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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Youtube guy, Mar 30, 2019.

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    First off let me start by saying my son was invited to both RSL and Del Sol DA and both were turned down. Only for the fact that I saw several kids getting offers who never attended not one tryout. Yes, politics once again plays a role in DA. RSL is swooping up “tall & big” “athletes” while Del sol is getting leftovers. My son showed little to no excitement about the possibility of playing for either of these teams. I went to several tryouts to watch and saw very talented players not even getting noticed. I saw one player in particular being ignored, who happens to start on an apl team and is ODP. Not one of those DA coaches bothered to take a look at him for two tryouts until it was pointed out that he was a player. Boom! Kid gets an offer and they didn’t even know he exsisted until someone pointed him out. I watched a top 06 player tryout for RSL and told he’s not good enough only to go to Del Sol and get an offer within 30 minutes once they found out his parents were wealthy. I scratch my head. Parents need to really think how this helps develop their kid or is it bragging rights for the parent themselves. At 11,12,13 years old, this is really not that important, sorry to burst some bubbles. A good half of these kids won’t be the same player in 3 years as they are today. But, I guess it is nice to walk around and puff up your chest only to say your kid is a DA player. By the way, how did some of these kids get to such a high level prior to DA? Oh that’s right. Their club coaches developed them. We are quick to forget about that because DA is oh so prestigious. It’s annoying to hear a parent say they are moving on to bigger and better things, DA, and not acknowledging how their player got to that level. When certain types of parents hear “free” “DA” “traveling team” they lose their minds. I’m entertained to say the least and to say my son will stick with his club coach who has developed and guided not only my son but his team since he was 5 years old.
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  2. Sweeper

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    The DA clubs scout players at ODP and tournaments. Many of the offers for next year are for players that never went to a DA tryout but they were scouted by the DA coaches.
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    What you describe is not unique to DA, it is tryouts in general. That is they way they (tryouts) are all pretty much run. The clubs have a very good idea as to who they want before they even start.

    And as Sweeper points out, the DA clubs (and ECNL clubs) have scouted all year long. So yes there are kids who will get an offer and not have to show up to a tryout. Those clubs watched the kids play in a game or games.

    And for quality of play the DA and ECNL are where most of the better boys players will be playing.

    If you turned down a spot simply because some of the kids offered a spot didn't have to tryout, I am not sure that is a good decision. If you turned it down because your kid loves his current team that is legit.
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    Are you saying that your son was offered a spot on both RSL and SCDS DA teams? or was it just an invite to tryout because he was scouted at some point? If your son is talented enough and selected to be on one of those DA teams, why not let him develop with kids of similar talent and drive? Your club coaches did develop him, but will he develop and evolve if he is playing with lesser talent around him on a daily basis? And what's so bad about being a proud parent when your child accomplishes something. If my son was chosen for the DA team, I would post it all over social media so his grandparents, other relatives, and friends could all share this moment. Like you said, who knows where our kids will be 3 years from now. So let them enjoy this moment.

    Here is a quote from US Soccer DA:
    "The Academy firmly believes that the traditional open tryout is a highly flawed and ineffective model for player identification and evaluation. The expectation is that Academy clubs move to using a more systematic scouting model to identify and recruit new talents and invite these players to trial for an extended period with the current player pool. "
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    The best thing your club coach can do for your son's development is to tell you to accept a spot on the DA team. Your club team might have a few very talented players that your son practices with. But on that DA team, he will be practicing with the most talented kids from all of AZ on a daily basis. But if he doesn't want to do that, that's OK too. Not all kids want to be so serious about soccer. Some kids just want to play and have fun with their friends. My older son was like that. He was perfectly happy playing middle school ball with his friends.
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  6. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Yup, politics will do that. That stuff is so prevalent in club soccer no matter the alphabets attached to a league whether it is POSL, SL, APL, ECNL, DA etc. I have seen very talented players in POSL and players that play in ECNL that can't play with both feet. I agree with so much of what you had to say.
  7. Tallpines

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    My kid was in the same situation 7 years ago. She was one of the better players on a team and she was recruited by several different clubs to move over. She loved her teammates but at the same time was frustrated because many of them were not at the same level. When she showed up to tryouts and practices before she moved she didn't stand out as much as she did on her current team . This is due to the fact that there were far more players playing at a high level. Yes she had good coach's at the other club that helped her develop her skills, but this is what all "younger" coach's should be doing. To be able to get better in sports you need to push yourself and that means practicing day in and day out with better players and then playing a high level of competition. Better players can handle more complex drills with a much faster speed of play. Once my she moved I remember when new players were added to our team, it sometimes took months for them to acclimate to the new normal, higher level and faster speed of play. Some of them would acclimate and some washed out. Then you add playing high level competition almost every game it's a no brainier for development. Yes there is BS at every club and SCDS, RSL, Rising, Arsenal all have issues, and i can't wait to be done with all the BS. But if you want a player to develop they need to practice and play at the highest level where maybe they aren't the best player.
    I agree with tigres as well. A stand up lower level coach should encourage their players to move on when a kid has outgrown a team. I have seen it happen once that i know of, but this generally does not happen in the world of club sports with all the egos and $'s involved unfortunately.
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    DA is not a bad thing. However, soccer constantly changes and it will change again. The issue is, does the DA hurt the smaller clubs? I think it does because when a player leaves a club for DA there's no recognition to that club who may have developed that player for many years before going to DA.
  9. Tallpines

    Tallpines Active Member

    Agree these bigger clubs should give credit
  10. Desert Hound

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    DA or no DA, smaller clubs always have a tough time retaining their better players past a certain age. They are not deep enough to consistently field strong teams. Yes here and there you will find a really good team from a smaller club. However we all know at a certain point players want to go some place where they can play with other good players.

    So DA or not, small clubs will always have the same issue in terms of retaining certain players.

    The clubs who pick up players are never going to say hey this person was developed over there. The parents that pay attention to the various clubs however do know where the movement of players comes from.
  11. Soccer Dad

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    Phoenix Rising had a player recently commit and they gave acknowledgement to Sereno for her early development.
  12. Say what

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    The whole system is a disaster. Coaches are unable to pick out good players. Politics and favoritism is insane. This weekend I watched players in the midfield of a team unable to complete 1 pass in two games. That was every midfielder on the team and they were never subbed out. I watched a player who defected from DA to ECNL midseason who was no better than other players of the same position. Some of her new teammates tried out for DA and weren't invited for a second tryout and they were just as good. I saw a player that the coach uses as a striker (slowest player on the team- this team rarely scores) and then put her in at outside back (continuously blown by and caught out of position) and played the entire game while much better players sat the bench. When players get to high school every player knows who the best players are. It is funny that players disagree with who coaches are playing but keep their mouths shut. You see some of these teams play the same lineups over and over again to the same results. It is truly insane. I was actually very unimpressed with the level of play that I saw at ECNL. It was slow, lacked quality passing and zero creativity. But was shocked with how many college coaches were there viewing the games. I think there are many decent players that are kept out of the system due to coaches inability to see talent. I came upon a player that has always been a third team player who finally moved to second team this year and is better than most of the second and top team players but has never been given a chance. DA works for the players who are the best. There are many players on DA who aren't the best. It will be interesting to see if the best players at the start of DA are the best in the end and if there are players that are actually developed in the system and end up the better players. I think the constant travel and practice takes a toll on the kids even the best and the ones who truly love the game. I do think like someone said that parents like to say that their kids are on DA. They are usually the ones who are complaining about it the most but continue to play. It is quite clear that ECNL is still a very big gateway to college soccer. We will see when tryouts roll around how many players leave DA and are given automatic spots at the ECNL clubs knocking other kids to the side. Coaches want the players who are considered the best and really don't want to develop players. That's why coaches play the same lineups year after year to the same results. The players and the sidelines can see the problem but why can't these "professional" coaches see it.
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  13. Tallpines

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    So you were watching ECNL this week end? I agree a saw a lot of bad soccer, some OK soccer and no good soccer. And yes there were a lot of coach's out their. I think what you are seeing is that dilution isn't allowing either league to thrive, at least in AZ. Based on what i've seen it's the same in CA. AZ has at most if all the best kids went to these higher level leagues, enough talent for 2 top teams in each age group. The system is broken and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better due to the powers that be at USSF. My kids are almost done so i don't give a S&%T but look for woman's soccer to start to fall behind due to the ignorance and egos at the Federation.
  14. Sweeper

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    I was amazed at how many college coaches were at the sidelines for ECNL showcase games this past weekend! The SC Del Sol and RSL DA coaches were watching games obviously scouting players for their teams for next year. ;)

    As long as there is DA and ECNL there will dilution but obviously the college coaches are looking for talent from both leagues. It is a great opportunity to have a high level college showcase hosted in Phoenix 2x a year for ECNL. Maybe DA will have a showcase in Phoenix?
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  15. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Agreed! That is what I have been saying also. I have seen players who play in Port of Subs that are better than some who play in DA or ECNL. At that level you should have the ability to play with both feet, but that isn't the case. I think some coaches look favor someone's stature vs skill and game IQ.
  16. Youtube guy

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    DA Requirements:

    Looking for the biggest and fastest. No technique required.
  17. Tallpines

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    I haven't seen that but there could be a couple. Even if you have good technique at the lower levels that may not translate into playing at higher levels. If there are these "good" players in POSL that are supposedly better than DA/ECNL players consider the competition they are playing. They may look great against the competition they are playing against but this competition is at a much lower speed of play compared to the DA and the ECNL. I have said this before, players that come into a DA or ECNL that are supposed to be good players still have a learning curve. It usually take them a few months to acclimate to the speed of play in order to compete at a higher level. Some of them are able to do this and some wash out , end up not playing and leave. Is the system broken, yes, but DA and then ECNL are still the highest levels you can play in the US currently. If your child wants to get better, they need to practice with the best players possible and then play at the highest level possible. Right now that is DA first and ECNL second. And yes there are players in both leagues that maybe shouldn't be there but it is a diluted product right now.
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  18. whatithink

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    Agree with this. I've seen kids from state league teams play at the lower levels and look really good, amazing at times even. I've seen the same kids play in state league on their team and they are good, but certainly not amazing - basically at the level. I've seen the standard at the top level and they don't make that. There may be a very rare outlier (playing at the lower levels) but that is very rare, esp. as the kids get older.

    I get the sense of envy flowing through this thread. There is envy from the clubs who don't have DA or ECNL, to the extent that they are prohibiting and penalizing kids from and for attending. There is also parent envy.

    In general, the clubs and teams and coaches with and of the top teams (DA or ECNL) want the best players, irrespective of who they are or where they are from. They want to have the best teams and want to hitch a ride with the best players - see how much DelSol are promoting the number of players they had make national camps (and why not). If they see a kid who is good enough to make their team, they want him/her. There may be some rare coach exceptions, but coaches who play favorites and don't get results get moved on. At the top level, its a result business ... and take all the "player development" BS and ignore it.
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  19. Tiki-Taka-Freak

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    Or they simply can't afford to play in such leagues.
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    Hey Youtube guy. Someone asked you previously "Are you saying that your son was offered a spot on both RSL and SCDS DA teams? or was it just an invite to tryout because he was scouted at some point? If your son is talented enough and selected to be on one of those DA teams, why not let him develop with kids of similar talent and drive? "
    I would like to hear what you have to say. I know you say it's the "politics". I see you've been in club ball at least 5 years, so I know you've dealt with club politics over that time. Would you expect any different from DA except that it's on a different platform?

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