Blackhawks 04 Chapman team - Surf Cup

Discussion in '2004' started by Sweeper, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    The Blackhawks 04 Chapman team went to the Surf Cup this past weekend and by the scores it looks like they had a tough time. They were unable to score a single goal even though they are ranked on gotsoccer as #2 in the nation.
  2. MessiFTW

    MessiFTW Active Member

    Don't know much/anything about this specific team, but I can say with high confidence GotSoccer rankings don't really mean much. Most AZ teams struggle in a big way at Surf Cup. However, I have heard very positive things about Coach Chapman.
  3. SoccerIsCool

    SoccerIsCool Member

    I heard good things about Chapman, too, but the the Blackhawks did take away two of his teams and gave them to Paul Taylor when Taylor joined mid-year.
  4. frankfarmer

    frankfarmer Member

    I'm sure you don't mean any slight but total misinformation. Only one team changed. PT took the 01 girls because it was time in the cycle. AC actually had them for longer than usual. Nothing to do with PT coming over and AC kept them through the end of the Season and PT picked up where he left off. Nice transition.

    AC kept his girls and boys 04 teams, picked up the 05 girls. He has 3 top teams in the age group.
  5. SoccerIsCool

    SoccerIsCool Member

    "Total misinformation?" Ok, thanks.
  6. MessiFTW

    MessiFTW Active Member

    Headed to Oceanside for the Blues Cup (girls) over Labor Day. Looks like a slew of AZ teams (BH, Sereno, SCDS, etc). I know it is first games of the season while CA has been going strong, but good to see where we are all at.
  7. az_soccer

    az_soccer Active Member

    Tanque Verde looking good...

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