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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by tjinaz, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. tjinaz

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    New thread for DPL updates and news.
  2. tjinaz

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    Seeing Phoenix Premier's 07G APL team beat SCDS 07G DPL team 5-0.

    Also seeing RSL-AZ DPL team going head to head with Strikers ECNL 07G tied one game lost the second 1-0.

    DPL seems all over the place.
  3. Digital5

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    You got that right. Seems like RSL has the most depth - being so much bigger. Their step down isn't as severe as SCDS. This past weekend, SCDS 06 GA beat the SCDS 04 DPL team 6-1 (maybe more than 6 goals). And the game didn't appear to be even that close.
  4. tjinaz

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    DPL seems to have the motto of "the best team no one wants to be on" Folks willing to pay for GA/ECNL and if they don't then APL. DPL seems to be a niche all to itself, as expensive as GA but not nearly as good and only incrementally better than APL.

    Is ECRL the same on that side? A tough sell to those that didn't make ECNL?
  5. Digital5

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    In theory, I guess, both versions (ECRL/DPL) are supposed to expand player pool. That doesn't work when parents get their feelings hurt that their child isn't selected for the top team and then leave the club for another club. It's a vicious cycle and completely undermines the intent. It doesn't help that pricing is similar, haven't figured that one out yet. They should lower the price.

    I've seen the patient and realistic parents stick it out and eventually have their player on the "top" team, after a few seasons have gone by. Growth spurts, hard work, good coaching, etc do help with development. Players can be different at U13 vs U14 vs U15, even later. Things happen during these ages. Parents just don't have patience

    I don't know how ECNL anticipates integrating ECNLR but the intent of DPL was to supplement DA teams. Sounds great in theory, especially when injuries etc start to impact rosters. Would be nice to pluck a DPL player and have them play. In reality, this rarely happened. Players from the younger teams would fill in for olders. Great opportunity for the younger player but taking an opportunity away from an older DPL player that may have been able to fill the role.

    At the end of the day, I blame parents ;)
  6. Give&go

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    That RSL 07 DPL team struggled to beat two SL 1 teams, 2-1 over sand sharks and 1-0 over Iler. Del Sol DPL I’m not surprised at all.

    I think you’d find that there are many teams in that 07G age group that are pretty even and can beat the other on any given day, that includes the DPL teams. From DPL, APL to some of the SL1, minimal difference.

    To be blunt, that 07 Striker ECNL just isn’t very good. Not at least compared to the talent in the SW ECNL division last year having watched them multiple times. They didn’t blow away any of the teams at the cactus kickoff.
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  7. Give&go

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    Is this about expanding the player pool? Or is it just a marketing tool, I haven’t quite figured that out yet.
  8. Driveandpay

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    SCDS 04 DPL was missing a key player due to injury. They have beat that 06 team in the past.
  9. tjinaz

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    I think you are right. 07G is crazy a lot of good players spread across teams. I do also concur about the DA pulling players from younger DA teams instead of brining in player from same year DPL. If I was a DPL parent and saw that I would be pissed. They sell that as a "part time" player or as was said a "supplement" to the top team. They crush that idea when they bring in youngers, its just a bad practice.
  10. Digital5

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    I don't know who was missing and I hope she is healing quickly. The last friendly the 04 DPL won 2 1, with the 06 team clearly in control for the duration of the game and with many more shots on goal and more possession. Soccer is a game of opportunity and mishaps, with the best team on the field sometimes not getting the win - happens plenty. It's also the first time the 06 GA team had lost a friendly to an older DPL team. They beat the FC Tucson 04 team the week previous just as soundly.

    I don't think 1 player would have made a difference this past weekend. It really doesn't matter, I was merely trying to demonstrate the drop off in play from the GA teams to the DPL teams.

    The fact that a team 2 years younger can dominate a game completely, in all aspects of soccer, across the length of the field, says good things about a club's first team. It also indicates that a club doesn't have good depth across some age groups. I think RSL is a deeper club, SCDS has better 1st team talent across most age groups but is not nearly as deep.
  11. Digital5

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    Great question, I'd say both. I still think it comes down to proud parents.

    I've seen both sides. Parents who were offended their player was not selected leave the club for greener pastures but find the pastures are kinda brown but at least their player is on the top team.

    On the flip side, parents who were patient, believed in the system (or were conned to believe in the system?) have moved from the DPL team to the top team, and are playing impactful minutes on a good team. Sometimes a player isn't ready the first time around, or even the second time around. With that said, there are plenty of DPL players who have gone on to play in college.

    Parents drive the train.
  12. Digital5

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    In reality (and this is based on DA parameters), it was rare that the youngest team was poached heavily for players to play up. The youngest teams had to have players that were capable of playing up. Most clubs have a few players in that first year age group identified that will play up, either for injury reasons or for development. The majority of "playing up" was done within the oldest 3 age groups.

    I would say that this year's crop of 07s, especially Rising, Royals, and SCDS are very good. Of course, injuries are always the unknowns and all bets are off when that happens. Hopefully they leave the youngers alone and let them play.
  13. Cityzen

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  14. Desert Hound

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    It is about player pool and marketing.

    Every age group and team/club is different in terms of talent on DPL/ECRL and how they promote, etc.

    I know one age group for instance where over the last few seasons they have had 6 players move up to the highest level teams. Granted in this case 1 out of the 6 moved up to DA in the same club, the other 5 moved clubs and now play at Rising/Arsenal ECNL.
  15. Digital5

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    The player pool for a club will never be consistent or meet intent because of player movement between clubs. Players and parents want to play on the top team, even if they aren't ready to play on the top team. They'll hop around until they find a top team to play on.
  16. Desert Hound

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    I think in many cases what happens is their club doesn't have space or the need to add more to their current team at whatever age group the kid is in. And another club might for a variety of reasons.
  17. Digital5

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    I'm sure that also has a large role in player movement, especially if kids are being recruited to come over from a competitor. I guess you could say the writing is on the wall for the kids and parents who say outside players recruited and playing.
  18. tjinaz

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    Very true .. and this goes for ODP and tryouts as well. From what I have seen 90% of making a team is reliant on the team you came from. If you make a top team you can bounce around for a couple of years simply based on your pedigree and what teams you have been on. Coaches get lazy and give players from top teams the benefit of the doubt over those trying to move up from lower teams.
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  19. Yeah, but that's life. If a prospective employee has Columbia University as their alma mater vs a candidate with (no disrespect) GCU, I 'm calling the person from Columbia first. I also think, for the most part, the coaches get it right. There are definitely exceptions and players can get missed, but the majority of the decisions make sense, at least from what I've seen.
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  20. tjinaz

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    I see your point. To an extent that is true. I guess it can go both ways. At ODP it seemed like if you were APL or higher they put you on different fields and gave a closer look, what they did there still mattered but.. there was a definite segmentation and a leg up for those in higher leagues. Not that they didn't still promote players from lower fields based on their play but it was an advantage. I guess that is the smart play with so many and a short time period. As far as teams/tryouts go.. I have seen coaches take players sight unseen this year based on where they played last year. We had several teams pick up players this year due to Covid and no tryouts and the other players are wondering how they got this far as their skills/fitness were not very good. I wonder if the coaches on these top teams realize the impact of their choices. Player gets on a top team and they are set for a couple of years.. they play with better players, better coaches etc. They don't make it and its much much harder to move up. .

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