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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Jul 16, 2020.

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    It's usually the other way around. High school teenagers typically know if they want to play high school soccer and make that decision. Mom and Dad just go along with it. High school soccer parents worry more about their kid getting hurt in high school matches due to poor refereeing and too many matches.
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    Does anyone have the final scores for the RSL/Royals vs Del Sol GA games that were played last night?
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    06: 1 - 1
    05: 3 - 0 Del Sol
    04: 6 - 0 RSL
    03: 2 - 1 RSL (I think it ended there)
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    07: 0-0
    08: 2-0 Royals
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    Thanks for the update. I saw the Friday games and wondered how Saturday's went. On brand: DS has only posted the scores they didn't lose.
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    If those parents are smart they will do some prelim research and find out where to buy the best hatch chile's between here and Albuquerque.

    Overall travel gets a lot worse in that division vs SW.
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    Many parents routinely fly to CA right now but these new destinations will be more expensive tickets. Driving to ABQ and LV will be an easier drive, just not as cool as going to CA (if you like traffic, and people, and things.).

    Wonder how they'll pitch this to parents. I've heard there will continue to be some CA travel/play.

    At what point does ECNL do something similar. The Colorado and Utah teams have very bad travel. Why not make their own mountain west conference, tidy things up for CA.
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    The big draw of ECNL and DA/GA for Arizona teams was to always be in the same conference as the SoCal teams - playing the best teams in the nation. There will be a few decent teams out of CO and maybe Utah but the level of play for GA just got a lot worse. So far the plan for AZ ECNL teams is to stay in the Southwest division with SoCal teams.
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    This creates another marketing issue for del Sol going forward.

    Before they were the top destination.

    Then RSL stepped up their game and they were not the automatic number 1.

    Then Rising and Arsenal got ECNL and so suddenly there were more choices.

    Then del Sol lost ( fault of their own) and so their offer was GA and you get to play So Cal. They were already in a 2nd league so to speak.

    Now they lost the hook of playing So Cal teams as their main opponents.

    With the other 3 clubs with ECNL del Sol for incoming players are easily the 2nd option after ECNL.

    And yeah the older teams at del Sol are different. Many players joined during DA or close and are not leaving.

    My comments relate to what you do with a kid aging into ECNL or GA. If your kid is a Junior/Senior not a lot of reason to leave del Sol.

    del Sol on the girls side is in a worse position now after moving to the Mountain division.
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    Yes, very unfortunate for del Sol, and mainly the girls in that program. SoCal is attractive on a number of fronts (e.g. proximity, competition, exposure,...). This is an 8 year rewind back to the days of playing FWRL/Desert Premier League because you got tired of playing state league. Also, in those markets -- mainly CO and UT, these are second tier clubs and programs because the top programs are in ECNL. You are right, tough to justify moving in to del Sol as a youngster with this platform. Of course, every parent/kid situation is different.
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    I don't know, logically, and sitting behind a key board, some of this makes sense. It would even make more sense if we were talking about a letter league club like Arsenal.

    Losing PL was kinda of a big deal for DS but the core coaches (the ones who draw the older players) are still there. Will they leave? who knows. Parents take their players to DS for the coaching and the exposure. Even this year, with all of this drama, DS still drew players from other fancy league teams. Their tryouts were well attended and offers that were given were accepted, especially on the 06 team. They tend to find gems that other clubs don't, develop them, and get them at least an invite to a YNT camp at the first opportunity.

    I suppose we can judge them by their performance at the younger age groups..but really, who cares about winning at the 08/09 year group. At DS, those younger ages are still learning how to play the style that DS prefers. It's hard to master at that age. They will lose more than they will win or draw, or be as competitive as win/loss obsessed parents would like. Those parents will leave, and they should.

    I'm sure there are parents who join clubs to play teams in socal. Not a bad idea at all. They will be told by those clubs that the pathway to greatness is to play CA teams. For a club like Arsenal, playing in CA is going to be painful. RSL will fare better than the other AZ teams in ECNL at some age groups.

    Parents will make decisions for their own reasons. I don't think DS playing in a different conference is going to deter parents and players from going there. Those that value the prestige and mystique of playing CA teams will, but many won't. DS will have their pitch and their results ready to present. The competition in the new conference will fine. The UT club is very good, coached by BYU staff. The two vegas clubs are solid as are the CO clubs. The wildcard are the NM clubs. They've had players as guest players on RSL and DS for years - solid players.

    We will continue to debate/predict DS's demise or lack of relevancy. They'll continue to place girls in YNT camps and P5 schools. No doubt that CA is the nexus of girl's soccer, especially in the eyes of outsiders. It's not a requirement to play against CA teams but it certainly helps for exposure.

    DS will still have limited travel to play CA teams. Let's hope for everyone's sake that CA takes the foot off of the pandemic pedal. That will be good for all.
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    The two biggest negatives for Del Sol will be 1) this new division will require more travel farther away and will need be done by flying to the destination. Only the Vegas teams will be close enough to drive to. Flying for league games will substantially increase the travel costs for players and parents. 2.) what will the GA college showcases look like for 2021-2022 now that many of the top GA clubs went to ECNL? The big draw for DA and ECNL in the past was the college showcases. Of course GA teams can participate in Players Showcase, etc but will it give them the same exposures as the ECNL showcases?

  16. “ For a club like Arsenal, playing in CA is going to be painful. RSL will fare better than the other AZ teams in ECNL at some age groups. “

    Arsenal has already been playing in the ECNL for the past 3 years. And on average (year over year) their teams are in the middle of the pack.
    Here are the scores from last few weekends that they played Del Mar, Eagle and Strikers for the 04s. Yes lower level CA teams but still CA teams. Arsenal and Phx Rising are both holding their own.

    I agree RSL will have strong Teams and probably be a dominate AZ ecnl club at most ages.

    scores from recent 04 games
    Az Arsenal 5-0 Vs Del Mar
    Az Arsenal 5-1 vs Strikers
    Az Arsenal 4-1 Eagles.
    Rising 6-1 vs Del Mar
    Rising 3-1 vs Strikers
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    No doubt that travel costs will increase by traveling to UT and CO. ABQ is a 6.5 hr drive, not unlike traveling to SOCAL when you include traffic. Many parents already fly but having the option to drive is nice.

    Showcases won't be impacted. College coaches and YNT staff won't stop going just because beach, legends, and RSL aren't in the GA. They didn't stop going to ECNL showcases when Surf, etc, left for the DA. Nationally you still have top clubs attending GA showcases. That is a non issue. Coaches/scouts don't care as much about leagues as parents do. Leagues do matter but it's not the sole driver. The GA will carry enough clout to get your good player a look from top programs and YNT staff.

    Only time will tell I suppose. Parents don't seem to be in an uproar but that's never accurate.
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    I'm not casting shade on Arsenal. I think they are a good club with a loyal following. My point is that DS attracts because of their coaching reputation and their ability to put girls into good programs and on YNTs. That is their track record. It's not Arsenal's track record. Arsenal will continue to field middle of the pack teams and compete well against the lower part of the SW table. Nothing wrong with that. They will place girls in good programs - at the end of the day that's what an average to good ECNL club is supposed to do.

    I agree that DS will be challenged to continue to be that draw. Their recent tryouts attracted plenty of repeat customers. They've also quietly added players from the other top clubs. They've also lost a few. Let's see how traveling to UT and CO impacts parents. I suspect travel will be minimal to CO and UT with cross conference play happening in CA. However you slice it, plenty of travel, especially being the only GA club in the state.
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    You have it backwards about del Sol.

    They have had top placements not because of their coaching, but mainly because they got all the top players. People in the past didn't go to del So because they thought wow those are the best coaches in the Valley. They went there because del Sol had the best league (ECNL). Blackhawks/Rising always lost their best players for instance to del Sol. And that wasn't because they had had bad coaches. They have always had good coaching. They lost their best players precisely because del Sol offered the top platform.

    The rest went to Sereno. Sereno was a 2nd place spot because del Sol was far more aggressive in recruiting. Sereno mainly promoted from within.

    When you heard people going to del Sol it was because they had ECNL and the fact that ECNL was placing kids in top programs. That is why del Sol was successful.

    People talk about coaching all the time. They point out that many of the clubs around here have some excellent coaches. That is true. And yet what do people do?

    They MOVE to the best platform.

    del Sol has a problem going forward with bringing in the talent at the younger ages which will eventually show through all age groups in the years to come.

    - It is a given that the best competition in the nation is usually So Cal. Parents and kids who are looking to move when they are at the age in brackets KNOW that.

    - 3 clubs on the girls side offer So Cal as their main competition. The clubs in that division are some of the most well known in the country. These are the clubs that will get the top talent overall year after year going forward.

    - del Sol is now offering a platform that is considered to be a lower level vs ECNL. Further they are playing NM (usually weak teams), NV, CO, UT. All 3 of those states have clubs offering the top leagues so presumably that is where local players look first...and then the GA clubs. No matter how you look at it, del Sol is now offering a less attractive league and the locations where the teams they play are considered lesser vs So Cal.

    Parents and kids will gravitate here in the Valley to the ECNL clubs first, del Sol second going forward.

    If you don't think parents care about winning then you have not paid attention. They absolutely do care. They also care about leagues. APL over State. State over Open League. They will care about ECNL over GA.

    The best players will go to the best platform. So you will see overall the best talent aggregated on the ECNL teams/clubs. del Sol will be picking from who didn't get an ECNL offer for the most part. They will be the 4th choice.

    The best platform will be the deciding factor for most. When you combine the fact that with one you are playing NM teams or flying to UT or CO, while the other is playing Surf or Blues or Slammers, etc in So Cal the choice is easy for most.

    Arsenal is going to be fine. Right now a middle of the pack ECNL club. Their strength lies in the fact that the Valley is growing fast out to the East. They will be far stronger vs their current situation in another 10yrs based on their location and the growth in the Valley. Near term? They will be on av a middle of the pack SW ECNL club.

    And back to del Sol and YNT. They used to be the only game in town for the highest platform. As such they got the best players in the state of AZ and as such that meant they had the most placements on the YNT. That has gone away. We are already seeing the change. Rising just had 3 get a call up...and not to the virtual...but an actual camp. In the past those players would not be at Rising when they did not have ECNL. They would have been at del Sol.

    Watch the younger ages. del Sol will struggle to get the best. They will have good turnouts at tryouts. Those are people weighing their options and hoping to get ECNL first.

    And as I have been saying. My comments are related to what del Sol is experiencing now and the future recruiting at the younger ages. The older ages at del Sol are not moving and will wrap up. Many came in when they had DA. So this is about position of the club in the future as they are perceived relative to the 3 ECNL clubs.

    I can tell you that if my kid was aging in, del Sol would be my last option.
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    I remember when my kid was getting recruited by del sol. they would send the parents during season talk it up tell you the coach really likes your kid and they have a spot on the roster if they move over. then you make the move and next thing you know they are asking you do you know the parents of kid at former club. by year 2 on the team half the team was Del Sol the other half was kids recruited from Rising and CCV. Del sol was great at getting kids going from 9v9 to 11v11.
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