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Discussion in 'ECNL Forum' started by Sweeper, Sep 8, 2021.

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    This argument is timeless but at least the conversation is civil. I'll pick the opposite side of your prediction. I suppose we can hop on here before next season and compare notes. Just like the 06 team, the 07 core doesn't leave to go anywhere.
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    Am I reading the ECNL SW 06 standings wrong? Legends is undefeated, at the top of their division. Arsenal FC is mid table. Royals have a win over Arsenal FC.

    The legends game should be fun. There is history between the teams. They played each other in PDT last year (and past years in the DA), Legends won 3 1 at PDT and 2 1 when they were U14s. The DS team at PDT was a shell of itself, injuries and with no subs.

    Should be an interesting weekend, hopefully a successful one for all AZ teams.
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    We'll agree to disagree.
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    I was. My bad. I was looking at Beach.

    I stand corrected.

    Legends is a very good team at the top.
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    It should always be civil.

    Some people get too fired up.

    Always good to have a good discussion. Thanks!!
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