AZ Girls ECNL 2021-2022

Discussion in 'ECNL Forum' started by Sweeper, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Sweeper

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    New post for the Girls ECNL 2021-2022.
  2. Sweeper

    Sweeper Well-Known Member

    Utah Royals/RSL is new to the Girls ECNL league this year. Games kick-off this upcoming weekend.
  3. singh

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  4. overtime

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  5. tjinaz

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    Sonoran is rough.. both SD Surf and Blues.
  6. Sweeper

    Sweeper Well-Known Member

    Phoenix Rising and Arizona Arsenal open this weekend with Sharks and Blues at their home fields.

    Royals start the season with Heat in Las Vegas.
  7. Just4Kix

    Just4Kix Member

    Gonna be interesting! Each division gets 3 into CL playoffs. Would be nice to see at least one from AZ this year....
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  8. overtime

    overtime Member

    anyone have any scores from today? all I know is ...
    07 rising 2, blues 1
  9. GKeeper

    GKeeper Active Member

    PRFC vs Blues

    U19: 1-3
    U17: 0-1
    U16: 0-6
    U15: 2-1
    U14: 0-6
    U13: ?

    Arsenal vs Del Mar

    U19: 6-0
    U17: 2-0
    U16: 4-0
    U15: ?
    U14: 4-1
    U13: ?

    Tomorrow (Sunday) the Cali teams switch between PRFC and Arsenal and RSL plays Heat.

    You can always check out the scores via the link below (if entered for each age group and match):
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  10. Just4Kix

    Just4Kix Member

    First weekend ECNL results:

    Arsenal (2 Games v Blues/Sharks): 5 Wins, 6 Losses, 1 Tie
    Rising (2 Games v Blues/Sharks): 4 Wins, 6 Losses, 2 Ties
    RSL (1 Game v Heat): 3 Wins, 2 Losses, 1 Tie

    Blues went 11 Wins, 1 Loss v Arsenal and Rising.

    Hopefully down to early season rust, otherwise it's going to be tough to make the playoffs for any AZ team.
  11. ECNL Girls announced today an updated postseason structure for the 2021-2022 season, which will see more than 75 teams added to the ECNL Girls Champions League across five age groups.
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  12. Just4Kix

    Just4Kix Member

    It sounds amazing, but 28 of those slots are U13. 12 extra slots each for U14 - U17 over 13 divisions. Doesn't say how they divvy those up, but I'm guessing PPG as that has been the standard in the past. This year top 3 in Mohave/Sonoran qualify automatically.

    So, finish Top 3 in a SW division, and you're in. Otherwise fight it out with PPG with other divisions 3rd/4th place teams. In a tough conference like the SW I wonder how many wildcards will qualify.
  13. Just4Kix

    Just4Kix Member

    So I just read the release and they are switching to Top X in a given division to auto qualify. Total of 42 Auto Qualifiers among 13 divisions. Plus 2 wildcards to round out to 44 teams. SW gets 6 auto qualifiers. 3 from Sonora and 3 from Mohave.
  14. overtime

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  15. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    It isn't a majority of clubs.

    So it is a ranking of the girls within the small group of clubs that currently pay for instat. So that means not a lot to be gleaned from the top 50 ranking.

    That said those girls are good players. The stat however is meaningless due to a lack of widespread usage.
  16. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    For example 18 of those 50 girls are all from one club. Solar is a good club....but they wouldn't have 18 out of 50 if the majority of clubs used Instat.

    34 of the girls listed on there come from just 3 clubs.

    And if you look through the list not a single player from any CA club. We know CA clubs have some of the best talent in the nation.
  17. overtime

    overtime Member

    point taken, just wanted to give a shout out to some positive, local soccer news.

    I stand corrected 3 girls from AZ made the list, all from Royals/RSL. My DD is too young for me to know much about instat or who pays for it, club or parent, I was just pointing out some cool news.

    yes, Socal puts forth some of the best soccer players around. I'd say anyone else on the instat list close to those three az girls is in good company. especially considering one is committed to florida st, another to Santa Clara and on the u20 ynt roster and the other I believe is regularly invited to ynt camps, at least according to the royals instagram page.
  18. Just4Kix

    Just4Kix Member

    Judging from the Royals/RSL recruiting results so far, every club should be using InStat. Since the dead period expired: Colorado (2), Notre Dame, Utah, Indiana (2), Navy, Cal Poly, NAU
  19. tjinaz

    tjinaz Active Member

    Instat is very cool but you have to have VEO as well for the raw game footage. The combination of the two costs about 200 per player per year. It is an add on that parents pay for. Really nice as it provides clips every time your player touches the ball so parents don't have to create their own clips for college recruiting videos. Also nice when you ask the coach for feed back they can quickly review your players game footage and show exactly what happened and discuss it. Excellent tool for learning as well. It tracks an ungodly number of stats and player positions throughout the game.
  20. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be so quick to attribute the commits to Instat.

    It is more of a function of A) they have some good players and B) the club works hard to get exposure for their players. It still comes down to parents/players doing the hard work.

    It is a pretty cool tool. And as you say does track quite a bit of data.

    It has been interesting to watch how commits have changed since Rising and Arsenal got ECNL and when Erwin became in charge of Sereno and later RSL/Royals. Previously there wasn't much to talk about recruiting wise.

    This year for Rising I see so far an NAU, Iowa, Navy, Alabama State and a couple of CMU (Colorado Mesa) along with Virginia or VT I believe.

    Arsenal has picked up with an ASU, Kansas State, Georgia, Dixie, plus some other upcoming commits.

    Just a few years ago most of the bigger/better commits were mainly coming from del Sol. Getting into ECNL/DA has certainly made a difference for the other 3 clubs. Quite noticeable from when I first started watching were they were sending kids 6 or so years ago.

    And yes I know some other clubs still send a kid here and there to a bigger school.

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