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    That is the reality. If a kid for years gets the best coaches, practices and plays against the best players, they all things being equal should be better vs a kid who starts off with the same skill set but plays/practices with lesser skilled players and has lesser coaches.

    And because of all of that you are correct again. After a period of time, it does make it harder for a kid to move up.
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    I have to say it all depends. So many other variables come into play. You can’t underestimate the will/drive of a player to continually improve themselves on their own or through private lessons. Being on a top team might not work out for players not in a starting role and sitting on the bench. That can have a major effect on a player’s confidence level. A player who has a major role on a lower level team may develop much faster than a top team player on the bench. One can only look at Christian Pulisic in his youth club years prior to moving to Europe. He declined an offer to join a major DA club and instead played for a smaller club with the thinking that he will be the main guy for that team and have more time on the ball. That’s not to say he couldn’t have been as successful at the larger, more successful DA club but sometimes it’s better for some to be the big fish in the little pond to achieve their full potential.
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    For those in the know,

    I was checking DPL schedules and results,
    what going on with SC del Sols u15 team? they have a -76 goal differential...just curious
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    del Sol is thin with GA and especially DPL.

    GA is rather weak this year and del Sol isn't doing great overall.

    Take a look at the younger years of GA/DPL. Not very good.

    What is going to happen more over the coming year is this.

    ECNL in the SW has the best clubs/competition. This is a known. As such for parents looking to place their kids into ECNL or GA will go with the perceived top league first (that means RSL, Rising, Arsenal) and GA second (del Sol).

    Over time the club will be weaker on the girls side.

    With MLS Next on the boys side they will do just fine since that seems to be a stronger option vs boys ECNL.
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    Unless DelSol get ECNL next year. It makes more sense to play 2 games when you come into town than 1, and with 3 teams, that means 1 game weekends for the SoCal clubs. That's not going to be popular with those clubs.

    DelSol are also the top ranked girls club in AZ per soccerwire, and while their U15 DPL team seems v weak, their U15 GA team had 5 players called up to the YNT. Did any other club have any call ups?

    I also get the impression from the social media posts from the clubs, that DelSol seem to place their kids in better colleges than the rest, with as much if not more numbers.

    So if they get ECNL next season, then they are fine IMO, esp. as all of the other clubs are now basing themselves in the E/SE valley, leaving DelSol with a large catchment area. If they do not, then yeah, could be a slow bleed out on the girls side.
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    In the past they have placed their kids in better colleges vs other clubs. And to be honest it wasn't close. They did a far better job because they had the players.

    Remember however for the longest time it was only del Sol and Sereno offering the highest platform in town. And between the 2, del Sol was much more aggressive vs Sereno and as such got the best players in the Valley. So... kids from their programs were much more highly recruited vs other clubs. So that is their history.

    Now going forward if they are not getting the top players in the Valley (girls side), they won't be placing more in top programs vs other clubs.

    For instance if you look at Royals this year, they have made dramatic improvements (vs just 2 yrs ago) of where they are placing their players. You are starting to see an improvement in placements from Rising and Arsenal as well.

    So if they (del Sol) do not get ECNL, they will have issues over the next few years. If they do get it, they will be fine, just not the top dog in the Valley anymore.

    And remember...watch the younger years. The youngest year at del Sol is terribly weak in GA, and they didn't have enough kids to do a DPL at the same age group.

    And right now clubs are recruiting for the next incoming year. If your kid is very good, most likely you are looking at one of the ECNL clubs first, and if those don't work out then del Sol. Parents are asking themselves, do I want my kid to play in the top division in the SW or go with the 2nd option (del Sol)?

    We know where most will choose to go.
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    So how does that process work? If the club wants to go to EC NL, and they apply for it, what are the odds of somebody getting excepted into that? Is it a given if you apply that you’re in or is there some type of criterion that they consider before except your club. Why haven’t premier or AZSC for example been successful in getting into these high leagues?
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    Clubs need to apply to get ECNL with showing their financials, win/loss records, etc. Existing ECNL clubs also have input on new clubs for the conference. For years when it was only Del Sol and Sereno in ECNL, Arsenal and Scottsdale Blackhawks (now Rising) applied for ECNL and never got in. Once Del Sol and Sereno/RSL went to DA, Arsenal and Blackhawks/Rising finally got ECNL.

    Del Sol will not be getting ECNL on the girls side. The coaches burned that bridge.
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    Sweeper kind of outlined it above.

    In terms of Premier and AZSC? For starters they don't have much of a track record that would constitute a good reason to let them in. They are also smaller clubs, and that also makes a difference.

    Right now with 3 clubs on the girls side in ECNL in the Valley, there is little chance that ECNL adds another any time soon.

    Royals got in based on the fact that they are easily the largest club in the state. And apparently they didn't burn any bridges when they left ECNL for DA a few years ago.
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    Thanks for the insight guys
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    If your kid is a top player, you will look first at the club, its coaches and their track record, their current rosters at the same time and then its league affiliations. Parents should ask themselves, what is the right club, team, and coach that will help achieve my child's goals. A top player, as a starter or having a lot of playing time, will be seen and promoted in both ECNL and GA matches and events. A player with aspirations to play college soccer but not seeing much playing time and riding the bench, will be more concerned about which team and club can provide the most exposure to coaches and scouts of interest.

    Younger players, before they reach high school age, should focus on getting the best training possible to be the best player they can be. Platforms don't have as much influence as the training for a player's development.
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