Best and Worst Club Coaches in AZ

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Sweeper, May 24, 2019.

  1. Flyingaway

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    No idea why Shaffer is in the worst, my son has him and he has able to keep a full squad which means they like him. My son is in the older teams and he enjoys his coaching, as for the team we are 2nd in the nation ecnl wise. No idea why he is there as there is no an apparent reason.

    Great edit:
    Shaffer (RSL-North ECNL)

    Great edit addition:
    Steven Green (Tuzos) I do question his judgement on start up line and how much players play but I dont blame him since attachments to the players are a thing. A great coach as solely in the coaching. Intelligent.

    I would say there is discussion over Kaue also, some people love him some people move down so they don't have him as a coach. So, I would say is relative however I bet there is an agreement on one that not one has mentioned.

    Worse addition
    Orhan- 06 sc del sol. I have never encountered one parent who says he is good.

    I have heard that Striker from Excel is a great coach and very strict.

  2. Digital5

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    Funny how these things go. I know many parents who love him, just gotta get to know him to be able to literally understand him. He knows soccer. The older players love him. He's often considered their favorite guest coach.
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  3. Carlito

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    Recommend Stephen Paylor in the younger ages. Watched his teams for a few years now. They play the best soccer I have seen. Will be moving my youngest there next chance I get.
  4. mbappe

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    Good call. He has his two 2012 boys teams in the Desert Super Cup 2011 Silver bracket Championships playing each other tomorrow, impressive feat playing up a year and getting both his 2012 A and B teams through to Finals.
  5. mbappe

    mbappe Active Member

    Phoenix Rising West Valley's David Meadows also impressing this season. Wins APL last season, loses 8 starters to MLS, ECNL, and Barca. Sitting middle of the pack in APL and just made the Finals for the 2nd year in a row at Desert Super Cup.
  6. TomWilson

    TomWilson New Member

    I think 2nd and 3rd teams. Great coach maybe but will his kids last the course training 7 days a week. I have seen many kids run out of gas by the time they are 15. My own son is an example
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  7. AZsoccefan

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    Correct. Those are the 2nd & 3rd teams from Rising SE for 2012. Their top team always plays up in the top bracket although I think they are playing their own age group next week at Surf Cup.

    I've seen their top 3 teams play and they are all really impressive and well coached but do they really train 7 days a week at that young an age? Wow. that is a formula for burn out.
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  8. GKdad

    GKdad Active Member

    I have to add Jack Soutar at Phoenix Premier SE to the list of best coaches. Probably the most organized and purposeful coach I have seen to date. Finds a way to get the most out of each girl and a team. Unlike most who coach the A and B team where the B team is treated as an also ran he manages to build them up and get good performance on the field. I think a lot of coaches of teenage girls miss the mark with reaching them on a level that makes them want to get better rather than just not want to make a mistake.
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  9. GK Mom 06

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    I agree with you re: Jack Soutar. His brother Dan is also outstanding and one of the best coaches my daughter has ever had. He’s a great coach and also helps girls get to reach their full potential.
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  10. AZsoccefan

    AZsoccefan Active Member

    Both of Paylor's 2012 teams made it to the finals (but lost - in the top & middle bracket) at Surf Cup this past weekend. Quite an accomplishment considering the field was a who's who of SoCal big time boys soccer clubs.
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  11. Flyingaway

    Flyingaway New Member

    Yes, he gets bigger kids at an early age and then he develops them and keeps them. He yells a lot. Since he is able to keep them for long the kids have good chemistry and they do very well.

  12. Flyingaway

    Flyingaway New Member

    There are two coaches that come to mind that do not treat the non-starters with respect, one is Jake Zimmerman (Arsenal) and the other one is George Archuleta (CCV).
    They don't care about "their second team" at all and they do not even hide it. Tactics are only explained to the first team, the other ones are dumped in the field.

    Feel free to ask about Archuleta from CCV, he is the reflection of everything a coach shouldn't be.


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