team will not be as mentally and physically prepared as they would be if playing a premier league match.
  12. Funyuns

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    But in all honesty, last year 08 ECNL teams are not a true gauge. Most of those teams were automatically promoted from their clubs due to lack of tryouts because of Covid.
    For example, the new 08 Rising ECNL team is much different than last years. I believe only 6-7 players were kept and upgraded rest of the roster. They look like more like a true ECNL level team now. As good as some of the 08 APL teams might be, I don’t think they are on the same level.
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  15. AZsoccefan

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    Thanks. 2008 APL is going to be dogfight. I think 6 of the 7 teams have a good chance to win including the El Paso team that is pretty good. I saw them play last year.

    LATE UPDATE: Predictions posted -

    Speaking of, I thought the out of state teams were to be NM, UT, & NV. Don't recall the ASA press release saying anything about West Texas competing in APL.
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