AZ Girls GA 2021-2022

Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Sweeper

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    New post to start off the 2021-2022 season.
  2. Sweeper

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  3. Sweeper

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    What is going on with the 05 SC Del Sol team? Tommy was supposed to be the coach. Now it is Les Armstrong. Lost some main players to RSL/Royals. They did pick up a couple of players from 05 Rising ECNL.
  4. singh

    singh Active Member

    I was under the impression tommy has the 06 and 07 girls, I may be mistaken
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  5. Digital5

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    Picked up players from Rising and Royals. Another player almost back from injury. Suprised they didn't transition last year from T to new coach.
  6. Sweeper

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    The 05's were always Tommy's coveted team.
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  7. Just4Kix

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    DS 05 lost 3 starters (1 during the season and 2 after seasons end) to RSL. DS picked up a bench player from RSL and 2 starters from Rising.
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  8. Digital5

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    He covets all of his teams. Change is always good.
  9. tjinaz

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    Think that 2005 RSL team going to GA finals really helped their recruiting. But moving to ECNL is a whole new ballgame
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  10. GKeeper

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    We'll see tomorrow when they play Heat. Their two older teams are always very competitive. It will be a good test and possible level set for RSL.
  11. Just4Kix

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    1st Weekend GA Results:

    SCDS (v. Rush/Broomfield): 4 Wins, 6 Losses, 2 Ties
  12. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    For the Weekend RSL 3w 2L 1D -

    RSL 3
    Heat 1

    RSL 0
    Heat 0

    RSL 8
    Heat 2

    RSL 3
    Heat 5

    RSL 1
    Heat 4

    RSL 2
    Heat 0

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