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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Crossbar Hero, Mar 8, 2021.

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    Man...him leaving rising was a blessing for my son then. We left a small club and I was seeking his team out because they were top west valley club at the time. I heard some rumors, but not all that. Glad he left...we ended up with a coach my son loves to play for.
  2. Mot Ozzi

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    I wasn’t at this game. But I can’t ever recall an instance when parents yelling on the sidelines or coming on to the field had a positive impact on things, it only ever seems to make the situation worse, and it’s an awful example for the kids. It’s kids playing a game for fun and in my opinion parents should do their best to keep it that way.
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  3. singh

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    In general I think parents should not be allowed to talk to or at opposing players. The game I referenced earlier (where premiere beat rsl—05) had rsl parents yelling at the premiere kids “stop wasting time”. They were right in the sentiment but shouldn’t engage the other kids.
    A few months ago my 2011 son played against azfc and parents were screaming at a15 year old ref about a 9 year old lifting a foot on a throw in.. get some perspective man
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    No way stuff like this is happening in an 07 boys game at Ostrich Festival. LOL, both teams should be banned for the rest of the year. That way, they learn a lesson. It's always about the kids enjoying the game some parents expect their kids to be the next Messi or Ronaldo. My kid plays for MLS next team and I always tell him to have fun. It's all about having fun and enjoying the game.
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  5. singh

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    Totally agree

    Sometimes we as parents lose sight of this. Totally understand that for some this may be their child's chance at college etc, but to a degree, you have to take a step back
  6. Funyuns

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    Curious, has ASA taken any actions with the teams/clubs from this incident?
  7. Soccer99

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    You are wrong as he is a great coach for RSL. Andy Chapman on the other hand is the worst coach and the worst organization. His ass needs to leave Phoenix Rising if he wants to retain great players. The Roadrunner are always starting shut and the parents are the worst. Those kids amd parents are always saying things to the players. The Guerrero team wasn’t going to back down but the Guerrero team always wins over Roadrunners. Those runners are trashy and the live in east Mesa of some sort. My son has guest played for Guerreo while playing with roadrunners and you should have seen the things they were saying to my son because he was the top player for Guerreo. It’s was like if they were jealous because my kid was better than their entire roadrunners. These parents need to get a life and do something more productive. They were never athletes and wish they were. Roadrunners need to burn to the ground. Those players have zero technique and feel bad they will never become more than a mature players.
  8. singh

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    Well this thread is very divisive. Lol
    I think we can all agree that not every club is for everyone and not every coach us the best at times. But crazy parents are crazy and should control themselves.
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    Yea i think we all agree on that but .. easier said than done. It is not just soccer, I have seen this behavior in youth baseball firsthand. We have NFL fans fighting each other in the stands and in parking lots. Its the nature of sports, it brings out the emotions in people and when it is their kid on the field some go way overboard. Think this exists everywhere and has for a long time its just a matter what group is in charge of the league and how tolerant they are.
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  10. Crossbar Hero

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    My guess is that you were one of the first parents to run on the field.
  11. SoccerM1010

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    I dont know what you’re talking about because RSL coach Guerrero -has his D license . Overall you should fact check before spreading misinformation
  12. SoccerM1010

    SoccerM1010 New Member

    Im not sure who you are talking about you might be confused. Coach Guerrero has no kids i believe he is only 20 years old. And definitely has his D license which is impressive for his age
  13. SoccerM1010

    SoccerM1010 New Member

    Agreed. Sounds like some of these people belong in REC soccer.
  14. SoccerM1010

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    Agreed. Just know if my kid ever gets intentionally punched on the field he 100% better defend himself.
  15. PJP

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    There is Guerrero Sr. and Jr. Cut from the same mold.

    So you have a 20 year old coach that has been with 3 different clubs and likely his 4th after this season. That’s telling!

    By the way, D license, not a major accomplishment even for a 20 year old. They are a dime a dozen.
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  16. SoccerM1010

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    Sounds like a bit of hatred going on here LOL. At least the kid is 20 and working with the largest club in AZ and coaching APL teams not port of subs. Last i heard RSL is considering him for ECNL teams next year
  17. SoccerM1010

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    He’s been with Rising and now RSL. Whats so bad about moving up in a career? As for Tuzos he was a player not a coach but im sure this thread is full of 45+ year old coaches stuck in the same level
  18. SoccerM1010

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    Also just looked up his Bio i guess he has a C license in process for his B. I wish more coaches would continue to grow!
  19. PJP

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    You say moving up, I say he got fired from Rising. But I guess you can call that moving up. Just ask Chapman, he will tell you what really happened at Rising.
  20. SoccerM1010

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    Is Chapman supposed to impress me? My son played for his 07ECNL team worse coach ever. Laziness is out of this world and seems to only care about the money. If fact that whole club is a joke- just look at their annual tournament ended in a coin toss people lost hundreds of dollars and this year there was barely any out of state teams. Well deserved.

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