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    Same thing they did with Calcio. All they do is steal your good players and the club can just say they are affiliated to look better. They told calcio they would help them out and send players their way.....witch was a lie All they did is got their players to try out for DA....then told them to go play with their 2nd and 3rd teams.
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    I don’t really see this benefiting anyone aside from SCDS. Just ask Calcio how that affiliation has helped them. I think you can look at their performance this season and see it’s done nothing for them.
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    not disagreeing... just wanted to point out two Calcio teams that are killing it this season. Calcio ‘09 girls and Calcio Black ‘08 boys. Neither teams success has anything to do with an SCDS affiliation.
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    Of course it hasn't helped them...they took 2 of their top players... and are probably going to take their best player here soon.....their performance hasn't been terrible...they have made the championship game every tournament they have been in...the one they didn't their best kid wasnt there. League they were doing well...except the game they had to play 9v11. Then the game Garcia was using players from top teams. Definitely would be better if Del sol didn't take their kids.
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    Which age group are you referring to? I’ve watched 06 Calcio coaches call out other 06 teams only to lose. Calcio 06 blue May be ranked high but look at the quality tournaments they have done. They have maybe played a few top tier teams who have beat them, the rest of the teams are 2-3rd tier teams. Calcio does not have a legitimate top team to be reckoned with. Their “affiliation” with SCDS is silly at best. FCDA was pretty much getting taken over by another west side club months ago until the bigger club realized FCDA didn’t really bring anything to the table. So tell me why would SCDS make this deal? Who cares. Don’t answer that. FCDA has maybe one team that’s somewhat good and that is the old sereno west/Tuzos/classic 2005 team who Im sure will be with another club in a year or two. The same “affiliation” was offered to Classic from RSL after their initial deal fell apart. Classic said no and now they took over FC Arizona. “Affiliation” means nothing. Nothing. Silly clubs, affiliation is for kids.
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    I agree Calcio 06 blue isnt as good as their ranking. They lost their top defenders and they rely heavily on one kid....and he is a 07. I'm sure he is leaving also. Their good teams are 09s and 08s. I'm sure when they got affiliated....they thought it was a good thing. Now they realize it means nothing.
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    I've seen this kid play this year. How has SCDS not approached this kid's family and offered him a spot already? My guess is that Calcio is holding him back in a failed attempt to make their team successful. He's a great player, but let's face it, Calcio is blocking him. The affiliation with SCDS is being used for the wrong reason by Calcio. They used it to try to lure kids over. The real intent should have been to provide a clear path to the DA for kids that are at that level. The Marek brothers should get out of the way and let this kid grow. They aren't helping him, at this point their pride is costing their players.
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    lmao the Marek brothers? You mean the brothers who think they are gods gift to coaching who get thrown out of half their games? Who tell their players to cheap shot? These guys should be coChing over at NYS. They gotta stop running their mouths and expecting their players to back it up. Calcio will be swallowed up in a few years and be back to just being a rec club. You can’t be considered a competitive club with only one B team.
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    anyone who knows anything about Az club soccer knows FCDA and Calcio being affiliated with Del Sol means nothing. I’m curious why del sol keeps holding open DA tryouts when they have their own club and Calcio to pull from? Think about that. How many Calcio players have been called up to da? Zero. FCDA is a no name club that wants to be important. The only clubs in the west valley with an actually playing system would be Rising, who basically merge all their teams to win, CCV who has a really good coach and Classic who has been competitive since they have been around in the west valley. The gossip around town is FCDA was talking to every cub looking for a partnership. Del sol I guess bought the idea of a no name club bringing something to them.
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    I be
    I believe all DA clubs are required to hold open ID sessions by US Soccer.

    Nope - actually found this on the website.

    How does someone join (or tryout for) an Academy club?
    Anyone interested in playing for a Girls' Academy club will need to contact the club directly for specific information regarding the player selection process. The Girls' Development Academy firmly believes that the traditional open tryout is a highly flawed and ineffective model for player identification and evaluation. The expectation is that Academy clubs move to using a more systematic scouting model to identify and recruit new talents and invite these players to trial for an extended period with the current player pool. Clubs may not charge a registration fee for tryouts, which includes fees for equipment, apparel or etc.
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    If you are still interested in the DA, Del sol is having ID session tonight 1/24/20 at Reach 11. RSL is having an open house info night for their DA/ECNL on Sunday 1/26. RSL is having their DA ID sessions next weekend.
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    Are you kidding me RSL? Are there going to be any ID sessions not 50 plus miles from the west side?
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    If you are on the west side and want to play DA/ECNL/DPL get used to the drive. First half of the season training is at Salt River fields. That is already a haul from the west side. Spring training is way out in Mesa.
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    1st RSL DA ID Session last night at Strikers. I saw a little of the 08-09 session then stayed for 06-07 session. Seemed like a moderate turnout. Quality all around. Some familiar faces with just a few of the age groups ECNL players showing up. The air quality at Strikers is horrendous! I can’t imagine a player with asthma not really being affected.
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    I could not find the results of del Sol vs RSL 06 and 07 DA matches from the weekends PDT tourament. Does anyone know the results?
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    Both clubs decided to not play the matches and give the teams the rest of the weekend off. They will play each other again during DA league play.
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    Announcement from RSL for the Boys

    BREAKING NEWS: Real Salt Lake Arizona is proud to announce the addition of the Under 15 (U15) age group to the Development Academy program, already including the U14 and U13 teams.

    RSL-AZ is one of 97 clubs in the U15 age group and the only one receiving this promotion in Arizona and the South West. What a great honor to see our club recognized as the leader in player development in the state!

    Full Release Here:

    Read the US Soccer release here:
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    Interesting that Del Sol didn't get DA for U15 also??? What will those U14 kids do next year?


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