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Discussion in 'ECNL Forum' started by Cali, Aug 20, 2020.

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    To be honest I don't think losing Paloma made that big of a difference. Santos down the road picked up most of the teams I believe, and those fields are superior to Paloma.

    That said getting to practice at the new fields once up and running should be nice. I would assume they will be equal/better to the conditions one finds at Scottsdale Sports Complex or Reach.

    There will be of course other clubs training it seems at these new facilities. I am guessing that is why the info put out calls Arsenal the ANCHOR club. I would assume related to that, the club gets first pick of times and number of fields needed for practice. After they slot those in, the company running the fields will open them up to other clubs.

    The other good thing is basically they are still in the same immediate area. Santos is just down the road from Paloma, and the new fields are also essentially right around the corner.

    Hopefully THIS time they had an attorney look over the terms of the lease.
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    Pretty big news if they can pull it off.
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    They already have. They announced last week.
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    we will see.. this is the club that blundered their way out of Paloma. Plenty of time to screw this up or be outmaneuvered by other clubs, their track record isn't good.
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    Agreed TJ.

    Paloma was not the first time this club has blundered their way out of a facility/ fields. Barney Park were the first, then they were kicked off GYSA fields, both were due "disagreements". That moved them to to develop the land with Paloma, which also ended in "disagreements" . Of course, the story was an upgrade each time, but there are plenty of old timers there that have stayed through the facility "mishaps" and know what really happened.

    Each time, the same leadership stays around, so it will be interesting to see what happens once they actually move into the facility and how it progresses.
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    If i recall the legacy park will have a lot of fields...I would imagine they could support several clubs at a time if needed
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    Arsenal, FC Arizona and Phoenix Rising will all be at the new Legacy complex when it opens.

    FC Arizona will play their senior team home games there too at the stadium.
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    No hiccup, those fields at Paloma suck and are dangerous most of the time. Electric mains overhead, sandpaper surface no thanks.
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    They have a west valley presence. (for girls ecrl is out there) I’m sure they have or are planning an east valley division.
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    They tried last year but couldn’t put together teams without tryouts.
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    Phoenix Rising Southeast started from scratch last year. I believe they 7 teams and their younger ones ('11 & '12's) are very competitive. They have 3 or 4 2012 teams that are all pretty good - their top 2012 team regularly plays up at the 2011 level for tournaments.

    It was posted on the Phoenix Rising Youth website that they were negotiating for space at Legacy.

    Some information:
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    RSL has announced that Paloma fields as their new facility (formerly Arsenal had these fields). Both RSL and Arsenal have ECNL for next year.


    RSL-AZ Families and Friends,

    We are excited to share some important news with you:

    Real Salt Lake alongside RSL-AZ announced today the opening of the RSL-AZ Training Center in partnership with Paloma Sports Complex located in Mesa, Arizona. The facility will be the permanent home of RSL-AZ, providing world-class training and match environment for its teams and community ahead of the MLS NEXT’s inaugural season in 2021 and the ECNL 2021/22 season.

    Located on South Sossaman Road in Mesa, just minutes away from major highways, the Paloma facility spans over 22 acres. With three full-size soccer fields, three 9v9 fields, a covered training area, a fully-equipped fitness room with a full-time Physical Therapy Clinic, and indoor futsal courts, Paloma is Arizona's premier soccer training center.

    "A first-class training facility is a key asset for our club and a crucial part in reaching our goal to develop world-class athletes and soccer players. We are excited to be working with Paloma and expand our soccer footprint in the community," RSL-AZ Executive Director Brent Erwin said. "We took time to identify a site that worked with all of our short and long-term objectives for the club, and we are confident that the Paloma location is an excellent fit for our members."

    The facility will hold open training sessions, league games, tournaments as well as host visiting regional and national clubs across a wide-ranging set of age groups.

    Paloma will be home to the club's MLS NEXT U-13 through U-19 teams and club staff.

    "We are extremely excited to have our new facility to assist in expediting the development of our players,” MLS NEXT Academy Director Mike Kraus said. “It is all-encompassing which allows our Club to have a holistic environment for our MLS Next players to challenge themselves. Whether utilizing the weight room, all-purpose turf area, gym, fields or study hall area, the young men and women are able to have support in all aspects essential for elite athletes.”

    “This facility will significantly enhance our player's experience here at the club. It has been a vision for the program and we look forward, with the support of our families, to continuing to provide a great home. As we look at the facility, from the fields to the indoor areas, it allows a professional environment unlike any other in the valley. All of which will continue to propel our girl’s program forward” added Utah Royals FC AZ Academy and ECNL/ECRL Director Tiffany Roberts.

    “Paloma Sports Complex further enhances our development initiatives in Arizona with an elite, permanent facility for RSL-AZ and its teams to call home,” RSL General Manager Elliot Fall added. “The continued investment in high-level youth development will provide great benefits for both our club and the youth soccer community in Arizona.”

    Additional highlights of the training ground include:

    • Full-service on-site kitchen with direct access to futsal pitches/ basketball courts.
    • Player/parents lounge.
    • Soccer operations and administrative offices
    • Second-floor balcony and lounge area that overlooks the futsal pitches
    • Storage equipment areas
    “We believe that our collaboration with RSL-AZ strengthens our commitment to connect sports organizations, families, and businesses that desire to see the community enhanced with a sports venue that brings structure, balance, and opportunity for growth to those in our community,” President of Paloma Sports Complex Jim Ball said. “We love the work ethic of Brent Erwin and his team, and I believe this is only the beginning of wonderful possibilities as our organizations grow together.”

    RSL-AZ Competitive and Recreational teams will also use the facilities on a regular basis while leveraging multiple training fields in the Phoenix Greater Area.

    For more information on the RSL-AZ Training Facility at the Paloma Sports Complex visit:
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    Has anyone heard today that ECNL is dropping the Arsenal boys program?
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    Seems unlikely.
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    Where did you hear it?
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    Is it possible you misheard someone say RSL ECNL instead of R-Sen-L ECNL?
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    No, it was definitely Arsenal. They are some boys (from ECNL Arsenal) looking to join another state league level team, because they were told there was no more ECNL affliction. Now... I haven't heard this from any Arsenal staff but more then 10 boys have reached out looking for a new club
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