DA is a bit of a joke.

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    I think another aspect of the HS experience is playing for FUN.. for the love of the game and with your friends. Soccer gets so serious in the higher leagues I think being able to recharge and not worry about your ranking or placement gives them a break and lets them recharge.
  2. 8 players came over from the DA. Only 4 played in the Arsenal game. All of the girls coming over will be playing for the 04s next year.
  3. That’s a winner. My DD played MS soccer and I enjoyed it even more than she did. Fun, representing the school, name over the PA, etc - it is a break from the intensity of club.
  4. Depends on the kid too. Mine started MS soccer and quit after a couple weeks because while it was "fun" and "low pressure" at first, it quickly became boring and frustrating. Mine also could care less about the cute posters on the locker, the PA announcements or representing the school. I'm sure the school and the experience has something to do with that too, but it just goes to show that everybody has their own unique experience.


    One helped out the 03 team against Arsenal. (Which from what I know has 3 former DA players already)
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    What happened to the the existing 04 ECNL players now that the Del Sol girls went over to Rising? Did some/most of the existing ECNL players get bumped down to the Rising 2nd team?
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    You have one that is del Sol da. 3 went RSL DPL. One was moved to 03 rising ECNL.

    That leaves 1 or 2 (I believe) who I don't know where they went
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    3 RSL DPL
    1 03 Rising Ecnl
    1 SC Del Sol DA
    1 RSL APL south team
    1 quit soccer completely
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    In past years, Sereno and Del Sol were the two major clubs in the valley. If a group of girls went to the other rival club, the girls that were bumped from the team would go to the opposing club. It was always a swap of players.

    Now with more options, that isn't happening anymore. Rising obviously got the better talent from Del Sol but instead of the bumped Rising girls going to Del Sol the majority went to RSL.
  10. Not sure why she even bothered if none of that stuff mattered.

    Everyone knows going in what it’s about. If you’re expecting club-level play in MS ball then you’ve been lied to or are complete clueless. You play MS ball to represent your MS. The club players carry the team and help the non-club players.

    I wonder what your kid was looking for.
  11. Like I said, started as something fun and low pressure. Plus playing with school friends. First time doing it and wasn't what she expected.

    Nobody was expecting "club-level" play, which in and of itself varies drastically, but it just wasn't a fun experience and she got bored and frustrated. Pretty simple.

    Every kid is different. Maybe other kids can "turn it off", while others can't. The larger point is that every experience is a bit different and I was simply commenting on that experience.
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    Riddle me this batman..... If the DA is supposed to be the best, have the best training, ect, why do some of SCDS top players (national pool players, etc) continue to train with non SCDS coaches. What message is this sending?
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    I dont know if that really says anything about SCDS. I always thought it was better to get extra training outside the club.
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    All players, DA or not, who wish to excel at their sport, should continue to learn and develop beyond his or her club's training sessions. One club doesn't have a monopoly on great coaches.
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    The above. You find that at any club anywhere the best players are getting outside training. SCDS, RSL, Surf, Blues, etc.
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    True, club training isn't enough, BUT be aware of overtraining as well. It could have a negative impact come game time. Recovery time is just as important. There is a balancing act one has to follow with a little bit of common sense mixed in. I never could understand the mindset of some coaches working their players extremely hard the day before a tournament. Sore legs and joints will hinder their performance. A tournament is a grind as it is, so having players fresh and not sore is ideal.
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    Totally agree and have seen it a lot, injury rates are high with too many tough days
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    Hey Youtube guy. Someone asked you previously "Are you saying that your son was offered a spot on both RSL and SCDS DA teams? or was it just an invite to tryout because he was scouted at some point? If your son is talented enough and selected to be on one of those DA teams, why not let him develop with kids of similar talent and drive? "
    I would like to hear what you have to say. I know you say it's the "politics". I see you've been in club ball at least 5 years, so I know you've dealt with club politics over that time. Would you expect any different from DA except that it's on a different platform?
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    Does anyone know which division (LA or SD) the SCDS boys DA teams will be in?
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    Les Armstrong's u18/19 DA team just lost all three playoff games in Group D. It makes Paul Taylor look better and better every year.
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