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  1. The U19DA game was very evenly matched. The score looks lopsided because DS did not have subs and just physically wore out (hot and humid). At one point they had only 9 players on the field because of cramping and a pulled muscle. Royals are going to have a tough game on the road this weekend against Real So Cal. They have two players (04/05) that played up at U19 last year and tore it up. They are both a huge threat. Fast and skilled. Fortunately, DS has a break this weekend and can look to recover and maybe pick up a sub or two. They will need that as the season progresses.
  2. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    The U19's at Del Sol have a small roster of only 13 girls with little depth. If they want to continue to compete for the rest of the year, they need to add some more quality players to the team.
  3. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    Well part of the game is having subs. If you don't you will get hammered. And as such the score was accurate.

    Kind of like saying hey my football team played great in the 1st quarter. We just ran out of gas because of a lack of subs or poor subs and because of that the last 3 quarters were not so good. But dont count that...or something.

    By the way 2 of the goals were in the first 2 minutes of the second half. That is only 45 minutes into the game and after a long half time break. That is way to early to be wiped out. I see del Sol subbed in a new player at half, and Royals subbed in 2. It is not like a bunch of fresh legs came in from the Royals at half and that was the difference.
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  4. put me in coach

    put me in coach Active Member

    3-0? Evenly matched?
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    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    Del Sol's top 03 player is now playing for a new DA team (in California).

    Her younger sister also left the DA but stayed local and is now playing in the ECNL with Rising.

    Other 01/02 are looking to leave the DA as well.

    On the other hand Del Sol managed to steel back a goalie this week for the rising 03 ecnl team

    Musical Chairs any one????
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  6. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    I bet you see some kids jump back to the del Sol 04 DA. That team is light right now. So look for kids not getting lots of minutes at the other DA or ECNL teams moving over this year.
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  7. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    Does US soccer allow DA players to play in state league games?

    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    I don't think full time can, but if your designated Part Time (PT) on the roster, then they do play elsewhere from what I understand. Why do you ask did you see someone do this??
  9. put me in coach

    put me in coach Active Member

    Da can only play da. Unless it is a ynt call up. No exceptions..unless the player is dpl.
  10. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    There was a player who was playing with the DPL team in state league who played on the DA team last weekend
  11. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    That would be what they classify as a PT (part time) player. PT players can play up to 12 games in the DA (before the club has to decide whether or not to make them FT). During the time they are PT players they can play in competition outside of DA.

    del Sol DA at the 04 level is light and they are using PT players from their DPL team for example.
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  12. Soccer Dad

    Soccer Dad Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I don’t have a problem with it and think that’s a great way for a player to decide If they want to go full DA or not
  13. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Looks like they will see if the move was a good decision. It looks like they play each other this year.

    It would be a bitter pill to leave your old team for better talent, only to get beat by your old team.
  14. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Well I didn’t see the games but it looks like Royals and Del Sol played the same clubs this weekend. (Surf and Albion)

    Here is how it all shook out:

    DS 0, Albion 1
    Royals 1, Albion 3
    DS 0, Surf 3
    Royals 0, Surf 4

    DS 1, Albion 0
    Royals 1, Albion 2
    DS 2, Surf 1
    Royals 0, Surf 3

    DS 4, Albion 3
    Royals 5, Albion 3
    DS 0, Surf 2
    Royals 4, Surf 2

    DS 3, Albion 3
    Royals 0, Albion 2
    DS 2, Surf 1
    Royals 0, Surf 2

    DS 0, Albion 4
    Royals 4, Albion 1
    DS 0, Surf 4
    Royals 0, Surf 2

    Royals: 3 wins 7 losses 0 ties
    Del Sol: 4 wins 5 losses 1 ties

    Everything looked predictable based on who won the head to head between Royals and Del Sol except for the U17 team. I don’t know what happened there, I would have expected Royals to have 2 W’s on that one. This will be fun to follow throughout the year.
  15. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    I expected the Del Sol U14 team to do a lot better in the games. And I think it is going to be a long season for the Del Sol U18/19 team since they have no depth.
  16. sweetsplat

    sweetsplat Active Member

    Les Armstrong is a train wreck. Foul mouth prick is experiencing karma related to his treatment of players the last few years.
  17. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    Haven't heard from you in a while sweetsplat! Les is still dishing out his verbal abuse to his current players.
  18. yadayada

    yadayada Member

    Ouch that’s gotta sting.
    A loss and only playing a half.
    Not sure why they would have a player of that caliber playing only a half.

    Anyone have any info on why the game report has almost all the San Jose 03 players not rostered and a bunch of 04 players guest playing?

    THE_INTERSECT Active Member

    I heard that they are playing all teams up one age group. The 02's had mostly 03's. Not sure what the strategy is here.
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  20. SoccerDadAZ

    SoccerDadAZ Active Member

    A famous manager once said, "If they're good enough, they're old enough."

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