Calcio has merged with Del Sol.

Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by MoneyMike380, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. MoneyMike380

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    Looks like Calcio merged with Del Sol. Most of the better players with Calcio 06/07 boys will be moving over to Del Sol to fill their teams. Calcio themselves said that they also had a direct path to the DA program but have now revealed that they are under Del Sol. I think this announcement by Calcio is a way for them to drum up money by misleading their players and parents. Calcio has one State League team that didn’t do well at all this season. In fact, that team is in the silver bracket in presidents cup. In their announcement, they claimed that they had one, yes one, 06 girl that “DA” was so impressed with that they offered Calcio a “pathway” because of that one player. Did they think that would actually fly? When will people start to see through this BS.
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  3. aginaz

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    The power of ONE 2006 girl!


    "The DA" - LOL
  4. KickinKat

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    Why hasn’t SC del Sol announced any affiliation with Calcio? I think Calcio is far more excited about it than del Sol is.
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    My kid plays for Calcio. Not a lot of choices in the far southwest valley. Great, well ran club compared to the other options. Calcio has not merged with Del Sol. US Soccer approached Calcio to become an "affiliate" of the DA, both boys and girls, due to the two kids referenced in the link above and wanting a presence on the west side of town. Calcio is not DA like Del Sol and RSL, but the affiliate status certainly brings some perks to the Club and the Club is excited to be the one chosen for the affiliate relationship on the west side.
  6. MoneyMike380

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    What your saying, is simply not true. US Soccer did not approach Calcio based off of two players. Do you even understand how dumb that sounds? But, by your logic, your saying US Soccer approached calcio but not Blackhawks/Rising? Calcio is a rec program compared to many other clubs. Your either delusional or you don’t know what you are talking about. upload_2019-4-12_12-31-34.jpeg
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  7. steelerfeever

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    MoneyMike... Completely get where you're coming from. I 100% agree Calcio is a small club compared to the Giants across the Valley. His Facebook reply is accurate. Let me simply answer your question with a question. Do you really think the Calcio owner would be so delusional to use the US Soccer DA trademarks or reference the "affiliate" nature of the relationship in the Calcio marketing if he wasn't allowed or authorized to? One more question to follow up with that one. Wouldn't US Soccer DA immediately send Calcio a cease and desist if it weren't true? (They haven't and won't, because there is a formal signed agreement, you just choose not to believe it.) I think you're just not understanding what being an "affiliate" means. Calcio teams won't be playing in DA leagues, they aren't claiming to be DA.
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  8. KickinKat

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    I personally don’t think the owner is delusional, I just think he tried to withhold information about how they got their DA affiliation. They got it by either merging or partnering with SC del Sol. Based on how the AZ soccer landscape looks today, a merger wouldn’t be totally surprising. RSL and Rising were aggressively looking for numbers to pursue DA. It only makes sense that del Sol would do the same.
    I say good for them if they got their DA Affiliation, but maybe they should have waited for the larger club they are aligned with to make the announcement. Doing so on their own just makes it seem like they are withholding information.
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  9. Youtube guy

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    Well State Cup starts today for the 06’s and Calcio may be the ONLY self proclaimed west valley club with DA affiliation but Classic Sanchez is the ONLY team representing the west valley in State Cup. Actions speak louder than press releases and Facebook posts. Looking forward to playing and watching them in a few weeks. Maybe DA will be impressed with how these boys play and give them a DA affiliation.
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  10. KickinKat

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    Crazy! Calcio’s top 06B team is playing in the Silver bracket in Presidents Cup. Tied their first game against a POSOL D2 team.
    I’m having a really tough time believing that US Soccer approached them to become a DA affiliate.
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  11. steelerfeever

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    Del Sol just posted this.

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  12. Youtube guy

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    Of course they did. Calcio wants their monies worth. Calcio is paying out the nose to be affiliated with Del Sol. Del sol panicked when RSL tried to go west so they made a deal with Calcio. I’m sure calcio didn’t like the fact that their parents were asking if they merged so they had to put out a statement to clarify. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Listen, if your child is good, it doesn’t matter where he plays or for which league. Colleges/academy’s will find him/her. “Direct path to DA” is whatever you want it to be. In the end it’s money in the pockets of these clubs. For calcio, when your best team is 06 boys team that didn’t do state cup, you need something to drum up attention before tryouts. Calcio is a rec club at the end of the day. That’s it folks. A glorified NYS league. Keep your pretend DA affiliation. I will send my kid to a real west side club with proven results or take him to Scottsdale.
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  13. Rhino

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    Facts! Who would be that real west side club??
  14. steelerfeever

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    Calcio paid Del Sol nothing. Like I mentioned before. No merger. Just a simple DA affiliate arrangement, nothing more.

    Enjoy your day.
  15. Youtube guy

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    And you know this how?
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  16. soccerguy

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    What does DA affiliate arrangement even mean?
    1. It's ultimately a parents choice. If a parent wants to bring a kid to DA tryouts they can.
    2. You think Calcio parents can't bring their kid to RSL DA tryouts?
    3. You think if US Federation wants 2 kids from Phx Premier they are going to say that Premier should be a DA affiliate?
    4. You think that an unbelievable kid in a small town in Wyoming isn't known by the US Federation?
    5. My point is, this is all crazy! If you are a player everyone knows about them already. Sure there is a diamond in the rough, but this is ALL about money and control.
    6. All of the Calcio kids have the same opportunities as all of the other kids in Arizona. Same as RSL, Rising, Premier, Rush, etc.

    Honestly, none of it matters but be realistic please. Bad soccer in the US may not be a club problem, but a parent problem buying into these programs.
  17. Tallpines

    Tallpines Active Member

    Gives their kids the opportunity to play DA with SCDS now. Girls from NM have already played with SCDS DA girls, so different than clubs that are not affiliated.
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  18. Revup06

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    Congrats to Calcio 06 Blue! Made it to presidents cup final - silver bracket.
  19. SmashBros

    SmashBros New Member

    Not so sure this is anything to celebrate. Playing silver in Presidents Cup is close to playing bronze in a normal tournament. Quite embarrassing in my opinion.

    Just another example of a team focusing on points over development.
  20. GKdad

    GKdad Active Member

    Perhaps getting to this point is development for that team? I am not sure how playing in Silver, if a team is flighted correctly can be construed as a points grab? There are no ranking points to be had unless you are playing teams ranked higher than your team. While it's not as prestigious as playing in the gold bracket if this is where development has taken this team why not celebrate it. Not every player belongs on an elite team and not every team can hang in the highest level competition; both players and teams can develop from where they were before without being in the gold bracket. Maybe next year the development will continue and they will be playing in gold instead and the experience gained in silver this year was a part of the process.
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