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    So as I was driving back from the ENCL showcase I was thinking about college and where kids are going.

    At the time my kid started ECNL (later went DA and is back ECNL) the youngest team entry age was U14.

    She had 18 on that team.

    As of now here is where they are going
    Notre Dame
    Evansville (D1)
    Nazerene Northwest (D3)
    One to a D2 school in CA (deciding on which one)
    Another to a d3 college (deciding on which one)
    Cal Poly SLO (D1)
    Another to likely a D2 in CO
    Another has a year to go and has not decided
    One doesn't want to play in college.
    The other 6 that were on the team quite playing soccer. Most early on.

    After the year above with the advent of DA, the team got split up.

    Now as I look at who else the DD has played with since on her teams we get this...

    Washington State
    Idaha/Wyoming (still to decide)
    BYU/Auburn (still to decide)
    Concordia (D2)
    Dixie State
    Northern Arizona
    Kansas State

    Now my kid is on the oldest team, but has another year to go, so the list above will grow.

    Kind of interesting as you look at it.

    If your kid is interested in playing college soccer ECNL helps out a lot more vs APL.
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  2. Desert Hound

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    From my experience, I came to similar conclusions having one aged of club soccer and one in the thick of it. From U14 to U19 (playing on a top team), about half of my DD's U14 teammates quit or didn't end of up playing college soccer by the time they graduated high school. There was lots of movement of players from U14 to U19 between the big clubs.

    For the ones that did play college soccer, scholarship offers were all over the place. Some were full rides (NAU - combo of Lumberjack scholarship with athletic, ASU - presidential or provost scholarship with some athletic monies if you are lucky) but no monthly stipend, some D1's with close to full rides and with monthly stipend for player, some with partial rides at D1 and D2 to bring in the cost around $20-$30k per year, to some colleges with little to no money and full pay at $50k + a year. Obviously the D3 schools do not provide athletic monies but you can get academic scholarships to bring it down to close to your state school costs ($25-$30k per year). Playing for the Air Force or Naval Academy is no cost (no athletic money) but military service is required. Ivy League schools don't provide athletic money or merit/academic money - only need based scholarships based on family income and assets.

    Once your DD is in college you will see that some that of her old club teammates quit playing college soccer by their junior year of college. ECNL definitely is a great pathway to playing in college but be aware that what people are paying to play college soccer is very different.
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    I already see that some never see the field in the first yr or 2. Based on that many move to another smaller school and/or quit soccer.

    Just because you sign for a school doesn't mean you will actually play much for that school. Large rosters.
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    Many of the 03's have finished their first year of college or are coming home soon. I spoke with 2 different parents about their daughter's college soccer experience. One player was at a Power 5 conference school. Another player was at a well known D3 school for soccer. Before leaving for college, they played at high levels in Arizona - DA and ECNL teams.

    Both girls have quit soccer and transferred to AZ colleges to finish their college education.
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    with my 03 daughter just finishing her freshman year, we talk a lot about what the expectations were going in and the reality of the sport once you're there. i can't speak outside of her situation, but she reports in July for pre-pre season, captain lead work outs, no coaches are allowed until Aug. 1st. August is preseason and fall is season with lots of games in a very short amount of time, coupled with lots of travel. after xmas, you are back at it, although not as many training hours are permitted, but you are expected to do work outs outside of compliance hours. spring is then more hours, but personal development based. fitness testing, lots of weight training and more games. summer is wpsl, if available, and personal training. it is a job. period. if you don't like it, you will not continue to play. my daughter has had 3 girls transfer that were in her recruiting class. and a few that tore acl's , some 2nd time around. the expectations are very real, coaches are brutally honest, and everyone will have a different experience. not all pleasant. so far, she still has the passion and drive for the game, and was fortunate that she put in all of the time, effort and work in the summer to go in and compete and win a starting spot. that road wasn't always easy. in hindsight, the being courted by different schools, official visits, committing , signing day, those are the fun things, and then; you step on campus and reality can hit hard . no one cares that you played x,y,z. your accolades are nice, but this is a different game now. you will earn your spot and minutes played. there are girls that went in early, and saw very few minutes of any game. and that can be tough. you have to be able to stay as strong mentally as physically. i applaud all of the student athletes in any division. that scholarship money is well earned.

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