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    I also heard that but the keeper is an 07. The one thing rising does poorly is grow from within. It seems that they would rather recruit from other clubs or bring kids up as opposed to develop their inherent kids….perhaps that’s true with all clubs but in my experience it seems more prevalent i. Rising….it could be recency on my end
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    I would say that most clubs, especially the letter clubs do a less than spectacular job of development from within. There are often a core group of players within age groups that stick with a coach(s)/club. At the early ages, parents are too impatient and want to win now, especially if they are paying letter league money. It makes it very hard for clubs to develop players when all that is wanted by parents is to win. Parents do plenty of hopping around, espcecially starting at U13.

    Developmentally, a lot happens between U13 and U15. There are some clubs that seem to always be a repository of good talents (on the girls side) and do a decent job between U12-U15. CCV and Premier seem to fit this tag. Those players wind up getting poached (or passed on) to one of the letter league teams. If you look at some of the rosters/talk to parents of the better U15/16/17 letter league teams, many will have come from those clubs. Not all, but many.
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    Rising 06 ECNL is have a rough end to their season. Losses of 7-1, 10-0 and 12-0.
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    Oof. That is all.
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    It's been an unfortunate season for those young ladies. Of course is a combination of things. Rising as a club certainly hasn't provided them the best environment (coaching stability, training, etc.). Some of it has been self inflicted and some beyond their control - injuries have recently really plagued them.

    Where does the team go from here? Do they recruit? do they look internally across their teams? Are they able to even recruit? Do they lose more top players to another club?

    Overall Rising has had a tough ECNL season, their bright spots are the 14s and 15s (much more competitive across their entrie table).

    Big home losses amplify the voices of socal parents that question why they are traveling to AZ in May to win by 10 goals. I dont' think there is risk to Rising losing ECNL but certainly drives discussion around the idea of cost savings for families by not having to travel so far to play meaningless games. Plenty of incentive to play against much better teams much closer to home. The costs of fuel, air fare, hotels makes anyone pause right now.
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    06 team is in a tough spot with most of the girls going into their junior year of high school. There is no where else to recruit from. The 06 talent is spread across too many clubs with ECNL, GA, DPL, ECRL, etc. They have already pulled from their state league and ecRl teams for players. Unfortunately, the few remaining top players they do have will be at more risk for injury due to lack of depth.
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    I think the way to look at the Rising 06 situation is CAN they recruit. Clubs are always recruiting. What does Rising have to offer for the 06 year group (ECNL). What's been their track record as of late. How many players have left over the last few years and why. How many players have they recruited or have come over..and why.

    Top players will always find a home. It's pretty easy to pick up a phone and test the waters - happens plenty. Mabye this a great opportunity for Rising ECRL/State league players to get their chance to shine. Change of scenery is a good thing from time to time. At the end of the day, all of this is most painfull for the players.

    Rising needs to make sure they can keep their 14s and 15s together.

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