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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by Sweeper, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Sweeper

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    Year three of the Girls DA thread.
  2. Sweeper

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  3. Did not seem like a lot of movement between sc del sol and Utah Royals players over the summer. I have only heard of one Utah Royals DA player moving to sc del sol (02). Did not hear the reason as to why though. I heard she was a 90 min player, so not because of a lack of playing time.
  4. aginaz

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    See the last 2 pages of "DA is a joke" thread...
  5. yadayada

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    The parent said it was for better club culture and a shorter commute.
  6. Sweeper

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    Also the 02 Utah Royals coach left in June.
  7. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    In the last two weeks, 2 more 04 DA players from SC Del Sol left to play for Phoenix Rising ECNL.
  8. Sweeper

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    The big rival match between SC Del Sol and Utah Royals/RSL (formerly Sereno) will be in Casa Grande on September 7th. Any predictions on who wins at each age group?
  9. aginaz

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    It's funny to me that people still say (formerly Sereno) or *formerly Legacy*

    It sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

  10. Desert Hound

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    Barring something crazy I would have to pick Royals 04 age group over del Sol. That del Sol team basically lost everyone to Rising or to Royals.

    Which players just moved?
  11. yadayada

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    I'm guessing we may see something close to this.
    U14 -Del Sol
    U15 -Del Sol
    U16 -Royals
    U17 -Del Sol
    U18 -Royals
  12. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    I am predicting the following for the weekend:

    U14 -Del Sol
    U15 -Del Sol
    U16 -Royals
    U17 -Royals
    U18 -Royals
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    I'm going with the Royals for the Sweep. To much drama at Del Sol right now.
  14. Soccer Dad

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    are the games being played locally or casa grande?
  15. Sweeper

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    DA games are in Casa Grande.
    DPL games for the two teams will be at Reach 11 this weekend.
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  16. just4kicks

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    What's the del sol drama?
  17. aginaz

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    I heard Del Sol 06 DA beat RSL 06 DA 5-0 and the RSL 01 DA beat Del Sol 3-0. Not sure on the other scores but those sound kinda lopsided...
  18. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    These are the posted results, 1 missing

    U14: DS 5, Royals 0
    U15: ?
    U16: DS 1, Royals 3
    U17: DS 5, Royals 6
    U18/19: DS 0, Royals 3

    U13: DS 0, Royals 0
    U14: DS 0, Royals 4
    U15: DS 1, Royals 2
    U16: DS 1, Royals 2
    U17: DS 0, Royals 3
    U19: DS 0, Royals 2
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  19. Update on missing
    U15: DS 4, Royals 1
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  20. Soccer Dad

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    you nailed it! any of the scores surprise you?

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