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Discussion in 'Arizona Scene' started by Manawar1, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. Manawar1

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    We have switched clubs and are wondering what we should expect from the club. So far all the info we have found have been mostly positive but I know every club has its own issues. Our son needed a change and we encouraged him to try something new. So does anyone have some tips or suggestions for being new to a club.
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    We are in a new club also. Interested in hearing from others. I told ,y daughter to learn from her coaches, work hard and have fun.
  3. Sweeper

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    Some clubs are better at communicating overall club information but most of the team information will come from the coach or team manager. From my experience, a good team manager is invaluable especially if the team travels a lot.
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  4. Desert Hound

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    To be honest what the club does depends on the level of the team your kid is on.

    I can tell you from DA/ECNL experience that once your kid is on one of those types of teams, rarely does one care about club communication. Club communication is more for the rest of the teams. At the DA/ECNL and I am sure MLS Next, etc you are in a bubble in the club, and the only communication you want or really care about comes from either the coach or the TM.

    You tend not to see the other teams in the club or even know anything about them from my experience.
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