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Discussion in 'Development Academy' started by sweetsplat, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. sweetsplat

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    Year one in the history books with the exception of the u15's and u18-19's who are in the playoffs. It is time to start a year two GDA thread.

    I predict a resurrection of old rivalries and new drama. All hail the unicorns and koolaid drinkers!
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  2. frankfarmer

    frankfarmer Member

    You missed the U15 Del Sol DA team, they are in it as well.
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  3. sweetsplat

    sweetsplat Active Member

    Thanks for correction. Good luck to both teams!
  4. SoccerIsCool

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    All hail sweetsplat: the greatest koolaid drinker of all time!!
  5. Soccer1811

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    any predictions on how the U-15 Del Sol and U18-19 Del Sol will do in the playoffs?
  6. sweetsplat

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  7. Soccer Dad

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  8. sweetsplat

    sweetsplat Active Member

    It is a damn shame name. I sure hope Utah Royals FC represent Arizona well (insert sarcasm here).


    Club - Division
    Arlington Soccer Association - Atlantic
    Cleveland Soccer Academy Impact United - Mid-America
    FC Albertson Fury - Northeast
    Michigan Jaguars FC - Mid-America
    Oklahoma Energy FC - Frontier
    Seacoast United - Northeast
    SJEB Rush - Atlantic
    Sporting Omaha - Frontier
    Utah Royals FC (Phoenix, Ariz.) - Southwest
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  9. Desert Hound

    Desert Hound Well-Known Member

    It will be interesting to see how they stack up. They certainly made a lot of changes to the ECNL teams that just finished up the season.

    I am also curious as to how much their boys ECNL teams improved with the addition of Legacy and Valpo.
  10. Sweeper

    Sweeper Active Member

    The boys ECNL side will be much improved as well. The Valpo 01 team is now the RSL 01 ECNL team. The existing players from the Sereno 01 ECNL team were bumped down to be the second team. Also Legacy players have been added to the old Sereno rosters at all levels.

    On the girls side, I think Utah Royals will be strong across most ages levels but I think Del Sol DA will have the stronger teams at 03 pilot DA and 05/06 DA.

    The match up between Utah Royals 02/03 vs Del Sol 02/03 will be interesting as Sereno has some strong 02's but Del Sol has a lot of strong 03 players.
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  11. Driveandpay

    Driveandpay Member

    Del Sol's 02/03 will take it hands down. Their 04's too.
  12. sweetsplat

    sweetsplat Active Member

    Slammers leave DA. I predict Blues will be next. If the dominoes start falling, ECNL might be back on top. Regardless, it is a better league for all but the unicorns.
  13. goldeneagle

    goldeneagle Active Member

    The DA needs to modify their rules to match ECNL regarding subs and teams for every year. Then open up the competition to play more Showcase events. Admit there mistakes and fix the problem. These changes will help more girls get the exposure they need to meet their goals of playing in college. Note that very few girls give a shit about playing professionally. AZ RSL does not understand that.
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  14. whatithink

    whatithink Active Member

    I'm pretty sure RSL-AZ understand that only too well. I expect they are trying to differentiate themselves in some way. Its no different than Phoenix Rising Youth Soccer Club highlighting their link to "A women's team that play in the Premier Soccer League (WPSL)".

    End of the day, parents know the GDA/ECNL provide the best path to college soccer for girls, anything else is "meh".

    For GDA, US soccer has got it wrong IMO, not least as just because this works for the boys doesn't mean it'll work for the girls.

    ECNL has been hugely successful and the GDA "product" is not as good and its intent is at odds with the desires of the vast majority of the people who pay, i.e. US soccer are interested in the best environment for the miniscule number of unicorns vs the parents (who are paying for it all) are interested in college ball (generally).

    So definitely agree, sub rules, teams per year and more showcase events would great … add that to the specific curriculum, 4 days a week, no HS, video analysis, coaching requirements etc. and they would be in a stronger position.

    On the bright side, it has greatly expanded the amount of girls nationwide getting exposure and opportunities vs. the basically closed ECNL shop that existed, so maybe not all bad.
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  15. sweetsplat

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    Reading that was painful. Someone needs to retake his/her HS English class.
  16. dontsleep78

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    Now we are reminded why you had to tuck your tail and run off this forum a while back. What a punk.
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  18. whatithink

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    :kiss: luv u 2
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  19. whatithink

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    @sweetsplat changed it for you, as on reading back, it read for crap, in hindsight ...
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