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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by just4kicks, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. just4kicks

    just4kicks Member

    Any word that any additional AZ clubs are applying for DA Membership for 2018-19?
  2. Rooster1808

    Rooster1808 Member

    I would think most of the big clubs have applied. Phx is problemlly the largest city not represented in the DA(on the boys side)
  3. SpeedyGonsalez

    SpeedyGonsalez New Member

    If I am not mistaken, on the boys side there is an exclusivity clause for Real Salt Lake DA in Phoenix/AZ market back when they were un Casa Grand.
    For the girls side I don't think there is enough pool of talents/players for another DA or ECNL. Even for SoCal (IMO) their ECNL seems to be strugling after the DA started.
  4. MessiFTW

    MessiFTW Active Member

    What I have been told is that nothing new will materialize on the boys side for DA. Down the road there is a possibility that when/if the Phoenix Rising gets an MLS spot that a boys DA could follow that, but we are probably talking 3-4 years down the road.

    On the girls side, I don't think there will be another DA spot granted anytime soon. They originally granted one to Sereno, but as we all know they ended up punting the spot. It should be noted that RSL will have an NWLS team next year and is supposedly adding a girls DA to the mix. It will also be a residency, so they can pull from the AZ market. Also, there are rumors that Barca Academy (Casa Grande) will add a girls DA to the mix for the 2019-2020 season. Because they are not tied to MLS/NWSL restrictions, they can pull in from all over the country/world.
  5. AZFAN2007

    AZFAN2007 New Member

    I think Sereno is looking forward to RSL’s NWSL team.... RSL supports Sereno
  6. RavenAZ

    RavenAZ Member

    I believe you are referring to the homegrown rule, which only applies to MLS and their territories. RSL has all of AZ in their territory. Check out this article on Josh Sargent, it will make a little more sense... basically he played for another DA, but was claimed by SKC as a homegrown player. He doesn't have to sign with them, unless he wants to go the MLS route.

    Check out this map too, I believe it's a couple of years old, but it shows the MLS territories.
  7. RavenAZ

    RavenAZ Member

    This is so sad if true. What if Phoenix Rising isn't picked for one of the last two spots in a few years... Garber said that was it for MLS expansion. Crazy how large of a market AZ is, but always gets the shaft.
  8. just4kicks

    just4kicks Member

    How is it that Colorado for example has other boys DA programs other than the Rapids?
  9. RavenAZ

    RavenAZ Member

    Exactly, it's not that AZ is barred from having other DAs, it's that the clubs either haven't applied, or applied and were rejected. I've heard that Sereno and Del Sol tried for many years on the boys side, only to be rejected each time. If we can confirm that all of the big clubs in AZ have in fact applied and were rejected, then the blame falls on US Soccer and their favoritism of MLS DAs. It you look at the DA club map, nearly all groupings of DA clubs have at least one MLS DA with it.

    I would ask the question why did Scottsdale Blackhawks, Sereno, Arsenal, and TSA all go to ECNL with their top boys programs? Was it because they couldn't get into DA, was DA too costly, and/or were there other reasons?

    I would also ask, why can't Phoenix be like San Diego or the Carolina area? Neither has an MLS club, but have numerous DAs. Grande Sports World shouldn't be AZ's only option for boys DA.
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  10. aginaz

    aginaz Active Member

    1)US Youth Soccer announces their plan to create US Girl's Academies (to directly compete with US Club Soccer's well-established and reputable Girl's ECNL program)
    2) US Club Soccer announces plan to start a Boy's ECNL program (to directly compete with US Youth Soccer's Boy's DA program)

    Turf War.

    More dilution of talent everywhere.

    AZ cannot support 2-5 DAs and/or 4-5 ECNL teams. IF that happens, and IF the DAs siphon away some of the talent from other clubs, then the ECNL teams will basically be glorified State League teams with stupidly high expenses - at least on the boy's side.

    It will be interesting to see if US Club can maintain their stronghold on the girl's side (with ECNL) with US Youth's DA competition.

    Either way, talent gets diluted in this state with SO many leagues/teams/etc. that most likely won't be competing against each other.
  11. RavenAZ

    RavenAZ Member

    Your statement is correct. That format is not really possible here, it's more like pick one or the other.

    I think you are missing my point, and I apologize if it wasn't more clear, the simple fact that these clubs moved to ECNL was that they had an interest in something more challenging and beyond what the state level leagues can offer. I would bet if any of them had an opportunity to play DA over ECNL, they would in a heartbeat. My guess is that there are other factors that prevented entrance into DA for them. It could be money, maybe they were just flat out rejected, we really don't know. My guess is that since we don't have an MLS team in this state, US Soccer doesn't believe we can properly support DA (using the argument of needing an MLS supported academy as the anchor/centerpiece). It would be nice if the ECNL teams proved them wrong. I would like to see a similar DA structure in Phoenix/Tucson as to what is being done in Denver.
  12. aginaz

    aginaz Active Member

    I agree, however I am hearing a lot of noise about a number of clubs getting DAs next year and that strikes me as more of the same.

    Even IF Del Sol, Sereno & BH get a DA, we don't have the talent base to support that many teams - nevermind any quality ECNL teams.

    These clubs will not draw DA players from other states like the Barca Academy can...
  13. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I assume that RSL-AZ & Rising will apply for next season. RSL-AZ have been playing BDA events and seem to be doing OK. The 05 team in particular seems to be going very well winning 7 of 8 DA games in the two events they've played.

    What's the chances that this may be the impetus needed to get US Soccer to finally allow a DA (or 2) in the Phoenix metro market.

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