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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Crossbar Hero, Mar 8, 2021.

  1. Crossbar Hero

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    Anyone see the nice fight this weekend between two 07 teams this weekend at ostrich fest? Kids and parents fighting...
    I wasn't surprised by the teams that were involved. Some of the most annoying parents I've been around. Crazy to think a youth soccer game can make you want to fight. You can tell it rubs off on their kids because that's the first reaction of most the kids on that to fight.
  2. Robert

    Robert Active Member

    Do tell! What teams?
  3. Give&go

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    It was RSL 07B Glendale vs Roadrunners 07 Black. Huge fight in the goal with players, coaches and parents, guessing 40-50 people were in or around the goal. Game gets called after the fight and Roadrunners players and coaches clapping and screaming at RSL like they just won a championship. The RSL Coach tried to restart the fight and had to be restrained by multiple people, what a joke for youth sports.

    Both teams should not play another game this season and those coaches, especially the RSL one who thought he was Rocky Balboa with an additional 200 lbs, should be removed permanently.
  4. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Honestly.. a lot of the blame goes on the Refs. They let things go and the players start to take things into their own hands. Ref lost control of the game. Not saying the parents/players are innocent but it shouldn't get to that point. Refs should be throwing red cards and stopping play before fights break out.

    what fields did this happen?
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  5. DeeBo4

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    I dont know all the details leading up to the fight, but I heard RSL was down a couple goals and they scored and then the player tried grabbing the ball quick to run it back to start up real quick and him and the goalie got into it and punches started flying and all hell broke loose.

    I almost brought my kid to play for Guerrero this season....then he went to RSL. So glad I didn't do that.
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  6. tjinaz

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    I so hope there is video... saw a lot of cameras this weekend.
  7. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    That seems to be the common way a lot of soccer fights break out - A team is down a bunch of goals late and is frustrated and they score and fight over getting the ball back to midfield for the winning team. Not excusing the players fighting but the referee absolutely needs to take control and warn both teams and coaches before it gets out of control.
  8. Give&go

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    This isn’t just a player issue, parents AND coaches escalated the fight. As I mentioned the RSL coach was going after people after the fight was already broken up.
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  9. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    Completely ridiculous and should never happen. I hope there is some sort of accountability.
  10. singh

    singh Active Member

    I saw o5 RSL v 05 premiere and similar situation, premiere up 2-0 and purposefully switching balls on goal kicks and feigning injury to waste time, ref wasn’t having it, two yellow cards and everyone straightened up
  11. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    Disagree completely.

    Any adults (parents or coaches) who go on the field to fight are 100% in the wrong and there are zero excuses for them doing it, up to and including if the ref was the worst ever.

    In addition, there's nothing in this narrative that suggests the ref was doing a bad job.
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  12. SoccerDad

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    Parents going on to the field and/or fighting is never ever ever ever ok. These are 13 year old kids in a random tournament. Somehow this is the ref's fault? No.
  13. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Um.. yes. The game rarely goes from a normal game to a brawl. It is incremental. Cheap shot here, jersey hold there, some pushing, parents and players screaming from the sideline. You can feel it coming. When these things happen the Ref needs step in early, stop the game and address it. Card players, the coaches and warn or kick the parents, that is how order is maintained. Its an emotional game, Ref has to be aware and slow it before it gets out of hand.
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  14. Stopthebs

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    Agree 100%
    So many times the parents are on the sidle line saying “if the ref doesn’t pull a card and get this game under control, something is going to happen” Things just don’t go straight to fighting. Lots of nasty things going on the field and the ref does nothing, my kid gets a yellow for retaliation after being hit/slapped/jersey pulled on/sworn at etc. and somehow all the stuff before was missed? Come on! No excuse for the fight between parents and coaches but..... refs need to do a better job too!
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  15. Cali

    Cali Member

    Ref need to do a better job??? So are you going to get certified? If not call Todd Sergi at the State...

    Bottom line, there is not enough refs for 100% coverage now You should be very happy beause with out these kid refs, who have very limited experience, you kid would not be playing..

    If you want quality refs still then every team can agree to pay triple ref fees and you will get your wish of quality ref

    So take action because All I hear is a cinversation
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  16. singh

    singh Active Member


    while refs can always do a better job, you (not you specifically but they) are the parent, you set the example. Your kid learns from you. Personal responsibility for your self and your family is needed. Boys at that age are raging with testosterone and need a calming voice and example.
    Honestly the number of parents who think they are "barney bad ass" at these tournaments is ridiculous.

    It is an emotional game.
    It is unfair at times

    but teach your kids better
  17. calmdown

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    It is the parents responsibility first and foremost to NEVER enter the field of play. Would they do that at their jobs - enter a boardroom and rant about some company policy? NO, so why are they doing it at a meaningless U14 soccer game? Because they know there are no repercussions- they will not get fired, or their kid suspended from future play. They have let their emotions get the better of them - because they can, and are not being held to account.

    If the game is ramping up and the ref is ‘losing control’, then that should be visible to the Coaches and it is THEIR responsibility to control the parents and players of their team.

    The ref is there to manage a game and also ensure safety to the players on the field. The ref is in NO WAY responsible for a parent choosing to enter the field and get involved in an altercation. Stop making excuses for bad behavior. Doing so is part of the problem and gives theses idiots excuses - when there are clearly none.
  18. just4kicks

    just4kicks Member

    those that are blaming the ref, does you 13-18 year old soccer player ref?
  19. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Yes She does and has handed out cards for 2 years now. Her first yellow was at an Arsenal tournament last year with 11yr old boys. It was probably her 4th game being center ref. They started getting scrappy so she carded the player and talked to the coach. She was scared but she did it. That is what they are taught to do in the Ref training. When you go to games to watch Refs you notice things. I am on the sideline listening making sure she is safe so I am mildly watching the game but mostly listening to the parents.
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  20. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    The officials are there for player safety. That includes everything from weather to hostile parents. If the Ref thinks there is a threat due to lightning, hail, parents or out of control players the action is the same. STOP the game until the threat is gone. They card players, then the coach if they can't control the parents, if that fails they call the marshall in and from there the police. There is a process. Usually all it takes is stopping the game but.. it does happen they follow the process. I don't know about the other games but all of our officials this last weekend were from Vegas and were grown men. I didn't see any kid refs at Ostrich fest.

    I am in no way condoning parents and coaches fighting. That should never happen. Especially coaches that guy should be fired, that is no example for young players to follow. People get emotional at games that is why we like to go. We don't see these things often because a sequence of events is needed for them to occur. This never happens because the ref interrupts the sequence. How many times have you been told by a ref at a game for your team parents to be quiet after a questionable call? That is the ref ensuring their authority is recognized and keeping control. That is how you prevent the situation from escalating.
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