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    who is it you are keeping her safe from? the parents? the coach? the players? I thought she was in control of all of them.
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    wow.. so your "well do your kids ref?" ploy failed so now on to this? Ok then.. She is in control of the game.. she can stop the game. She is also a middle school girl so.. all of the above. As that is why everyone is there it is usually effective. Most of the time she has a pretty good read on the emotions on the field. If the kids get too wound up and start acting sketchy she cards or stops the game and talks to them if it continues then the coach. It is when players either think they can get away with it or feel like they are wronged they act out. Simply stopping the game and letting them cool off typically works stop them before they do something really stupid. If I hear something I will tell her usually during the water break or half. Honestly she does mostly Rec and that is easy money with no issues not many get wound up over Rec soccer but it has happened. Also coaches get just as wound up as parents they are many times hurting the situation more then helping. Don't count on coaches controlling parents.
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    So the roadrunners were up and they kept kicking the ball in the parking lot to waste time. RSL Coach kept calling them p@$$ies every time they did that. RSL scored and they went and got the ball and the roadrunner keeper took a swing at the kid getting the ball, he missed and the 2nd kid came in a punched the goalie in the face. That's when it started. Goalie got clocked pretty hard too. The parents started running in to separate the kids and then next thing you know, parents being pushed into the goal, getting tackled, punches being thrown, Coach threw a lady to the ground because she was attacking was crazy
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    So.. if the ref were to have called the delays.. possibly given cards. This would not have happened. Sounds like the players and the parents were already pretty wound up and the keeper just set it off.

    Rule 12 - Fouls and Misconduct

    Sending-off Sending-off offences include (but are not limited to):
    • delaying the restart of play by the opposing team e.g. holding onto the ball, kicking the ball away, obstructing the movement of a player.

    Also if you ever had questions about the rules or refs here in AZ go here
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    You can try and put all the blame on the refs if you want, but majority of the fault is the parents and coaches....especially the coaches. These coaches approve and teach that behavior to the kids. I agree about the refs stepping in early with the warnings and everything else you said, but it was bound to happen with these teams. No dirty when losing...or really cocky when winning. Parents are always crying. Hopefully they are not allowed to play...or parents to attend a game for rest of the year.
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    Booting the ball out of play, whilst ball is actually in play, is not an offense. It is lousy sportsmanship, but it is not an offense and therefore doesn’t warrant a card, nor the ref even getting involved to request that players refrain from doing it.

    Whilst refs do have a process like you said of attempting to control the game via warnings and cards, things can change in a nano second - and it sounds like the ref in this instance did NOTHING wrong, and yet you still seem to choose to throw shade on them.
    The coach has far more weight in attempting to control parents of a team - I don’t expect a Ref to do that, even if it is within their paid job description to do so. Last year wasn’t there an incident in SoCal of someone threatening to pull a gun out because of an incident on the soccer field. I certainly don’t expect someone getting paid a few bucks to have to potentially deal with that kind of s**t.

    The coaches set the culture, and bad behavior of parents reflects on them.
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    I've seen a couple fights start that way, and quite of few time where it came close to fighting. Game is intense and the goalie doesn't want you to get the ball, and he tries to hurry up and get it....the other kid tries and take it. My son has been in a couple of them. He scores tries to get it real quick and the goalie is having none of it. Him and the goalie got yellows. No fighting...but pretty aggressive. I could tell the goalie wanted to punch my son. He has the effect on kids sometimes.
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    My son had a game right after this game so we were there early enough to watch this go down. To begin with we sat behind the RSL parents who were complaining about bad calls but it was not over the top. The woman AR was talking to the parents saying that the center AR was not calling things as they were and even interfered to talk to the center referee a few times. While the refs are not completely at blame, this center AR did let the game get out of control and she even yellow carded the wrong Roadrunner player who was trying to avoid his second yellow. I do believe that gaining control of an intense game is of most importance in order to protect the players. While both coaches were heated up, when RSL scored 2nd goal, roadrunners coach yells at his goalie to not let him get the ball. The goalie then drops and starts to kick RSL player until his teammate comes and pushes him off which then Roadrunner players charged at him but missed and RSL retaliated and did not miss. At this point Roadrunner parents or coaches not really sure since they seem to have about 4-5 coaches in the technical area rushed into the field, RSL coach followed as the refs were unable to control the situation. I heard Roadrunner coach or parent say “Get your bi***as* players” which then RSL coach gets mad. In a matter on seconds, the field was flooded with parents from both side fighting. It was a shame to see a kid bleeding from his nose and another one from his head(RSL players). RSL coach also pushed a lady that attacked him and slapped him with a phone, but what other reaction is expected when one is being assaulted. It was a crazy experience to watch and both teams should be suspended from the tournament at the VERY least, but my son told me Roadrunners were allowed to be in the final. What lesson does that teach those kids?
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    That's crazy. When I seen the championship game was 3-0 I figured it was a forfeit. No way they should of been able to play.
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    I was a parent in front of you on the RSL team. This is the closest description of what really happened. It was a game that got out of hand. When you play at that level you understand the passion and intensity of competition. You really cant understand it until you actually live it. At one point it was self defense that luckily didn't have to be used. I got swung at several times and the best I could do to respond and calm people down was scream "Call the Cops".
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    You are delusional if you think that "playing at that level" requires parents to act like psychos. My kids play at a higher level and I coach at a higher level. You can be way in to what is happening and still just sit there and clap for good plays. You can be mad the ref missed a call and keep it to yourself. You can think your kid should have done ten things differently and in the car just let them know you loved watching them play.

    This is low level soccer and 100% of those kids will likely never play in college much less the pros. And I guarantee some of them won't play next season because of how much the parents take the joy out of the game.
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    I never said what parents did was correct. However I think if you would have been there you would have reacted to the situation differently than you think you would have.
    I was watching a Champions league game where the game was getting out of hand and players were begining to get dirty and tempers were flarring. The ref did a good job of controlling the game before a fight broke out. The ref in this game didnt do that. So maybe if the ref would have controlled the game better it would not have gotten to this point.
    BTW your guarentees are worthless without you actually knowing the players and the situation they were put in.
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    Coaches coach. Players play. Parents cheer. That's how I react in every situation I'm in. Maybe your coach should have done something different. Maybe the ref should have been better. But if parents could have shut their mouths it would not have gotten as bad as it did. There is no situation where you as a parent should be that emotional at a kid's game. If you or anyone else can't get it together they should drop the kid off and pick them up when it's over or send someone else in their place. The game is for the kids. We get to enjoy our kids competing and if that's not enough then it's being done wrong.

    Please report back in the fall with how many of those kids are no longer playing.
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    I agree. My son has played against these teams before, and I've just watched some of their games when we are not playing them. Their parents complain and get tough all the time. You can see it rub off on their kids with their attitudes....the same with their coaches. Neither parents should be allowed at games for awhile. Don't know how they are letting the Roadrunners play in Phoenix guess is asa can't do anything about it???
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    Anybody want to take a guess where RSL Glendale 07B JG played in the past? Phoenix Rising.

    Anybody want to take a guess what happened? Their coach, kids and Parents caused Rising to cut them from their program. Their behaviors more specifically (attitudes, fights, etc) is what prompted the dismissal. While I understand that it takes 2 to tango, there is documented history with this Coach and parents and hopefully the state will step in with a permanent ban.
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    Completely false. Unfortunately you've been misinformed.
  18. This same coach was also suspend a couple of years ago for 1 full year for poaching players from another club and getting caught lying about it. He even appealed all the way to US soccer and it was upheld.
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    At the end of the day, this coach everyone is referring to from RSL is not a coach. He is a parent acting as a coach. He was with Tuzos before they ran him out for doing questionable things. He then tried to start his own club and that didn’t work. He went to rising and left there for a better “deal” at RSL. Again, he’s not a coach. He’s a parent who coaches. Big difference. He has no licenses other than all three of his sons are exceptional soccer players. I watched this guy coach against Andy Chapman years ago and I can remember Chapman putting his head in his hands and saying wtf is this guy doing telling kids what to do. This was when these kids were 9-10 years old. He called one of the more respected clubs in the west valley to join with them last season and I am told they said hell no pretty quick. So RSL took him because they are desperate to get a foot in the door in the west valley. This guy shouldn’t be coaching kids. Rsl is insane for allowing this guy to continue.
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    False that he never coached for Rising? Or that he did and obviously no longer does and the reasons behind why?

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