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    The games were part of the DA cup, the 4 clubs that played over the weekend are among the top 24 clubs in DA per the invite. San Jose made a super team if you will, combining their top 03 and 04 players, happens that most are 04s. The San Jose 04s were the DA National Champions this Summer, they have multiple 04 National Team Players on the team. These are 2022 players, for instance 3 of the players last weekend are 2022 UCLA commits.

    Everyone assumed too much after the first game of the season with the 6-5 loss to Utah Royals. Del Sol got a new goalie and the rest is history. The Del Sol team has at its core the key players that got them to the U15 DA semifinals the season before last, some top players and a player with National Team experience as well. It was a good win.
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    Utah Royals DA announced identification dates for the following year (this would be for the 2020-21 season).

    Monday, November 18th for the 09, 08 and 07 Girls.

    Monday, December 16th for the 09, 08 and 07 Girls.

    07 Girls will be the youngest age group of DA for the 2020-21 season (u14's). The 09 and 08's would be pre-DA teams.

    Tryouts/Identifications are earlier and earlier every year ;)
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    Not seeing too much on this. Is it invite only?

    Nope - its open
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  4. Sweeper

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    The Del Sol 01/02 team is losing more players from their small roster. A forward and the goalie are quitting DA to play high school soccer. Players don’t want to play for Les. ;) Girls have their college scholarships and want to end their senior year with high school friends.
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    Goalie has nothing to do with Les. There is also another goalie or she would not have left.
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    There must be something to this "high school" thing. ;)
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    Public service message: SCDS girls DA on the verge of being insolvent. Struggling to pay bills and cover costs. Oldest team (02's) down to 3 field players and one goalie. LA no longer traveling because of no money. What happened? Just like any other business, if you don't treat your (paying) customers well -- they find alternatives. Arsenal, Royals, Rising... Couple that overall theme with poor coaching (and major arrogance), poor communication, poor planning, and it will eventually catch up with you.
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    If true.. Rising will snap up that DA in a heartbeat.
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    They are a non profit, so they have to file with the IRS who in turn make them (990s) publicly available to anyone who wants to look.

    I'd also think US Soccer would have done due diligence before giving them 07 & 06 BDA.

    I have no idea on the back story to this, but I do know what their financials looked like at the end of 2018 & 2017 based on what they reported to the IRS - that took me a couple of minutes of my time.

    So not buying the insolvency, no money etc - again based on the 990s.
  10. MessiFTW

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    Yes, you are probably right when considering the SCDS club as a whole. They make a fortune off of the DCT and PDT tournaments. This is specifically the girls DA component which is not being subsidized by the mother ship. And we all know how legit 990s are... Lets see if LA is on a plane to Florida in a week?
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    I thought the mother ship was subsidizing DA, but I’ll take your word for it that it’s not.
  12. Sweeper

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    And what girls will be traveling to Florida next week for the 01/02 DA team? I honestly feel really bad for the 4 girls that are left on the team. I heard it has been a terrible a year for them. Not a good way to end your final club years.
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    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    They basically have 03's who don't start and some other players filling in and they often have no subs. Sad part is many of the 03 parents don't realize that playing up in this case is not a good thing.
  14. It looks like most of the Arizona DA teams are having a strong showing in Florida.

    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    RSL should be doing well as they are playing in the "B" bracket
    Del Sol is putting all of there eggs in the 05 and 03 basket to get wins at the expense of the other ages.
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    Odd ..The DA put us in the Championship division, after we won our fall group..and we knocked out one of the top ranked teams in the country in Penn Fusion on Wednesday and will have another battle today against Solar. Thanks!
  17. Chap Bartholomew

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    Yes, let's try to remember there are several different age-groups. Congrats PMIC good luck today - between regular season, DA Cup, and this week, you guys are on a roll.
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    Del Sol 03’s knock off another strong team. 3 in a row!

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    From the DA Website:

    The regional DA Cup groups are listed below.
    All teams participating in the RED groups automatically advance to Winter Cup. Teams participating in BLUE groups must win their group to advance to Winter Cup.
    A DA Cup Champion will be crowned for all age groups at Spring Cup

    RSL only had 1 team the U18 win their bracket.
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    Deserved applause goes to the SCDS U17's for moving on in the Cup. They played some tough teams and won all three. All other SCDS teams are now out, which was pretty much predictable. SCDS had a very bad showing in the first round games in Sept/Oct. NONE of their age groups won their bracket, some actually lost all 3 games....but yes, ;) they were in the Cup. Red groups automatically move on (color groups were chosen based on the cumulative success of the club in the past 2 years. Royals have less history and were defaulted to blue) Blue group teams had a harder route to the Winter Cup. They had to win all three games to move on and get in. Royals U18/19 was the only AZ team to win their bracket in the fall. Period.

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