Best and Worst Club Coaches in AZ

Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Sweeper, May 24, 2019.

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    Good point. The U19s are having success, I would throw in CCV as well. Do you think MLS/ECNL is re-directing talent from them? If the MLS carries through, I think the mentioned clubs will suffer greatly in terms of quality play.

    We will see if "failure to launch" due to Covid eventually kills off, for now, the MLS youth soccer experiment (outside of the true academies).
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    I think there's enough depth on the boys side to have reasonable good quality teams playing in the local leagues. The top APL teams are probably as good as the ECNL teams, with the MLS being above both.

    The MLS teams look at every club as a feeder club, so they are not really as "interested" in developing their own players, so I'd agree with your earlier point about staying out of the letter clubs early.
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    Of course these lists are biased. Everyone, I’m sure, can agree on that. I think having it here is just a resource when looking on info about a coach. The same as asking parents face to face their opinions on coaches. If you are a coach, I’m sure it’s hard to see criticism anonymously. That part stinks.

    Why do you call it poaching? A big reason for player movement is the bigger clubs can offer something that smaller clubs can’t. Entrance into highly competitive national leagues plus excellent training. You can get excellent training at a smaller club but you do at the big clubs too. Players don’t stop developing after leaving a smaller club. Also, it helps your player’s development to play with a team of all similar skilled players.
  4. Digital5

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    Perhaps poaching may not be the best word to use. The reality is that the presence of letter leagues set a low ceiling for clubs that do not participate in them. Creates a de facto pipeline, which may not be a bad thing for many. Pay to play may still be a barrier to entry.

    To your point, players do not stop developing after leaving a smaller club. The reason to leave a small club is to play better competition and to further develop. Unfortunately, since club sports is a business, sometimes the way the transition occurs leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. Imagine the surprise for a parent who's been playing at a letter league club for a few years - the year is finally here that little johnny or little karen is eligible for the cool travel top team, then someone shows up and takes "your" slot. Happens all the time. I say it's a way of life but many will then turnaround and create these lists.
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    I mean let’s be serious, no BS. These clubs use paying parents money to “sponsor “ low income kids. But how many of these “sponsored” players are specifically targeted to keep that team competitive and to be able to recruit more paying kids. Let’s look at del sol 04 team specifically. They took tuzos 04 made it the first team and then were able to build two more teams that pay based off of them. They also did that with the 06 age group.

    Until soccer is no longer pay to play we will never really see the top talent at the top and we will never really get true feedback about our kids and the level they really belong at.

    Until then I really think Rising does it the best. But it’s also because they have the biggest pool of players to pull from. IE their rec league.

    Until I see, “big clubs” get their players to MLS, foreign pro teams. No one can say anything that they have good coaches. and I’m talking about a player they have developed from the beginning.
    I’ve only seen Rising do this. And I only speak on the boys side. I know nothing about the girls side.

    And yes I hate Delsol. but only for the fake credit they take. They just know how to find players and make other players(parents) pay for their “sponsorships.” But because they have a “winning” reputation you guys actually think they have good coaches. When have you seen a coach make tactical adjustments to the way they play? And I’m not talking subs I actually mean the tactical way they play the game?
    I’ll wait (grabs popcorn)
  6. Digital5

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    Unfortunately pay to play is here to stay. I hope the MLS over time changes that on the boys side. I personally don't think the MLS experiment is going to pan out. Their focus is on their academy teams and the MLS pockets really aren't that deep. Their scope will be very narrow and only a small % will benefit. They don't generally care about development en mass, only about a few. They even care less about college. College may be a by product but not a focus.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Your hatred for Del Sol may be valid but their business practices are similar to every other high level youth soccer club in this state and in the country. As parents we speak with our wallets, don't give them money. If you don't agree with a club's playing style, find the one you agree with. Same goes for coaches. Game specific tactics are in the eye of the beholder.

    I guess it comes down to what is your end game. Do you want your player to play in college, go pro, have fun? Their is a club for you. On the boys side, the club that seems to be most effective in college placement is Rising, followed by RSL. I don't know much about Arsenal but they have a loyal following and a strong population base. If you think your player is pro material, then fire up the wallet and apply to the Barca Academy. Really, unless your player has been identified at an early age and is sitting at an academy by age 14-16, they are likely not going pro. On the girls side, Del Sol appears to be at the top but it's tight.

    RSL seems to have the deepest bench of any club in AZ, both boys and girls - about 15K players, double what Rising has.
  7. whatithink

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    Del Sol recruited some Tuzos teams that were better than their teams. They were in the same leagues and better. They stayed in the same leagues. The whole first team thing is a misnomer in this instance.

    Rising recruited for their younger MLS teams and few if any Rising players were picked. Their olders were moved up due to timing. Going forward, expect them to recruit for all MLS teams. They are looking for the best players, not the best players that have come through Rising's system.

    DelSol's reputation has been on the girls side predominantly and they get the girls what they want, college ball. That's the end game and they achieve it. Given their history, I have no doubt that their college contacts & network is as good as any in the valley, and that's what they are selling.

    As for the quality of coaches, you could just as easily say that if any of them were good (any club) they wouldn't be coaching youth soccer in AZ; they'd be in some top college program or pro program. None of them are. That said, we are now fortunate to have a wide choice of elite or even more elite soccer for both boys & girls between ECNL, GDA & MLS, versus where AZ was only 3 or 4 years ago. So you have multiple choices of clubs, coaches and levels.

    Choice has never been this good in AZ.
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  8. Digital5

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    Every single club in the country, across all sports, across all levels. It's a business model that works. If it didn't work, we wouldn't have choices.

    With as much vocal dislike as there is about the pay to play model, there are many parents that recognize where their kid stands in the hierarchy of talent within a club. Many are happy that their kid isn't playing Xbox every night and are not bothered by the fact that their dollars may be funding kids who normally wouldn't have the opportunity.

    I go back and forth with pay to play but understand that the dollars drive the train and without the dollars coming in, there would be zero opportunity for many kids.
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  9. SoccerDadAZ

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    You say Rising is the only club in the Valley that has developed a player from the very beginning to become a pro player. Which player(s)? Just curious.
  10. SoccerDadAZ

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    Here's a not-so-comprehensive list of players who have played in an AZ club and have gone on to the pros.

    Robbie Findley, MLS, EPL, retired: Sereno U12-19
    Blair Gavin, MLS, retired: Sereno U12-19
    Michael Gavin, MLS, retired: Sereno U12-19
    Justen Glad, RSL: RSL-AZ U15-19
    Dusty Hudock, MLS, retired: CISCO Arsenal U12-19
    Brooks Lennon, RSL: RSL-AZ U15-19
    Richie Ledezma, PSV Eindhoven: AZ club?
    Pablo Mastroeni, Colorado Rapids, retired.: Santos FC U8-19
    Brandon McDonald, MLS, retired: Sereno U12-19
    Rob Valentino, MLS, retired: Sereno U12-19

    Kiersten Dallstream, Reign FC, retired: Sereno U12-19
    Julie Ertz, Chicago Red Stars : Arsenal U8-12, Sereno U13-19
    Sydney Leroux, Orlando Pride: Sereno U12-19
    Jessica McDonald, NC Courage: Sereno U12-19
    Cassie Miller, Chicago Red Stars: Arsenal U8-10, Tempe Pros/SC Del Sol U11, Sereno U12-19
    Ari Romero, NC Courage: Sereno U12-19
  11. Digital5

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    So you are saying Sereno is the best - ha. And don't worry, Del Sol will take credit for anything on the girls side that has Sereno attached to it.
  12. tjinaz

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    Isn't Sereno currently know as RSL-AZ?
  13. Digital5

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    Basically - they merged with Legacy to form RSL-AZ.
  14. whatithink

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    RSL-AZ didn't exist when they were playing U14 and below. They came through the RSL academy in Utah from U15, not sure which club locally.

    Who coached all the women when they were at Sereno, i.e. how many did LA (SCDS) coach?

    Nothing like the same club though, but certainly hanging on to the achievements of those that have gone before them ;)
  15. SoccerDadAZ

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    Haha! Just presenting the facts. Armchair coaches and pundits can spin it however they like.

    All kidding aside, behind every successful player (or person for that matter) are a large, unsung number of people who had positively influenced and shaped their lives. The club coach, the rec club coach when they first started out kicking the ball, the nurturing parents who properly encouraged and supported them (as well as providing good genes). We all want to simplify the formula of how to make successful players and say it's this club or that club is the one but it takes a family, a community, and most importantly, the person to make that player who they are.
  16. SoccerDadAZ

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    It's my understanding that LA coached all of them at one point in their youth career.
  17. Brother Maynard

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    You are aware many of those girls were coached by Del Sol coaches, right? Perhaps you don't know the history. I think your putting to much emphasis on who gets credit. Who cares really, because every club is an opportunist, and every player is a hired gun. The home grown player doesn't matter either, because the majority of these kids will play for 2-3 clubs in their club career and will move for opportunity or whatever reason. I got news for you every club tries to take credit.
  18. Digital5

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    Parents for sure deserve the biggest kudo - I think. Endless time on the road/in the air, spending holidays crammed into a hotel, driving 100MPH down the highway to get precious to practice on time, cramming 9 stinky players in a 5 person car to grab a quick bite in between games. Parents at times deserve the game check in the mail.
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  19. Brother Maynard

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    You are correct on most of them. There is a few new ones to add to your list, who recently have gone to play pro overseas.
  20. Digital5

    Digital5 Active Member

    Yes, I'm being facetious. Read my other comments. I have nothing against player movement and clubs making money.

    I'm well aware of LA and the crew.

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